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If someone can be interested, Esdevium has at the end answered to my question. The iconic heroes box set #3 will arrive in UK on 31 july.

Thank You, Hawkmoon. I have tried to contact Esdevium without result. Sure it is very strange this situation. The box set is avalaible only in North America and it is impossible to find in Europe. I hope that someone in Paizo can ask to their contacts in Wizkids what's happening and give us european informations.

Erik Mona wrote:

A few drive-by answers.

1) Still no precise word on Iconic Heroes Sets 4-6. They are in the works, and I will let you guys know more on release schedule as soon as I know more myself. We've approved all of the sculpts at this point, and they're fantastic.

Dear Erik, I already asked, in vain, in another thread informations about the avalaibility of the Iconic Heroes 3 box in Europe. Can you give me any news (the ship is sunked, non european shop has ordered the models, ecc.) because I am in doubt to order from Paizo shop (risking the custom fees) or waitning that the box arrive in Europe (but risking that it will be sold out).

What do you suggest to me?

Sorry folks, bur someone have informations about the fact that Iconic Heroes 3 is still not arrived in European shops. Are 2 weeks that I search every web-shop in England, Germany, france and Italy and no one know something when the package will arive. I have not ordered to the Paizo store because I don't want to risk custom fees bit it is very strange this lackness of informations.

Dear Mike, are there news about the Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes set #4? I am waiting Lem to start another session of Rotr.

I think that it will be very very difficult that they have planned and playtested a PACG that it will be based on an adveture path that will come out in the future months. However other two days and we'll know

Hallo to everyone,
I think that it will be without doubt Jade Regent for only one great clue.
As Vic said they are evaluating carefully the heroes that they have to include in the PACG series. Until now they have put (in the 2nd and 3rd box)7 new heroes and 4 returning heroes.
The iconic heroes that still we miss are 6 heroes (skald, brawler, investigator, assassin
So in the next installment these 6 heroes I think have to be included.
Ergo, you will have a PACG with a ninja and a samurai. All other heroes could be compatible with Jade Regent, while the ninja and the samurai don't fit with the other adventure path.

For this reason I think that saturday Mike will announce Jade Regent as next PACG