Need a GenCon '13 roomate?

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'ello folks, I have decided that I very well might attend GenCon again this year. Of course all of the good hotels are long booked solid. I am searching for people who have a hotel downtown by the convention center who might want a roommate to help with the cost. If all beds are taken, I have no qualm sleeping on the floor.

If interested please let me know the hotel, and about how much it would cost for my share. I have nothing set in stone yet, just trying to see what options are out there.

And for some background info to help ease any minds. I'm a 29 year old white male who does not snore. I am mostly looking for a place to sleep, and perhapse some kewl people to experience the con with and the wonderful Indy night life. While I do drink, I have no plans on coming back stumbling drunk. However, I might be out to early hours depending on what nightlife I am able to attend with various fellow congoers. I will be having access to a car, if that helps anyone.


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