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Hey guys, going through one of my packages (see above order number) and noticed that one of the miniatures (RR Lyrie Akenja 23 of 65 WZK70740-23) was broken from it's base. Out of the twenty figures that were in the box, this appears to be the only one to have sustained damage during shipping. Any assistance is appreciated. Able to send photo if needed.

Also to whomever it is in the warehouse department who packed my package and used a red pen to mark on my order sheet and drew a smiley face...thanks you made my day. Keep up the great work.

Kevin A. Turner

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Hi Kevin,

I'm sorry to hear that mini was broken! Please email us a picture if you can. I would like to pass it on to quality control and/or the warehouse.

Would you like a replacement for the mini, or, if you can glue it back together, would you prefer a refund as store credit?

Fun! I'll pass that on to the warehouse :)


E-mail has been sent. I apologize again for the poor quality of the photo. And thank you for your response and help.

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Thanks for the picture! I've followed up on the email.

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