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Classic eerie mood in the Starfinder setting


Coming into this as a player, I didn't know what to expect for the "infernal" theme.

I found the subtle hints as the scenario progressed effective. After a fun starship battle, the connection becomes apparently early on, but then it becomes an experiential exploration of an interesting location displaced into the drive. The persistence of tortured souls left me feeling like there is a haunt around any corner, and the party will have need of a Pathfinder cleric at any moment. The choices aren't always cut and dry either (what to do about trapped souls discovered), which leads to some interesting discovery about the characters involved. There was some interesting problem solving whereby I got to dangle a front-liner out over the endless drift (SAFELY). I will say I would have liked to learn more about the fate of the trapped souls in the end, but perhaps that would make a good seed for a follow-up.