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I have almost every paizo pawn set, I sort them by what set they're from and either the number or the label (alphabetically for the bestiary boxes). Without numbers or labels these are impossible for me to sort in any meaningful way. Makes the set useless for my purposes.

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Worst scenario I have ever played


This was the worst scenario I have ever played in PFS. The mass combat rules are ludicrously over complicated and not fun in the least. Look, I play roleplaying games in order to roleplay, not to play a stripped down, badly designed war game. Your character has no relevance whatsover to the mass combat sections of the scenario, which destroys for me the entire purpose of playing this game.

I'm all for adding creative subsystems and minigames. They make the game interesting and fresh. I even like the chase mechanics which seem exceedingly unpopular. This isn't a subsystem though, this is a different game, and one that I specifically chose not to play since I showed up to PFS and not Warhammer.

I noticed that the boon on the chronicle sheet gives bonuses to future mass combat. That implies there will be more of these scenarios, which greatly irritates me. I will not GM those scenarios and I will not sign up to play them.