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With the Great Golem sale going on I noticed a few items for sale are in my current pending order (2775647). I'm curious if I will be getting these at the newly listed price, or if I need to cancel that item and re-add it to get it at that price.

I attempted to do the latter, but there seems to be an ongoing issue today with the website so was unable to do so (I believe tech team has already been informed of his issue).

As this is quiet a bit of a savings, I'd hate to lose out on it. One example I know of in my order is the Goblin Plush Lick Toad Tribe that normally goes for 17.99 and is on Golem Sale for 13.49. Currently, I am unaware if there are other items in my order that are now on sale, as I am unable to check my pending order due to the current tech issue.

If able to assist in any way with this query I'd greatly appreciate any help in saving me a few dollars, which I can then spend buying more Paizo stuff :P

Thanks Again,
Kevin A. Turner

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Hey Kevin,

I just reviewed your pending order and it looks like the only item that had not received the discounted rate was your Lick Toad Goblin Plush. The rest of the products were added once the sale had gone live and have already been discounted. Since your plush has not shipped from our facility yet I was able to manually apply the discounted price to it, and you should be receiving a new confirmation email shortly with your updated order total. Thanks for checking in with us!

- Erik Keith


Thanks mate, I checked the email today and noticed the price change. I appreciate you taking the time to manually input that. Once I get over my heart attack over the cost of that shipment, I'll start jumping for joy. Keep up the hard work team!


P.S. Hey now don't forget that goblin boon :P

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