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I ran Incident at Absalom Station for SFS and am confused about the amount of XP the players should receive.

I know the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide says "Typically, you gain 1 XP for completing a Starfinder Society scenario or 3 XP for completing an Adventure Path."

But there is a sidebar in the AP book that says the players should "begin this adventure at 1st level. The PCs should reach 2nd level while exploring [spoiler redacted], and they should be 2nd level before [spoiler redacted]. The PCs should be 3rd level by the end of the adventure."

I followed the instructions in the AP, so my players were level 3 for the final boss fight, but they almost died twice, with a near TPK at the final boss. If they had all been level 1 it seems very unlikely they could have survived the third section of the first book.

Also, if they want to play in the second book of the AP, they have to be level 3 when they start, but if they only get 3 XP for the whole first book (and have to start as a level 1) then they won't be the right level for the second book. I know they could theoretically play some SFS Scenarios between the books, but is that really the way it is supposed to be done?

Also, there's no mention of being able to run the AP in "Campaign Mode" like you can with other Pathfinder APs, otherwise that would be a workable solution for SFS play.

Fair enough, maybe contradiction/error were the wrong words, but despite me momentarily forgetting how the move action works, there is still that "hole" in the rules.

What if I choose to move exactly half my speed while flying?

You're right of course, I was confusing the double-move as being equivalent to the full move speed, and a single move as moving half the full speed, but obviously that's not how it works... I was so focused on the trees I missed the forest... my bad.

on p.96 of the CRB, where it gives the description of the Fly skill, it says

"Without making a check, a flying creature can remain flying at the end of its turn so long as it moves a distance greater than half its speed,"

but in the table where it lists the skill check DCs it says "Move less than half speed and remain flying DC 10".

There is an important difference between "greater than half" and "less than half" when a move action (generally) moves you exactly half your speed, which is neither less nor greater than half your speed.

I assume that the written text ("greater than half") trumps the text in the table ("less than half"), but has there ever been a FAQ or clarification from Paizo about this (I looked but could not find one)?

I have two level 7 characters (and a couple level 5s, but it seems like we are probably playing high-tier):

Lady Stowcastik (phonetic spelling of stochastic) of House Bernoulli an elven witch who is old, even for an elf. Her house has risen and fallen in terms of its power and wealth many times over the centuries, and she is determined to learn ways to change the odds to be in her favor so that she can bring her house back to its former glory.

Dr. Burns is a gnomish Alchemist who was once the pub-trivia champion of Thuvia until he was banned from regulation play due to alleged "unsportsman like conduct." He maintains that just because he loves creating the kind of fiery explosions that killed his competition, it does not mean that he is guilty of blowing them up, no matter how much pleasure he may have derived from the event.

Yes, me too. The sign-up button says I am playing in this game, but it does not show up on my personal schedule...

James Risner wrote:

The first thing to remember is that the "This ability replaces|modifies" is not required. Most of the early archetypes don't have those lines.

To my view, this ability modifies your Smite Evil to add a new ability. In the same way as adding a new class skill to your class spell list, I don't think this would stack with another that modifies or replaces Smite Evil.

Yes, this exactly. The rules say two archetypes can not "alter" the same ability. These two archetypes both affect (or "alter") how Smite Evil works and what you can do with it.

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:

It's a copy of a chronicle sheet of another character, so it doesn't count towards the set of adventures this PC could go on.

Except the boon explicitly states you can apply the Affinity from any character to whichever character has the Maelstrom Rift boon, so it is already outside the usual rules for chronicles and boons, I am just trying to figure out exactly how it works.

Keeping the Core chronicles separate from the a Boon on a Standard chronicle makes sense to me, but I was not so sure about the extra chronicles I get from GMing.

And since we're really getting into the weeds of this rule... what if I run a character in Core, get some Affinity chronicles and then migrate that character to Standard? If I run and GM a game in Core and Standard then migrate the Core to standard I could have up to 4 chronicles from the same scenario with the same Affinity all in Standard mode.

What if I do that with a character who I run through Maelstrom Rift in Core but then migrate? Could I have two copies of the Maelstrom boon in Standard that way? Would each one get to count all the Standard chronicles with Affinities that I have?

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Michael Eshleman wrote:

I'm not Linda, but I think I can answer this question correctly.

Core and Standard are separate campaigns, so nothing crosses that barrier (except characters played in core who transfer over to standard).

Boons and chronicles earned in Core don't apply to Standard, and vice versa.

You can play Through Maelstrom Rift in Core and then elemental affinity boons earned in Core apply to that character.

I would think that GM star replays of scenarios with elemental affinity boons would count for their appropriate campaign.

Thanks very much, that all sounds perfectly reasonable. What about when I have both played and GM'd a scenario in Standard (or Core) and so have two copies of the same chronicle in the same mode?

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Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Can we apply chronicles with an elemental affinity from the same scenario more than once if we have played and/or GM'd it in both Standard and Core modes? What about if we use a GM star to re-play a scenario with an affinity?

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Portland just had its first RSP game tonight, and had two of the six players roll nat 20s for the boons! It was super easy to implement and execute and the players were excited about it.

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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Hey there, Austin! Welcome to PFS Online Play! I'm Hilary, one of the Venture Officers for the online lodge.

It sounds like you are looking for PFS Organized Play via VTT, rather than by Play-by-Post.

If so, start by joining our PFS Online chat here on our dedicated Discord server:

If you want, you can also join the Pathfinder Society Online Collective, where you'll find plenty of games to get you started.


Thanks a bunch, Hillary! I will do that!

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My name is Austin and I have been playing PFS games for a couple years and I want to see what it's like to play online.

I have experience running PFS games and am happy to share those duties once I am used to the basics of online play if I become part of a group that regularly plays together.

I am also happy to just be able to play scenarios, if GMs are looking for players.

I am in PST (GMT -8) but my work hours are flexible so I can be available during a wide range of times throughout the week.