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Vinny? Dude....seriously, are you okay?

Vinny? I hope you're okay, haven't heard from you in a while.

I love you too ya big lug.

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Yes I doooo cuz you are just the sweetest most wonderful husband in the UNIVERSE and I LOVE you!! *kisses*

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I just have to tell everyone what a wonderful husband I have. I forgot my phone at home today, so he used his lunch break to go home, pick up my phone, and brought it tho me....without me even asking him to do that. I LOVE YOU BOOBEAR!!


Dadgummit!! Stupid aliases

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I share the same birthday as the lead singer of State Champs. Lol It's the opening band.

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At the arena now. My husband is the BOMB, and got us the MOST awesome seats. I have to go on record and say this is the BEST Birthday EVER!!

Thank you thank you!! I plan on it. ;o)

I have to gjo home, pick up Henry, and go to his mom's house.

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Henry's mom texted me to ask us over to celebrate my birthday tonight after we get off work.

I'm just really excited for my birthday tomorrow night cuz Henry is taking me to the Fall Out Boy concert, and he got me an air fryer for my birthday.

Awe thanks. It'll be okay.

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I can see why you and Mark are friends. Lol

Thanks for the hugs. :)

I know, Mark says the same thing, except last night he said they could go eat a bag of di<ks. I laughed so hard. They are who they are, and there's nothing I can do about that. I just try not to let it bother me.

Thanks. I'm okay really. At least they stopped calling me stupid all the time. That's all I ever heard growing up. How stupid and clumsy I was, and why couldn't I be smart like my other siblings.

It's okay, I'm used to it. They've treated me liked this my whole life.

That's my "family" for you, a bunch of ignorant douche monkeys.

Dad is doing better with the pacemaker. I could have done without my sister and dad making fun of me in front of their friend and my aunt, and I didn't need my sister and mom telling me how I eat too much and I'm too fat and giving me a diet book and telling me I should at least read it.

They can't complain about my job now, so I guess it's time for them to find something else to pick on me about.

Sorry honey....you know how I like to chat. We did quite a bit of it ourselves on Yahoo when we first met, remember? *smiles impishly*

Yeah....my niece feels awful about not taking him to the dr sooner....but she said it didn't look that bad the other day and was just going to give me regular saline drops to clean it out with as needed....but when she got up this morning to check on the baby, I guess it had gotten much worse overnight.

Anyways, she's home with them and taking taking care of him now, so hopefully they caught it in time and the medicine will help. I guess the infection was pretty bad since the Dr told Brandi to keep such a close eye on it and bring him back to be admitted if it got worse.

Apparently it could cause damage to his eye and affect his vision if they don't get it cleared up, or it gets worse or whatever. It's pretty scary to think about, but Brandi is doing everything she can for him.

Well, I don't get to have the boys after all. Brandi had to take the baby to the ER because one of his eyes was really swollen and looked bad, so she's not going to work today. She's at the store now picking up his medicine and praying that it doesn't get worse, because the Dr said if it did they would have to admit him.

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I'm a good girl I am. Teehee

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The laundry has been changed out, and my chili is on the stove simmering. Now I kinda wish I had hot dogs to go with my chili....as well as sour cream for when I just have a bowl.

Awe...my hubby to the rescue again. He gonna go back out to the store to get me stuff.

Since I have the boys tomorrow, a hot dog will be the easiest thing to make for JJ to eat too. I could always give him pb and j....but that didn't seem to fill him up last time. It takes a lot to feed growing giants. LOL

A four year old, and a five month old that's teething.....I remember what it was like last time and just hope that Decker is in a better mood....though my niece already told me that one of his eyes is kind of swollen and has stuff in it, but she has drops I can use to clean it out.


I'm hoping that going to the park and walking him around in his stroller while JJ plays will tire him out so I can actually get him to take a nap longer than 45 minutes this time. LOL

They're a lot of work, but I loves them.

My niece won't be by to pick them up till after she gets off work at 7pm.

Okay, so I'll probably be around tomorrow...but not a whole lot because I'm going to have the boys again and since the weather is supposed to be nice, we're going to go to the park so JJ can play.

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And mine is the yummiest....as long as I'm not using juice from super spicy peppers like I did that one time.

I usually make it with venison, but this time I'm using ground turkey since we've had a lot of red meat recently.

They got it working again.

The power is out at the bank I'm at today. It's been out since 7:45 this morning.

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Thanks Vinny. He's back at home now, and my sister will be staying with them for the next four weeks. We'll be going up there next weekend to see him.


Well....maybe I'm just crazy but I look at people, and just see people. Lol

What's this "side-eye" that you speak of Sir? *Looks at you curiously* I'm not being silly, I really don't understand the term.

Ggrrrr...my stupid fingers.

Hellos!! :o)

On another mote, I gotta go back to the Dr to get poked again. Apparently my Calcium levels were elevated and they need to redraw the lab and check it again.

Okay, so I couldn't even reach his mom, so I had to drive myself to the doctor. I had to get poked with a needle to draw blood, but at least I didn't have to get any shots, so I was able to drive myself home. Turns out I just have a really nasty stomach virus. I'm still feeling kind of icky, but it's a bit better than yesterday. The doctor gave me medicine for the nausea and other icky symptoms though, so I'll be okay. Just thought I'd give everyone an update since I was pretty out of it Friday and forgot to do it then.

I was going to say the same thing. I wouldn't want to put something else on his plate right now either.

It's okay. We totally get it. We'll try to thing of someone for you...but we kinda know all of most of the same people.

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I might be sick, but I'm still cute. ;oP

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*sick looking but smiling* Thanks, I needed that.

My appointment is at 2 this afternoon. I'm trying to find a ride...even though I think I could drive myself down there, if he gives me shots or any kind of strong medicine I won't be able to drive back home and Henry has to work....so, I'm seeing if a friend can take me. If not, I can always ask his mom...but her driving scares the hell outta me.

Awwweee...I'm sorry to hear it, but I understand. I hope things work out for you.

I didn't do it. I feel like someone put a curse on me though. I'm calling the Dr this morning cud I started having severe sharp lower abdominal pain on my right side yesterday, and while it's not quite as bad as it was yesterday, my head is all stopped up, I'm nauseous and having other stomach issues, and my body aches all over while I'm still having pain on that lower region.

I don't think it's appendicitis cuz I'm not running a fever or vomiting, but it might be my kidneys or possibly a UTI....which I don't know how that would be possible with all the water I drink....but I don't know, so best to let the professionals figure it out.

I'm glad all I have to do at my job is count.

I know right?!

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*accepts hug happily*


I didn't know what to do with myself. I'm lost without my outlet. I'm just glad that it's fixed, and I hope it stays that way.

Venetia Castlemaigne wrote:
Rysky wrote:

*lets out long sleepy yawn*

That was a nice nap :3

If you're Rip Van Winkle :P



I'm just glad it's back up. Paizo is essential to my functionality. Lol I gots to needs my outlet.


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