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The main reason I don't like + level is because hit points already scale with level. Having armor class and attack bonus also scale with levels makes low level monsters that much more irrelevant.

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Castilliano wrote:
Ditto for True Strike & Strike in same round . Even if different, <10> system keeps it strong. Now couple that to Power Attack or other option which boils down to one attack roll.

Ya! at lvl 4, "Swipe" is a great feat for it. lets you attack two targets with one attack roll!


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Luceon wrote:
And I have a question for the group, do any of you know a way to make a Gish/Magus style character? I have a player that wants to try that out. We don't care how 'weak' just trying to find a way to do one.

I've been working hard on my magus character. Its sooo leet.

Wizard or Sorc as base class. Sorc is cool because you can go with the Occult spell list while the Wizard is arcane exclusive.

at level 2, take the fighter multiclass feat. This gives you proficiency with martial/simple weapons and all armor, but not shields. This is great for wizards since there aren't any negatives for casting in armor. (none I've found and I've looked!!) :)

You'll generally need a free hand, so you Want to weild a bastard sword (martial weapon), cause you can take an action to 2hand it, and take the damage from a D8 to a D12.

At 4th, I'd personally take the Magical Striker feat, this is a really big part of the plan and it's why sorceror and wizard are the best choices for magus.

so, once you have all these pieces, here's the sort of plan...

1 action, true strike (lvl 1, verbal action only)
0 action(free), Magical Striker activates, granting an extra dice of dmg.
1 action, strike. (wizards craft well, so they might even have their own magic +1 bastard sword!!!)

that's 2xD20's rolled on an attack which deals 2d12 or 3d12 + str. and you have an action to play with!! :)

Theres a bunch of cool stuff you can eventually do too! you have access to fighter feats, so you can add neat stuff.

Sorry for info overload!! :)

I really like the crafting feats which I have read so far.

The crafting system seems great and I love Scribe Scroll in particular. You can actually craft batches of scrolls (4/day) without spending the spells.

even at lower levels, I just want to be a wizard coming back from an adventure to spend gold to make more scrolls at home to go back out and repeat the process.

Crafting's never been this exciting.

That's crazy, with that wizard feat. So you're actually doing +1 dice of damage at that point???

(And ya, it looks like switching grips from 1h to 2h is an action!! :) thanks, Bardarok!)

Wizard fighter so stronk

Lady Melo, what is the Magical Striker Feat? :)

ya, I was working with a lvl 4 wizard build... where the wizard could 'true strike' as a verbal-only non provoking (I think) spell, then power attack with a bastard sword (2 handed at that point).

I'm not sure, but it would seem to be a very strong eldritch knight sort.

Maybe I'm blind, but I haven't seen anything which would make a wizard really not want to wear some armor.

Even at the -2 AC, it might still be valuable.

The fighter multiclass archetype gives proficiency in light, medium, and heavy armor as well as martial and simple weapons. That's a hell of a feat for a wizard, especially considering that the Wizard could craft these items.

ya, I've had a lot of experience in 5e, and I just love how the majority of my spells haven't become obsolete. :P

I like pathfinder cause its more crunchy, but I wish there were a method which could even out the spells w/o overpowering spellcasters.


Thanks for all the ideas and comments. :)

maybe I can live with it.

It just seems strange and always nags at me that lower level DC based spells become fairly useless.

Just seems counter intuitive and less fun. :P

It would make spellcasting way too powerful in its current state, but It just feels like the right way to handle it in perhaps a future edition or something. :P

I'm trying to get back into pathfinder, and the part I love most about the system is its spells. They're deliciously complex and wonderful to work over in my mind.

I always hit a roadblock though when I come across the concept that the DC for spells is related directly to the level of the spell being cast. There seems to be very little good reason for it.

Isn't the wizard already punished enough for needing to cast a level 1 or 2 spell, which is inherently less powerful than a level 8 or 9 spell? (if he has full access)

It seems to me that a spellcaster would have a much greater mastery over lower level spells than higher level spells.

The raw power of the high level spell would (I'd think) be matched by the spellcaster's sometimes years of practice with the lower level spells. It seems to me that these two opposite forces would and could equal out to create an equal spell DC for both.

I see hexes and class features which are spell-like using a DC equal to the spellcasting modifier, 10, and 1/2 the class level.

Is there a good reason why this formula is not used for all spellcasting?

It just seems to me there is not. Please let me know if I am missing anything. :)


what a way to start a preview! :)

oh man. looks great. :)

Xuttah wrote:
I'd love to see a donkey or pack animal with optional cart. Maybe a covered (Varisian?) wagon with horses?

omg this is an awesome idea. to make a horse+cart/covered wagon as a huge? omg I'd be so into that. <3.

I would love to see a alternate class for Witch as a "Good Witch" like the witches from Oz.

I mean, it would need a revised spell-list and new hexes, but it would be so great. I'd totally buy a supplement which had the rules for that in it.

Obviously, it'd be similar in style to the paladin's anti-paladin.