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JWMK wrote:

Just wondering how we will receive notice that the lottery tables are up, and then when the lottery is done, when we can register for tables? Haven't seen anything clear on this and I don't know if i should be checking the site every day, or if we will be e-mailed etc.


You should be emailed. They have done so in the past, but people have missed the emails (for whatever reason - spam filter, not on the list, typo in email name?) so, it's best to check the forums. Not necessarily daily - once it's up, it'll be up for several days (usually at least a week to get everybody's schedules) and it doesn't matter when you sign up as long as it's during the open window.

After the lottery is closed, other games will be open on a first come first served basis.

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Haladir wrote:

Rats! Just saw this now, and the survey now seems to be closed.

I was going to try to submit a couple of "Powered by the Apocalypse" demo games... Specifically, a Dungeon World game, set in Golarion (a DW conversion of Murder's Mark), and a Spirit of '77 game "Cruise to the Unknown" (think "The Love Boat goes to the Bermuda Triangle"). And possibly also a game of Night Witches.

Hopefully, I'll be able to run them as pick-up games at the con!

Ooh! Here's one vote for Night Witches!

I did their kickstarter, so I have the game, but I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet!

I've submitted my new Call of Cthulhu scenario to the lottery, and will likely be running another Metamorphosis Alpha game as a pick-up, probably on Thursday.

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Zach Davis wrote:
Like several other people who have posted this will be my first PaizoCon, but I've also never attended any Con that used a lottery for sign ups. What do I need to know regarding registering for events?

Let's see...

1. Watch the paizocon forums - there'll be announcements here when the lottery's about to start.
2. It doesn't matter when you sign up for the lottery, so long as it's during the open window, which is usually about a week.
3. You'll rate events 1-4 for what you want least to most. Rate honestly, having multiple 4s doesn't increase your chances. It just means that if there are several spots open when your turn comes along, it'll choose randomly between all of them instead of giving you the one you really want most.
4. Don't worry about not getting many/any events in the lottery. Based purely on my own general impression (and doing this for several years now), you have a pretty good chance of getting at least one lottery event, and a decent chance of getting zero or two.
5. Most games are not in the lottery. After the lottery runs and the results are in, these events become available on a first-come/first-served basis.
6. If there's a lottery game you really, really want and don't win, you can go to the room it's in anyway and possibly get in. Usually somebody will flake. I've run 1-2 games at every PaizoCon I've been to, for I think 8 years now, and I've never had a 100% overlap between people who were registered for the game and people who showed up to it.

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Puck35 wrote:

We were at DragonCon last year and binge-played PFS. So we decided to do the same at Paizo. We're extremely local but will stay in the hotel to avoid stupid traffic.

We is our family of four, including 13 and 10-year-olds.

How do we make certain we're doing stuff together, regarding lotteries, banquet, etc?


If you want to all be together at the banquet, just buy four banquet tickets. (I think you can do that all at once from one account, but I'm not sure. I've never actually been to the banquet. :)

There is no way (unless it's changed very recently) to guarantee a group of four people at the same lottery event. There is a "buddy" system, but it only works with two people at a time. If you want to make sure there is always a parent with a child, you could sign up as two pairs of buddies. Then, when you get two tickets to an event, trade amongst each other at will.

For PFS, that'll be first come first served, after the lottery. As long as you all sign up for the same game, you can get into it. You have to sign up from separate accounts for that, though. Either log out and back in as the other user a lot, or use four devices. :)

Good luck, and have fun!

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Hi there!
Well, it looks like I booked me some accom-o-da-tions fer next year!

Thought I'd poke my head up and see if the captain was planning on any getting us any work here?

Maybe somethin' in which I don't almost die would be a nice change - it's occurred to me that's happened a lot. 'cept maybe the one time that I don't rightly remember on account a' my mind being a bit scrambled.

And Patrick, my apologies fer missin' you in all the congrats from the last job. I'll admit, I didn't trust you at first, but after getting me a fine new suit (that fell apart after tryin' ta wash the blood out - guess ya can't really trust antique silk for wearin'), and gettin' me some grenades (all gone now, but to good use), and then goin' and takin' a bullet for me... OK, I can admit when I'm wrong.

Still don't trust that Blue Sun plague cat, though.


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Me, too! (On both accounts).
Looks like it's about halfway there.

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I played in this last year, and loved the world they had created for it.

Did the people running it say anything about the status of the kickstarter?

I keep looking for it but haven't seen it yet. I want to get a copy as soon as it is published :)

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Tyrone 见他的鬼! wrote:

What in the hells was all that racket?! Can't a man recuperate from bad shellfish in peace?

Though now that I think on it, cod ain't shellfish, is it? Wonder where that shell come fr... <urp> ... I'll be in my bunk hoverin' over the head.

sounds like quite the adventure! Here's to making it to Seattle next year.

[Hope you make it too! I'm imagining your line, when them as was there tell the tale, amidst much drinkin' and laughin' in the crew lounge was somethin' along the lines of "That was your plan? 'Get her!'??"]

From Janella:

And mighty thanks for draggin' yourself outta yer bunk long enough to bring Mathilda out dancin'.

And that was some mighty fine flyin' as usual, Thaddeus. Thought for sure I was gonna be doing a limpin' sprint through heavy gunfire for a while there.

Too bad the witch got away. But at least we accomplished one of our objectives.

And now I'm out of grenades again.

At least the senator'll be happy, even if the Alliance isn't.

And, come to think of it, I'm kinda happy about the alliance not being terribly happy...

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EL-EL wrote:

True, Babe's name is now "Saffron." She is named after Captain Bleak's dearly departed wife.

Mrs. Saffron Bleak, died in a mysterious shuttle accident. There was no mortal remains, so they surmise her death was quick and painless.

Captain Bleak mourned her loss hard for many years. But that's all in the past.

It is a new era for the crew of Saffron. You have earned a name for yourselves among the Alliance Navy as a reliable ship. They throw good work your way. You haven't lived paycheck to paycheck for a long time. Saffron purrs like she was new again.

Good times. :-)

Tyrone is back on the ship sick.

Just a word 'o advice for next time, Ty: avoid the seafood when the nearest sea is twenty million miles away...

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Thanks again to everyone in my game tonight!
You were all awesome at your roles, and I really enjoyed DMing it!

Thanks especially "Professor" for your opening narration. It was perfect for setting the tone.

And, "Marjoline", (sorry I didn't get any of your real names), has there ever been a better last line to a game than "I'm going to go back to France and disappoint the Nazis."

Thanks, everyone, you were all awesome!

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Wish you were here, too!
Babe, er, Saffron just ain't the same without you! Here's to next year!

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So, looks like there's a few players signed up for this, so that's good. :)

The following is a bit of background - I'll be handing it out at the beginning of the game while we get settled in, but it ran a bit longer than I'd intended (I didn't have time to write it shorter), so I thought I'd share it here ahead of time in case anyone was interested.

The character names are the pre-generated PCs, with the exception of the Potters (no relation). There are no spoilers - this is all information you will start the game with.


In October of 1923 the small Innsmouth boarding house owned by Beverly and Abraham Potter played host to a number of people, strangers to each other.

Strange things were afoot. It started with strange noises at night, then disappearances. Then murder.

Eventually you found out what was going on. You attempted to put a stop to it. Then it got weird. Below the basement, and past the wine cellar, you found a hidden entrance to the cave system that had been rumoured to lie beneath the town. A short way in you found the misshapen beast that had once been Abraham Potter, in what could only be described as the laboratory of a mad scientist.

Abraham, had discovered an ancient tome of forbidden knowledge. He intended to use it to make himself immortal. He had help with strange beings From Beyond what we know of time and space. Too much death. Too much destruction. He had to be stopped.

He was.

It was Mary, on her way to the coast after her freshman year away at University, who stole the book from the locked desk upstairs.

Marjorie, the young actress on her way to Boston for her big break, and Ethel, the mechanic’s wife, just stopping for the night on her way to visit her sick mother in Arkham, together blasted the beast with rifles, over and over until it stopped advancing. But even then it wasn’t dead.

Nathaniel, the aspiring novelist, who assisted Charles in tying up the misshapen beast that had once been Abraham Potter, and assisted Florence, in translating the binding spell, and assisted Jack, a rough traveler on unknown business, in laying the dynamite that brought down the ceiling of the cave, trapping Abraham and the unfortunate Charles under it forever.

Florence, volunteering for the local suffragette movement, helped translate the ritual from the original Latin.

The stout disbeliever in all things supernatural, David, came to learn better, almost but not quite too late to assist Florence and Hubert in the actual casting the ritual that sealed the basement door forever.

In the aftermath:

Mary was rushed to the hospital, but by the time you got there, she was already in coma. The doctors were unsure when, if ever, she would awaken.

Ethel was left at the hospital in critical but stable condition, with several broken ribs.

Marjorie was luckier, and her broken arm was set in a cast and she was released.

Jack walked away and never made it back to the boarding house with the rest of the survivors.

Charles was last seen holding back his uncle as the ceiling poured down on top of him.

Hubert and Nathaniel, both left as gibbering wrecks, their minds shattered by what they had seen, were taken to Arkham Asylum for evaluation.

Florence, treated for minor injuries and then released, was the only one to continue her stay at the boarding house after the Events.

David - Although passed out while casting the final spell, after a good night’s sleep, he seemed as good as new and hopped the next train out of town.

When it was over, you all went your separate ways. You said you’d stay in touch. You didn’t. For twenty years, you went on with your lives, though perhaps you paid a bit more attention to the papers when they reported that minor mob figure Jack Metzger had been indicted for racketeering, or that Florence Jefferson had been called to testify in front of congress on the bold maneuvers that made her so successful during the great depression when so many others lost everything. And perhaps even a bit more attention than most when it was announced that Marjorie des Caches, star of stage and screen, had returned to her native France with her long time “friend” Claire ahead of yet another Hollywood scandal.

But you went on with your life.
And now, twenty years later, you have received a letter from Jennifer, the daughter of the original owners. She has called you back because she needs your help.

Despite the war, you manage to make your way once again to Innsmouth, to find that Jennifer runs what is now an upscale Bed and Breakfast.

And once again, strange things are afoot.

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rknop wrote:
...not ready...not ready...

Me neither!

Can we push the start date back a week? I could be ready by then...

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EL-EL wrote:

Anyone interested in playing Firefly (Deadlands rules) during the banquet? Babe and her crew are still flyin'!

Reply in this thread if you are interested and we will figure out the specifics as we go.

Banquet is Saturday? Works for me. (My Call of Cthulhu game is Friday night :)

And Janella will be gorram 快乐 to be 早在黑 with her crew on Babe^H^H^H^H Saffron!

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Awesome! I did the Kickstarter a while back. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

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Styrofoam wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:

Is there a good place for me to get distilled water?

I'll be bringing my CPAP along with me so I sleep right at night, and it uses Distilled water.

I've used a cpap for almost 10 years. It won't hurt anything to use tap water for a few nights. Just make sure it is bacteria free, and it will be safe.

The downside is that it may smell a little different.

Also Pacific coast is fairly humid, so depending on where you are coming from, you may find it uses much less water.

I wouldn't use the hotel's tap water, though. I did that before, and ended up congested and with a sore throat all weekend.

But I've found bottled drinking water (which can be found in the hotel shop for like $4 a bottle) is perfectly acceptable. Overpriced for water, sure, but it's worth $4 to feel good during the con.

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rknop wrote:
Khelreddin wrote:

Just a little reminder of a conversation we've had over the last couple of years (though you guys may already have made orders for the swag bag):

Khelreddin wrote:

In last year's feedback thread, a few of us talked about the swag bag:

Khelreddin wrote:
Just want to echo the point about the change from the canvas bag to the Giant Purple Bag of Crinkling and Crackling. The swag bag went from being something I carried throughout the Con and then happily brought home and gave as a gift to a friend who couldn't attend PaizoCon to being something too awkward to usefully use during the weekend that then got left in my hotel room when I left.

And we got an encouraging answer:

Erik Mona wrote:

Bag change wasn't really financial. We'll consider doing something cooler next year.

I want to be clear, the contents of this year's bag were awesome. But if it's possible, I'd love a bag like the cool canvas one of two years ago, over the purple thang.
If it's possible for the swag bag to be a collectible in itself (as it was a few years back), rather than something bound for the landfill (as it was the last two years), that would make the bag as awesome as the rest of PaizoCon.

Second the motion!

I still use my PaizoCon 2013 bag (with the Pathfinder logo on it) to carry things to gamedays. It's starting to show some wear (bit of a hole in the side), and I hardly carry any hardbacks in it; it's all the paper plus all the maps doing it nowadays.

Love that bag. Threw out the bags from 2014 and 2015.


Another vote for that style of bag. Mine's starting to get a little old, too. I use it constantly both for game night materials and grocery shopping.

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Majuba wrote:
Template Fu wrote:
SpeediShuttle confirmed from Seattle Airport to Hotel

Assuming you're staying at the convention hotel, there is a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service provided by the hotel (to travel the whole 3/4 mile to the hotel). You just follow the signs for Taxis/shuttles/etc out across an enclosed skybridge (walkway) and down to a long loading area. There you call the hotel (via code there) to let them know which section you're at. Quite simple in practice.

Last time I took it, when you called the number there was just a recording telling you it was running every 15 minutes.

Also, you can take the light rail directly from the Amtrak station to the airport to catch the shuttle. That's what I've done in the past.

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zylphryx wrote:

It's looking more likely that I will not be breaking the attend-two-years-miss-one-year pattern. My former position was eliminated back in November and freelance work has been slow on the uptick. Unless something dramatically changes in the next two months, I will be missing this year. :(

But I will be holding onto my room reservation until the last minute in hopes for the dramatic to occur.

Aw, man, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

Life aboard Babe^H^H^H^H Saffron just won't be the same without Ty.

Janella needs someone else along to shoot at things. (Maybe not hit anything, but at least you keep 'em busy :P )

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Kuro RPG - "cyberpunk horror set in Japan"? If it's on the schedule, I'd put a 4 in that one. (Or is it a 1. I never remember. The one that means "This. Definitely this."

Same with Ryuutama RPG, even though I've never heard of it either. Just cuz it sounds interesting and different.

I love experiencing new games systems that I'd never heard of before and love seeing them at cons even if I don't win a spot in them in the lottery.

(Nothing against Pathfinder, which is the game I play, and support, the most, but, strangely, I almost never play it at PaizoCon.)

I'll be running a Call of Cthulhu adventure that I'm working on now, and another Metamorphosis Alpha game, as usual.

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Al Rigg wrote:
The answer is, indeed, yes. Pre-generated characters will be provided and must be used in this game.

Thanks for running this! It was one of my favorite games of this year's con.

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the setting!

I hope you'll keep us informed as to the status of the kickstarter once it's known.

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EL-EL wrote:

To all of the crew of the swift ox class freighter "Saffron", thank you!

Thank you! And thanks to all who joined us!

Though, Captain, if'n you don't mind me sayin', while I don't deny the coins nice to have, and maybe we need it a bit more now than ever, I sure wouldn't mind a job that doesn't put us right under the alliance thumb.

And next time those gorram 愚蠢的猴子 want to blow up a space ship, I hope they give me time to get a bit further away from it first.

Ty, opening the shuttle door to hard vacuum to shoot at a tether woulda been insane even if your shipmate and comrade in arms hadn't been sittin next to you with a kilo or two of shrapnel and a leakin suit. So, thanks, for that, I guess. I'm just glad my dancin skills proved up to the task.

Thad - nice flyin as always. You're a gorram 叶在风 and I have no idea how you do it. Whatever Cap's payin you it ain't enough.

And Doc? Yeah, I got some work for you. Assuming that one of these 紫肚子 can manage to get this shuttle back into its dock all proper like...


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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Kyle Schmaing wrote:
Hello! My wife and I will be two of your players on Sunday. Super excited and looking forward to it, it is our first Con!
Oh wow. Awesome. Honored that you would be spending part of your first con with me. I hope you two have a good con.

Hey, thanks again for the special sneak preview, I had a great time!

I am stealthy! Like a tree!

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I am here! (With others) Arrived a couple of hours ago, then went to Dave's for dinner and Freddie's for Sundries. Gonna wander around tomorrow looking for a game or something. :)

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Nizari wrote:

Not knowing the DoubleTree at all, is it fair to assume that meeting up in the bar for the Thursday games makes sense or does anyone know if there is a better place? Reception maybe?


Bar probably makes sense. On one side they have tables that are perfect for gaming, with low comfy chairs.

There's also a Rotunda just past the pool that is a great spot for open gaming (Norwescon uses it for that), but may not have tables set up in it on Thursday, which might just make it a big empty space instead. :)

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There's also a La Quinta across the street and a Red Lion down the road about a block and a half. Both of those are cheaper than the standard rate for Doubletree. (About the same as the con rate).

The La Quinta rooms are nice and there's a free continental breakfast. I've never stayed at the Red Lion.

Scarab Sages

Also, at the hotel last year, if you asked nicely they would let you into the conference rooms that weren't reserved by anybody else that day. The Doubletree may or may not do the same.

I do know there is lots of space for tables around, though I don't know if any will be set up or not. There are also tables in the bar, two restaurants, and the lounge, and they probably won't be very busy on Thursday night.

Scarab Sages

Oops - I can't do Friday afternoon or evening, either. I forgot about the games I'm running -- can't trade those away like I could do for games in any other slots :)

So, times I do have available:
Any time Thursday
Friday Morning
Saturday Morning
Saturday Evening
Sunday Morning
Monday Morning

So, if the games at any of those times, I'd love a seat. If not, well, maybe next year :(

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Shadowborn wrote:

Hey folks,

Got a couple of cool projects to run by people at Paizocon, probably on Sunday (night) and Monday (morning), since I'm not running or playing in any scheduled games those days.

First up, I should have the playtest document for Interface Zero 2.0 for Pathfinder (from Gun Metal Games) with me. If you're interested in playing a cyberpunk game using Pathfinder rules, I should have a short scenario and pregens ready to go.

I would be totally interested in that!

I can't do Sunday night (that's the Firefly game that I'm in -- for the fourth year in a row now!) But any other time would work for me.

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Any idea when we'll know the results?
Eagerly awaiting!

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All the main events are in the one hotel, and all the conference rooms are within a couple of minutes walk from each other.

The hotel has the floor plans online if you're curious: =CTAC-DT&floorId=CTAC-DT_GROUND_FLOOR

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Rusty Ironpants wrote:
just giving this thread a bump to remind people there will be some games on Thursday. =P

And one of them will be first edition Metamorphosis Alpha :)

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EL-EL wrote:

Ok "Sarvei taeno" is a confirmed crewman. Sarvei taeno will be our pilot.

Hopefully this pilot won't crash the ship, like two episodes ago.

Ok, it wasn't quite the pilot's fault. Something planet side managed to override ship functions and activate the "land lock" while Babe was in orbit...

As for what time/day for the game. I know for sure that two of the players on the list aren't attending the banquet. Would that be a good time for most people?

Obviously, scheduling Firefly will have to fit the majority of schedules not a unanimous vote.

During the banquet works for me. Once again, I won't be at it :)

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The Grim MacKay wrote:

OK, so I have very carefully been preserving the 3 SkyKey scenarios for Paizocon, with the idea of taking my character-du-jour through all three back to back to back.

You might want to check back again in a few days. Not all the events are entered yet. See for more info.

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In no particular order:

Yeah, Pathfinder is the focus, but there are other games. I've played in two total Pathfinder games in the last five years and have never been at a loss for a game, even if it's just an ad hoc board game someone's put together.

You can play in high level games if you only have low level PFS characters, but you have to play a pre-generated character.

You don't need to create your own PFS character, but I'd highly recommend it. I think part of the appeal is watching your own character grow over time. At least it would be for me. I played my own character last year, and he'll get his second XP this year. At PaizoCon 2017, he'll be second level! :)

Protocol for joining an open game? If there's an invitation posted to the forums, respond to it. If a bunch of people are setting up and it looks like not all the chairs are full, ask them if they have room for another player? I don't think there's much protocol beyond that. People are there to game with other people after all, and they tend to be a pretty friendly bunch. Even me.

PFS: Read the rules in the pdf - some books are legal to use, some aren't, and I know you have to have a copy of any book you use in creating your character with you. (Which is why I only used the core rulebook - I didn't want to carry more than that :)

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zylphryx wrote:
Depends on where your interests lie, as there are usually a wide range of panels. I will say if you can get a spot at a Call of Cthulhu table run by James Jacobs you have scored a major win (the squirrel-killing albino deer image is still stuck with me three years later).

Here's my "things you should know", for what it's worth. I'm sure others will correct any misinformation below. This year will be my 6th PaizoCon.

1. You've already done the first thing I'd recommend: Join this forum. And just in time. Next week is when the lottery will open so you can sign up for special games. It'll be announced in this forum (and I guess various other means) once it is.

2. There are three kinds of games going on at the con, so it can be a little confusing if you're not familiar with the system:
A. The aforementioned lottery games. These are limited events including those run by highly desirable DMs (the James Jacobs Call of Cthulhu game mentioned above for example), and also things that other people just wanted to run, like my Call of Cthulhu game this year. If you enter the lottery, you've got a decent chance of getting into one of the games, and maybe even two. I've heard of people who've won three of their picks but I've never seen it first hand.
B. Pathfinder Society games. These are scheduled events that are not in the lottery, and are the primary focus of the convention. From what I understand, if this is the only only thing you're interested in, you will have no problem completely filling your time with them. (I don't actually do Pathfinder Society myself and yet the con devoted to it is still my favorite gaming con of all. That's how awesome these people are. :) So even if you're not interested in the lottery, keep an eye on the forums. They'll announce open sign up for these games after the lottery closes. Even if you don't manage to fill your card with PFS games, you can probably get into as many as you'd like just by dropping by the room and asking to be mustered into any open slots they have available.
C. Open or Ad-hoc games. Some of these will be announced during or shortly before the con on these forums, and some people will just grab a table and start setting up and other players can drop in as they do so.
D. There are also tons of other things to do besides gaming - lots of panels on tons of different topics - like DMing 101, or Auntie Lisa's Story Hour, or Miniatures Painting Workshops. The schedule for these should be out next week some time as well.

3. Hotel and food: There are no fridges in the room, so if you want to bring your own food you'll need your own ice chest as well. There are tons of dining options in the new hotel (I was just there for Norwescon). There's a bar (that also serves food) in the hotel, as well as its own restaurant. There's a Denny's across the street and also half a dozen other places - including a Thai place, a diner, a steak house, a Subway, a Hawaiian Food chain, and a couple of others I don't remember. Also, a liquor store that also sells very expensive cigarettes.

4. Have fun. You're in for a hell of a con, including awesome games and some of the friendliest people in gaming. :)

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Sara Marie wrote:

Indeed. I need to finish up the game I'm writing. Shouldn't take too long... need to make some pre-gen characters... stat out the bad guys... a few player handouts...

Oh, why did I sign up to have this thing in the lottery before I'd finished writing it??

OK, Pat, there's still time... breathe...

Thank the gods (at Lone Wolf :) that Hero Lab does Call of Cthulhu, that makes things a lot easier...

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Viskous wrote:

Is the 8 dollars for those staying overnight as well?

One car was free for guests staying at the hotel. Additional cars would have been $8/day.

I went by train, so didn't park at all, but they told me that when I checked in.

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EL-EL wrote:
I will be attending PaizoCon 2015. I want to run Firefly again. Is there anyone out there interested in joining me?

Well, you know I'm in. Janella will be there, along with Jessie and Jennie, and Dave.

(Jennie of course being my very favorite gun. A gen-u-ine Colt 45 from Earth-That-Was that my great-grandpappy was awarded by General Custer himself after the Battle of the 歷史上不準確 Space Station.

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RyanH wrote:
Society is definitely a big part but there's certainly more available.

Yeah, I can second this. This year will be my sixth (!) PaizoCon. During that time, I've never been at a loss for a game, and I have played in a grand total of two Pathfinder Society games - one of which was run outside of the normal schedule, the day before the con officially started.

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xebeche wrote:
Are trains ice chest friendly?

Shouldn't be a problem if you're carrying it on (note there is a two-item-per-person limit).

There is room at each end of each car, though, where an ice chest would fit, and you'll have access to it during the trip.

I'd guess that if you want to check it, you'll need to make sure it latches or can otherwise close securely, and have nothing breakable in it. (They're not as bad as airplanes, but assume it's going to get dropped from a couple of feet and stored on its side or upside down.)

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Well, I'll probably be running my annual Metamorphosis Alpha game then.
(Or were you only looking for Pathfinder Society? :)

Either way, I'll definitely be there Thursday and definitely interested in playing something (prefereably multiple somethings) that day!

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Hi! I haven't seen any emails yet (so if you sent one, you don't have my email address :) I don't think any of you have played my Campus Crusade for Cthulhu adventure yet, and I have a friend in Vancouver who wants to play it. Anyone interested in doing that Wednesday or Thursday next week - maybe at your friend's store?

Also, my email is pluther [at] usa [period] net if someone wants to start an email chain. :)

From the 2010 program book:
Title of the game: Campus Crusade for Cthulhu
Description of the game
As students at Arkham's famous Miskatonic university, you are all members of an ancient order keeping secrets past down from before most people started recording history.
Your local chapter has been incorporated as a student club on-campus. But, on the eve of the culmination of millennia of effort, a new force has arisen to stop you: the Student Activities Committee.
Join the cult and stand up for your First Amendment right to summon the Great Old Ones in the manner you see fit.

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I'd totally be up for a game night!

Firefly? Deadlands? I'm willing to run Metamorphosis Alpha, especially since I never got a chance to run it at the con.

I can also run some Call of Cthulhu or Dogs in the Vineyard with a bit of time to prepare.

Maybe we should take this one offline so we don't annoy everyone by spamming the forum :) Is there an appropriate LFG section around here somewhere?

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JoelF847 wrote:
I had a lot of fun at Paizo Con. My only request for next year is if there's any way to get more non-PFS events, I'd love that.

Well, I've decided to definitely return to official schedule next year with my Call of Cthulhu and Metamorphosis Alpha games, so there'll be that :)

But, yeah, I agree it would be cool to see even more non-PFS. Not that there's anything wrong with PFS - and I realize that the con is run by the company that makes most of its money from Pathfinder. I'm in two regular Pathfinder games at home, and I love seeing other systems at cons. Since PaizoCon is the only gaming convention I go to anymore, it would be awesome if there was even more choice. Maybe with the extra day in the schedule there'll be more room for them!

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Well, I'm assuming the Captain's plan is to repaint it yet again, so the Alliance don't know what color we are either.

Or I could be givin' the captain too much credit for his plannin. Wouldn't be the first time.

Orange may still be drawing less attention than our previous blue, as it's not on a list of Niska's Most Wanted.

Lotsa weirdness about that mission. Captain Bleak takin a liking to the Blue Sun Plague Cat was not the most disturbin part. Patrick turned out to not be near as much liability as I'd feared. And, in other news, I was finally able to find myself a few grenades. (Though I feel bad about the poor guard who ended up stealin them from Niska's stores. But them's the breaks I guess. Maybe nobody will notice.)

Lookin forward to flyin with you (and the rest of yall!) next year!


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I just left PaizoCon, and now I'm on a train. Thank you all for a great weekend, whether you were the people who helped organize it, or if you ran games, or just made the games better by having fun playing them.

This was the first year I was there that I didn’t run anything – not even in open gaming. Not because I wasn’t interested, I just never got around to it because my schedule was so full! I think next year I’m gonna try to get back into the lottery.

Quick summary of my weekend:
Played Fiasco for the first time ever. First character (16th century England) ended up spending 20 years sentenced to Australia before escaping and plotting his revenge. Second character, after living through the apocalypse and trying and failing to rebuild civilization ended up getting crippled and crawling into the desert to die. What fun stories!

Also played Pathfinder Society with my own character for the first time. I made a Fighter for it. It was an investigation scenario, and I had no investigation skills (My highest was Diplomacy, at +0. Actually, that’s not true. That character also has a +9 Intimidation skill. I did make one Intimidate skill check. I rolled a 1 (the lowest possible), for a total of 10. I needed a 12. That was the skill check I came closest to making in that game. Finally, at the end, there’s a big fight scene. Evil cleric has an evil familiar that casts a Cloak of Fear over the battleground. My fighter is the only one who fails his saving throw, and spends the rest of the fight running away.
That was actually a very fun game!

Then there was Firefly. Half the crew was missing, but their replacements were all excellent. It’s got its own thread, so more about that there.

Frank Mentzer ran a 1974-style D&D game. I played a Cleric (name of rehtulp, to fit the style). Got hit by an Ogre, then kicked by an animated banquet table, which killed me. That was a fun game. There’s a lot to be said about the games before the term “balance” was introduced.

Continuity was great. Character there ended up by getting locked outside of a space station outside the orbit of Pluto. She turned off the com, turned on some Mozart, and kicked off in the direction of the Sun, with about four hours of air supply left.

Managed to get my entire Family killed in Gloom, the card game, on Sunday. So, you know, continued the theme.

I’m missing a couple of other deaths, I think. Maybe it’ll come to me later.

At any rate, it was a great con, played in a lot of very fun games, so thank you everybody for making it happen!

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Well, Ty, if ye'd been present, we might a got on that derelict ship a might quicker, negating that whole trick with transferring power, and alertin' the alliance to our presence.

But ya weren't.

Mathilda, though, was a genuine 来源舒适的性交时间. I thank you for the loan :)

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Will you still be here Sunday? I might run it then instead.
Cool - I'm a backer on that Kickstarter. :) This'll be the fifth year in a row that I've run MA at PaizoCon, ever since finding my original rulebooks and campaign notes in my parents' attic a few months before my first one.

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I'm going to be running a game of Metamorphosis Alpha, (first edition) .
Probably Thursday at 1pm.
If you're not familiar with it, MA is an older game (1976 to be exact), similar to first edition D&D, set in a post-apocalyptic future with wild technology, mutant powers, and the last survivors struggling to survive amidst the ruins of a long-forgotten civilization. Great fun :)

No experience is necessary, and the game itself is relatively kid-friendly.

If you're interested, let me know here. If you can't make that time, but are interested if it was some other time, post that here, too. The schedule for it isn't set in stone. :)

Watch this space. I'll post the exact spacetime coordinates once they're set.

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