Trail Location and Lem

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Trail says to close...Discard...a card matching your favoured card.
Lem chooses 1 card type for favoured card.
Can he choose what ever type when he is closing that location or is it the one he chose at the beginning of the game.

And along with that, does Lem choose before or after he draws his hand?

You choose your Favored Card at the start of the scenario, before drawing your opening hand. You cannot change your Favored Card during a scenario.

I'd have to dig a bit further to find the precise ruling, but this has been ruled officially previously, particularly as it's been relevant for whole characters in the past (like Occult Adventures 2 Mavaro).

Sounds definitive to me. Got it. Thanks.

Lone Shark Games

Rulebook, page 5 wrote:
The back of your character lists your favored card; if it gives you a choice, choose 1 for the scenario before drawing.

Sorry Mike. Thank you.

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