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Phillip Gastone wrote:

I've replaced one of the Mods with a horse...

Nope. No. No. Nooooooooooooo. No. We're all already dealing with one horse loose in a hospital, I don't have time to worry about another one right now.

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It's pronounced Tacticswobbler Liongrove wrote:
Blancmange Scout from Skyron wrote:
Gary 'Two Sheds' Teter wrote:
What is the average age for the onset of déjà vu?
Which kind of déjà vu, African or European?

[bridgekeeper] ಠ﹏ಠ [/bridgekeeper]

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Tacticslion wrote:


John Napier 698 wrote:
I remember reading Shakespeare in school. Would have preferred Lovecraft.

... so you're saying you'd have preferred Shakespear in Lovecraft?! Ah?! Ah?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh?! :D


{blows whistle} Tacticsloin: punsonal fowl. 20 yard penalty, light flogging with a rubber chicken, still 3rd down.

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96) Is there any chance that the PF2E corebook -- the most powerful roleplaying game in the world -- might blow our heads clean off?

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How about we not post any comment that is going to make a law enforcement agent/agency take notice?

Diego deserves to be pun-ished. (He knows what he did.)


Alignment arguments are like The Game.

Drejk's Mattress can't officially have a cult without an OTF cult thread.

{rides through on Segway}

I tried to stop her, but my Segway had a dead battery.

You know, I think this axe has been sharp enough for a while now; I better stop grinding it.

{booms in suddenly on Apokolipian Segway} Mr. Fishy, I'm gonna have to cite you- ERK! Glob-globglob-glob... {drowns and floats to top of bowl}

{rides up on knock-off Segway} I'm gonna have to fine you, Mr. Puffin, for 1) unlicensed punning, 2) punting a penguin off the escalator, and 3) clogging the toilets with publicity photos of the beloved film and TV superstar, Kevin James.