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Rei wrote:
You probably have to email customer service to ask for it. I know 4-star GMs have to.

Thanks very much!

Grand Lodge Venture-Lieutenant, Oregon—Portland aka Austin PDX

I know Tonya has said that VAs can run Bonekeep 3, but it is not in my downloads. I assume that's because I am still just a 1-star GM, but are there any plans to release BK3 to us low-star VAs since we can run it now?

Grand Lodge Venture-Lieutenant, Oregon—Portland aka Austin PDX

Alanya wrote:
Here's Tonya's post on the matter, which is current as of this season. Hope this helps!

Awesome, thanks so much! This is a great start, I guess I just have to search the Paizo Blog a couple times a year to see if there's an updated post.

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I have been GMing games for a few months now, and was recently made Venture Agent for my location.

I apologize if this a noob question, but how do I know what is required to be able to run a certain scenario/special/exclusive? It's not in the Season 7 Guide to Play, and not mentioned on the Product Info pages of the individual adventures.

I know these requirements sometimes change (things stop being "Convention Only"), but is there a central repository for this info, or is this info on a FAQ that I can't find? If not, why not? This seems like pretty vital info...

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ShieldLawrence wrote:
The Chronicle Sheet has you list the bonus feat. You won't be able to change it once you level up. My advice: double up on a current feat and retrain the feat from leveling to the feat you want using Ultimate Campaign.

Good idea, that seems like an elegant and clever work-around, but I am not sure I can take a feat I already possess. There's nothing in the Ioun Stone description that says I have to take a feat I don't already have, and the Feats SRD just says that taking the same feat won't provide extra benefits unless the feat text specifically so it does.

However, there is this thread from 2013 that claims that "Sean's clarification later in the thread made it fairly clear that if the feat text does not specify that you can take it multiple times, you cannot."

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I recently received the Ocher Rhomboid Ioun Stone from a PFS scenario. I wish now that I had played the scenario at a higher level, because I am one level away from qualifying for several feats that would be great additions to my character.

I understand the process for equipping, getting atoned, and thus benefiting from the stone. But what if I use remove curse to actually remove the Ioun stone after I reach next level, then pick it up again (and go through the alignment shift/atonement again)? Could I use that process to pick a different feat once I level up?

To get it uncursed (in PFS) would cost a minimum of 150gp (3rd level Cleric spell times 5th Level caster times 10). Of course the caster is trying to beat a DC 12 to remove the curse, so you could choose to pay a higher level caster to improve your chances of removing the curse. A 9th level caster would cost 270gp, and a 12th level caster (assuming you could find one) would be 360gp.

Could I cast remove curse (or atonement) myself, or have a party member do it for me (in PFS)?

Can I re-choose the feat if I go through the above process? The RAW are silent on this idea...

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xebeche wrote:

What are some of the must have items for your character's starting equipment? Here are some of the items I consider:

Explorer’s Outfit
Common Backpack
Common Blanket
Trail Rations (5 days worth)
Flint and Steel
Silk Rope (50ft)
Signal Whistle
Holly and Mistletoe
Spell Components Pouch

I am also a fan of the small, cheap items like twine, fishhook, chalk for creative problem solving ala Macgyver, and maybe some manacles. I like to use my free clothing allowance to get Cold Weather clothing, then buy myself a cheap outfit to wear most of the time. If it's not core, I am fond of getting the waterproof bag, maybe a drill. Also, at least 1 or 2 vials of acid flask, if you don't have arcane cantrips.

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Yes, I would also buy this in print form if it was available, as well as several of the other out of print maps...

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I started working on my own (noob that I am) and then it dawned on me that someone else who knows what they are doing must've done this before... I can't be the only one who wants to replay KotB. If you would be so kind, please send me a copy as well.

Thanks very much!

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