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My understanding is I am supposed to get the PDF as well as the Foundry module.
I'm not seeing the pdf to download. In My Downloads, I have the seriel number and I was able to enable the module in foundry, but unlike everything else in My Downloads, there is no link.

Yeah, in the rulebook, it's all in a paragraph that starts with Next, so it seems like it.
However, all Role feats are Power feats, correct? So if I get my role card after 2C, I can only have 2 Power feats anyway, which I've already taken as my standard Power feats, so it doesn't matter, anyway, correct?

Do you have to use your Hero Point earned from 2C before you gain your Role Card from finishing Scenario 2, or can you gain your role and then add a feat?

I got excited. And tried to cheat.
Meri can't evade because Valeros and Lem are at the Plaza watching her. So this is all null.

However, if she was playing solo, I think you're right and wrong. Her power says, "When you encounter a card..." So she has to have a card to encounter first. And once you have the card, you have to draw a second and choose one. I haven't made any rolls yet.
If I have to evade before a check, I wonder if the scenario roll happens before I evade or not. (Not that it matters, she's going to fail)

When does Merisiel's Evade come into play?
Steps I'm taking.

Meri flips the Hour. Benefaction, no effecct.
Flips over top card. Mace.
Draws another weapon. Flaming Mace (Awesome)
Chooses to encounter the Flaming Mace, banishes the Mace.
Now, since she is encountering the Flaming Mace, she has to attempt the Diplomacy check. Fails with a 1. Increase check of Flaming Mace, 10+8=18 Strength or Melee check.
Meri NOW Evades.
Flaming Mace gets shuffled into location.
Hope that Valeros encounters the Flaming Mace.

Correct steps?

Human does seem weird.
I haven't played much PACG.
Would being an elf, human or half-elf be relevant anywhere?

wkover, your summerization works really well for a player that isn't involved in tournament-level games.
I'm just going to memorize what you wrote and go with that.
Thanks a bunch, for the answer and the work on "that other thread".

But then you get into an issue of having 3 cards in discard and if I heal 1d4+1 and it's 3 then I have no card to bury, but if I only heal 2, then I have a card to bury so I can't heal, but then I have 3 cards in my discard so I can heal, etc.

At what steps can you play a Heal spell?

I knew I read that somewhere.

That would be my one of my few complaint. Locations seem to be especially dark and hard to make out. I don't want to critique if it's an art style choice, but if it was up for a vote, I would say lighten the dark art.

If you use the second power, discard to add 1d8 to a distant location, do you add the traits such as cold and magic?
If so, can you remove them, like the first power?

Sorry Mike. Thank you.

Sounds definitive to me. Got it. Thanks.

So, no additional dazed effects, except you can't get rid o it that turn.

So if I get hit on the head in round 1 and suffer Dazed, then get hit on the head in round 2 and suffer Dazed again, I can't get rid of Dazed until the end of round 3. Correct?

Trail says to close...Discard...a card matching your favoured card.
Lem chooses 1 card type for favoured card.
Can he choose what ever type when he is closing that location or is it the one he chose at the beginning of the game.

And along with that, does Lem choose before or after he draws his hand?

Thanks for the help.
I swear I've read the whole rule book. But as I've said, I'm all alone, so it's hard to recall it all myself.

Spyglass says

Discard to examine the top 2 cards of your location and return them in any order

So, what is the order of play if I examine a Trigger barrier?

I use the Spyglass, examine a longsword and a Shrieky Plant. Fail to defeat it. Summon a Zombie. Fail to defeat it. The summon goes away.

Now what? Does the Shrieky Plant get shuffled in, then the Longsword on top, or do both both go on top and then shuffle the deck?

And what if the Shrieky Plant was on top? Do I encounter it before examining the next card or examine both, then encounter the Shrieky Plant?

Is there a general rule that will help me in these situations?

That makes sense. Thanks GM of Anything.

I keep going back and forth on this one.
[spoil]If proficient with armor, add 1d6 to the combat check.[/spoil]
So, do I add that 1d6 to my roll to beat the check, or to the number I have to beat?
And what's the RP reason behind that? I'm not understanding it.

That's what I would think as well, but I assume that there are a few swords that are off-hand, that are intended to be played with a shield.
Maybe "after playing you cannot play two-handed or shield"
It won't happen much, no one wants 2 shields hanging around in their hands usually.

It says


Display next to a local character.

While Displayed...
When they suffer damage, banish to reduce the damage to 0.
If Proficient...

Who needs to be proficient to recover? The player who displayed the card on the other local player, or the player who took 0 damage?

It seems to me that if both of Valeros' shields say play freely, that I can play both of them, because neither have the 2-handed trait.
Is this correct?

So I could use the Sage to try to recover a spell? That makes sense as Kyra is still paralyzed, the sage is helping her.

A bane says, "If Undefeated, end your turn."
Can Kyra still use a character power that says, "At the end of your turn, ..."

But if you are playing Curse, you're adding in the Core cards as well, right? So there will still be 2 different Basilisks in a level 3 Curse Adventure, and 2 different Gargoyles in a level 4 Curse Adventure.

And finally, I downloaded the Deck List, not the Card List, that's why I didn't have quantities.
Thanks all.

I'll have to decide if I want to buy a class deck then before this event.
Thank you for the answers though.

It's great to have the Deck list, but it's unhelpful if it doesn't tell you the amount for each card.
Which cards are supposed to have duplicates and how many? Anyone know? I think I'm missing some blessings.

Thanks so much.
My first question is, do I have to own a class deck, or can I use a starting deck from the Core set?

I'm really interested.
But I'm really confused.
Is there a primer for PbP PACG?
I don't even know what it means to dot a thread.
Am I too new to do this?
I own, RotR, signed by Mike Selinker, and the Expansion Add-on.
I also own Core and Crimson, and I'm playing those solo.
Help me out, please.

I'm with Jenceslav, I'm not sure we got an answer.

Does that work for Seelah as well?

When you attempt a check before acting, you may use Divine instead of any listed skill.

All checks she makes with that power add the divine trait, yes?

And for Lini, and her first power, by using Survival, does that make it a survival check and and anything that modifies a survival check can be added, like a bat?

Warhammer: when do you choose to reload to ignore the after acting powers?
Options are when you reveal or when you apply after acting effects? The first would be before damage, the second would be after damage. Thoughts?

There All-seeing Eye. Blessing 3
When this is the hour, when you would examine the top card of a location, you may examine the top 2.

If I use detect evil, I look at 2 cards, but do I only encounter if the top card is a monster, or if either card I examined is a monster?

The Story Banes are on the back of the Wildcards.

Page 21 wrote:

Story Bane Roster: Each Adventure Path includes 1 or more of these cards, providing a categorized list of story banes for that Adventure Path. ...

The story bane roster for The Dragon’s Demand is on the back of the wildcard The Onslaughts.

I'm going to leave feedback for the handbook here.
ICON on page 3 is on the wrong side of the card.

Full Plate: so you display the armor, then draw it back to your hand when you take combat damage. This allows you to discard for other damage, correct?
It's this the point of drawing this card after displaying it?

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Further Adventures is the divider you are wanting to use.

Can Seelah use both of her character powers on the same check? Make a check a Divine check AND add a d4 plus the magic trait?
I'm afraid of the answer.

Also on Seelah converting a check to Divine. It says listed trait, does that mean listed on her card? Meaning she can roll a d8 for a Dexterity check (because Dexterity is on her card) but she can't roll a d8 for acrobatics, because that's not on there. Once in awhile, an acrobatics check is easier than a Dex check so I thought I would clarify.

Finally, can a moderate move this thread to the rules section? Sorry.

You're all right on top of this. Thank you. I'll keep playing and keep asking questions.
The art is solid (but I'm not keen on the squiggles that end up on top of every character's head).
The rules are, despite my questions, tight.
The quick start is a great product.
Thanks to everyone who worked on it.

Campsite-can you recharge a displayed boon?

Armor in general: if something does damage to all local characters, only 1 character can use an armour card, correct? The others would have to use some other kind of card to prevent the damage?

I play by myself so I have no one else to bounce questions off of, so I'm doing it here.

Sage's Journal: on my check against a story bane, I can reveal or bury, but not both, correct?

Noxious Bomb: says you may ignore the monster's after acting power. What if the monster says Each local character? Does the noxious bomb ignore for all local characters or just the character that played it?

Lady Despair (blessing): as the hour, and only 2 characters at a location, is "a random local character" the other character, or are both characters randomized?

Tell us more. Tell us more!
How does it play? Compared to the original is it smoother, better, how is the art in person? Is it more cooperative?
What's your favourite new character?

This is the relaunch. It's releasing this month at various times depending where you got it from. Mine should be here by Sunday.