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You can stack Ravener Hunter to Sanctified Slayer for amazing initiative with War Mystery to get War Sighted and Weapon Mastery.

Makes the most spicky dpr archer.

What you want to know about archers :
- Molthune Arsenal Chaplain : 1st dpr, 2nd defense, 3rd utility (few skill points)
- Sanctified Slayer / Ravener Hunter : 2nd dpr (a bit spicky), 3rd defense, 1st utility
- Zen Archer / Quiggong : 3rd dpr (arguable), 1st defense (by far imo), 2nd utility

Pinch of salt there trying to summarise but these are the 3 best ranged archers I can think of.

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Spells that change your size have no effect on you while you are under the effects of a polymorph spell.

Giant form, even if stated as "as per enlarge person", is a supernatural ability and not a spell.

Pretty clear it's working as the rule only mention spells specifically.

Unless there's a faq it's working.

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This is expected behavior.

Unfortunately, we can't take individual requests to delete.

Thank you for the answer.

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Deletion of character seems to be bugged in my organized play section.
Here's what I did and what happened :

1. Created a new character, it was my 8th (<my paizo number>-8) and deleted it
2. Created another character and it's not 8th anymore, it's 9th
3. Noticed the previous characters names are still registered as characters and not deleted

Seems to me that my characters are still in the database and it's both increasing my numbers count for nothing and the previous names are locked.

Is there anyway to clean what I deleted please?

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countchocula wrote:
your absolutely right it is usable mechanically but I would rather not use 3 actions to perform it. The other paladin players who play tested also used Lay On Hands only when not in combat due to the action requirements.

To be honest depends the situation, face tanking a boss, using 2 actions and spending the third to attack at full bonus seems okay to me.

I would not use it as often as my 1st paladin but I'm pretty sure I would if the situation is propice to it.

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countchocula wrote:
I would like to echo Laik on this one on the playtest (dooms day Dawn prt1) I played it seem like I was being punished for trying to use this class ability in combat and when the competition for Warded Touch is Deity's Domain that grants an extra spell point I regretted taking Warded Touch almost immediately. I think the loss of an action is ok but the inability to use it with a two handed weapon or a shield (unless you are just using a shield) is rough.

Using it as two hands weapon user use two actions and not three so it's still useable I would say.

- Let go of a hand (free action)
- Use lay on hands
- Change grip (add one hand)

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Colette Brunel wrote:

Looking into the Lay on Hands matter more, here is page 182:

"Most items that require two hands can be carried in only one hand, but you must spend an Interact action to change your grip in order to use the item."

Why in the world is it so hard for a paladin to Lay on Hands?

If we follow the above mentionned Mark's post : Archetypes#313

It would just take :
- free action to let go of a hand (in the case you're using a 2h weapon)
- an actual action to cast lay on hands
- another action to change grip to add a hand

It feels clanky, we should have to spend an action to add a hand on a weapon tbh.

For sword&board paladins RIP (I've no idea how it works but feel very sad for some reason).

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I strongly feel like for retribution to be effective, and since it's a core feature of the class we want to, we have to use reach weapons like Malthraz said.

Unlike OP quoted it's not adjacent but within reach :

Trigger : A creature within your reach hits an ally or friendly creature.

Here's the build I'm working on since yesterday.

It's a paladin of Iomedae with a halberd.

1 : Deity's domain : Weapon surge
2 : Warped Touch
4 : Hospice knight
6 : AOO
8 : Adv. domain : Prepare for battle
10 : Radiant blade spirit
12 : Paladin Sacrifice
14 : Aura of vengence
16 : Instrument of zeal
18 : Angelic form
20 : Radiant blade master

Design choices :
- Capitalizing on lay on hands as it feels it's one of the strongest route if not the most (level-1 * D6 feels ultra good)
- Taking domains gives a lot of PP with Iomedae at least (+4 PP)
- Why Iomedae : she's got one of the strongest LG accessible domain, the Zeal domain (Shaelyn's Passion domain being a close second)
- Divine bond blade to improve that dps, also getting Polearm critical specialization feels really good (5 feet reposition so the opponent has to waste an action)


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There's been a hint about new playable races through a Wayfinder exclusive "Alien Allies" slotless boon (reference :

Is there stil any plans about this or did I missed some informations about that?
Shouldn't some Alien Archives races accessible through that particular boon?

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Hello guys,

I guess I'm necro'ing this topic as nobody in my region as yet to play that tiny ball of feather/fur (at least my captain never heard of it).

I've been interested in it since it's kinda challenging to build for a veteran player.

So, iirc this build seems to need to be adapted a bit since the nerf of MoMS. To a lesser extent, some monster may not be able to use unarmed strike, but that seems to be cleared somewhat by the post above.

All in all, from what I see the build seems to evolve a bit to two versions :
- Unarmed strike version : the initial version of the build that synergize a lot with the MOMS monk archetype (RIP) / Champion of Irori paladin archetype / Mouser swashbuckler archetype. All were getting a lot to this build Mouser for manoeuvrability, MOMS for combined Snake + Monkey style and CoI for saves, more bonuses and all.
- A recent natural attacks version : in a word, a lot less synergy but less ambiguity regarding the rules that's clearing the monster unarmed attack post and getting 4 natural attacks to the pot (as kitsune).
The second build is there (thanks Woodoodoo).

Now here's the thing, should the tiny ball of feather/fur should continue to fonus on unarmed attacks?

Here's one thing that's again slowing the build feat's progression : Shashbuckler finesse and Agile
I somewhat agree with that point as Agile is not a feat. We could all say that the APG was badly written and clearly intend to works with Agile, in a PFS game RAW of the master word.

I'm gonna debrief a bit about the details of the 2 variations.

First OP Build (need rework)

Str: 6
Dex: 20 (boost Dex every 4 levels)
Con: 12
Int: 7
Wis: 14
Cha: 14

Level 1: Swashbuckler (Mouser)
Level 2: Fighter (unarmed fighter)
Level 3: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 4: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 5: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 6: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 7: Slayer
Level 8: Slayer
Level 9: Slayer
Level 10: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 11: Paladin (Iroran)

Level 1: weapon finesse (from swashbuckler)
Level 1: Piranha strike
Level 2: Monkey Style (bonus from unarmed fighter)
Level 3: Snake Style
Level 4: Monkey Shine (bonus from Monk MoMS)
Level 5: Snake Fang (bonus from Monk MoMS)
Level 5: Combat reflexes
Level 7: Stand Still
Level 7: Ranger Combat Style: Aspect of the Beast (Claws of the Beast)
Level 9: Risky Striker
Level 11: Outflank

  • Level 2 ~ 6 may have to be reworked as per MoMS Errata and Fighter choice to help rush those style feats.
  • As the build come online we're talking about 5 (2 unarmed + 3 natural) attacks post level 6/7 with unchained monk (decent replacement?) and divine grace.
  • If we continue on the road of unarmed attack I think Paladin/Monk combo is a must as it can bring 2 feats + WIS to AC + saves (LG alignment is going well with that).
  • Unarmed fighter is getting us Snake Style free of prerecquise so it helps the build getting online earlier, we should keep it.
  • I would also replace the first feat with weapon finesse as I said above about the rule ambiguity.
  • I threw a level of urban bloodrager for +4 dex and 2 natural attacks (at -5 after the unarmed strike sequence)

Here's what I could come up with, it's incomplete and have quite some holes :

Level 1: Swashbuckler (Mouser)/ Weapon Finesse
Level 2: Fighter (unarmed fighter) / Snake Style(b)
Level 3: Unchained Monk / Combat Reflexes(b), FREE FEAT SLOT!!!
Level 4: Unchained Monk / Dodge(b)
Level 5: Paladin (Iroran) / Piranha Strike
Level 6: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 7: Urban Bloodrager (draconic bloodline)/ Snake Sidewind

Below number section include no items other than Agile Amulet.

Attack bonus 17 while raging + piranha strike + personnal trial + snake style :
- Attack bonus : 7 BAB + 9 DEX + 2 SIZE + 1 Trial - 2 PA
- Attack routine : +17/+17/+12/+12/+12
*Note : mixing natural attacks impose a -5 bonus on natural attack rolls.

Damage bonus 14 : 9 DEX + 4 PA + 1 Trial
*Note : Improvable further level 7 with Risky Striker and if I'm right mixing natural with unarmed treat them as light weapon thus dividing per 2 the damage bonus for natural attacks.

CMB 15 : 7 BAB + 9 DEX + 1 Trial - 2 SIZE
CMD 21(25) : 7 BAB + 9 DEX + 1 Trial - 2 SIZE - 3 STR + (AC bonuses : 2 CHA to AC + 1 Dodge + 1 Trial)
*Note : CMB + CMD can be boosted by +2 with Equality for all

AC 28 while raging + trial (no items at all) : 9 DEX + 2 CHA + 2 WIS + 1 DODGE + 2 SIZE + 1 Trial + 1 Nat.

Saves :
14 For : 2 BR + 3 Mk + 3 Pd + 1 CON + 2 CHA + 1 Race (+ 1 Trial)
17 Ref : 3 Mk + 2 Sb + 9 DEX + 2 CHA + 1 Race (+ 1 Trial )
8 Will : 3 Pd + 2 WIS + 2 CHA (+ 1 Trial)

Highlights of the hastly made revised version :

  • Iroran Paladin : CHA to AC, Trial, CHA to saves
  • Monk UC : Two free feats, can flurry when level<5, WIS to AC
  • Mouser : Manoeuvrability + Panache pool
  • Urban Bloodrager : no alignment limitation, rage (+4 dex), 2 natural attacks
  • There's a *ucking free slot for those kitsune maniacs (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Kitsune fox natural attacks build


Starting stats:
STR: 8(6 while in fox shape)
DEX: 18(+2 stat increase +4 belt +4beast shape +4 rage +4 mutagen=36)
CON: 14
INT: 8
WIS: 14
CHA: 14

Traits: That will save trait I can never remember, Berserker of the society(6)

1 Barbarian(urban rager)1: Weapon finesse
2 Barbarian(urban rager)2: Lesser abyssal blood
3 Fighter(mutation warrior)1: Fox shape, Extra rage power: Fiend totem combat reflexes (b)
4 Swashbucler(mouser)1
5 Brawler1(snakebite striker): Combat reflexes Extra rage power: Fiend totem
6 Fighter(mutation warrior)2: snake style
7 Fighter(mutation warrior)3: snake sidewind
8 Fighter(mutation warrior)4
9 Fighter(mutation warrior)5: snake fang, (Iron will?)

(Credits to Woodoodoo)
*Note : there was a slight error in the feat selection, fighter do get combat feats if I'm right so extra power nor fox shape were elligible.

Below number section include no items other than Agile Amulet.

Attack bonus 19 while raging + mutagen + snake style :
- Attack bonus : 7 BAB + 10 DEX + 2 SIZE
- Attack routine : +19/+19/+14/+14/+14/+14

Damage bonus 10 +1d6 (sneak attack) : 10 DEX
*Note : before you go all yolo and bring Vulpine Pounce up, I'll remind you that Fox Shape is not your kitsune form sadly...

CMB 15 : 7 BAB + 10 DEX - 2 SIZE
CMD 23 : 7 BAB + 10 DEX - 2 SIZE - 2 STR

AC 25 while raging + mutagen (no items at all) : 10 DEX + 2 SIZE + 3 Nat.

Saves :
10 For : 3 Bar + 2 Br + 3 Fi + 2 CON
15 Ref : 2 Br + 1 Fi + 2 Sb + 10 DEX
2 Will (ouch) : 1 Fi + 2 Wi - 1 Mutagen

Highlights :

  • Barbarian : rage, uncanny dodge and a whoopping 3 natural attack (claw and gore), plus the bite it's 4 natural attacks you got there at full BAB
  • Mutation warrior : a free feat, mutagens, 2 feats and +1 will save vs fear
  • Snakebite Striker : unarmed/natural mix goodness (feats and effects), sneak attack (good with the mouser)
  • Mouser : Manoeuvrability + Panache pool
  • As always going full natural attacks yolo is costing to the build (saves mostly)
  • The sneak attack + the additionnal gore attack may or not offscale the fact that we have nothing that scale with damage (no piranha, no risky striker)

If I've made errors or if you see a clearn substitution that could help the build please do so.

Note : after some research about the rework of OP build Mutagenic Mauler can be considered to swap for the free feat slot and giving up the Unarmed Fighter level to get Dex Mutagen (oh god what have I done). It's also possible to give up Dodge to get Improved Unarmed Strike ofc (but if you don't like AoO that could be criticals...). The order of the class is also not extremely optimal but it's swapable (swashbuckler level should come after the songbird ring has been bought).

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Oh you're absolutely right, I missed to read the section where monk's unarmed attacks seems to have a bit of a different ruling than other unarmed strikes.

Thank you.

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Hello there,

I usually see a lot of people and guides advice to take elemental fury monk ki power, however, when I see the RAW I don't understand how it can be applied to unarmed attacks.

Here's the raw about elemental fury :

Elemental Fury (Su): A monk who selects this ki power must select one type of energy: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed. The monk can expend 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action to imbue his natural attacks with this energy, causing them to deal 1d6 points of damage of the chosen type for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his monk level. A monk must be at least 6th level before selecting this ki power.

It clearly says that it can only imbues natural attacks and not unarmed attacks.

Most threads and guides I've seen do not event talk about that, it's however a big point there as natural attacks are in no mean similar to unarmed attacks for a monks, needing to take feats such as feral combat training to be used with a flurry of blows.

Is there a faq I missed about elemental fury being usable on unarmed attacks?

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Malkin the Magician wrote:

Problems with the spell:

- At some point almost everything flies.
- Cold resistance in really common.
- You will have better spells thus a better use of your action.

For example are you going to cast this first over wall of thorns or slowing mud (baring SR for the second one). In general meta-magic spells end up being out classed by higher level spells. It is why I don't like investing in one spell.

You're right about the first point, however I've not encountered so many packs of flying creatures in PFS. Most of the time it's either humans or undead, depends the scenario tho.

I find myself needing less and less feats on that character (giving up rime for a rod) and I wonder if I shouldn't just move from storm druid to menhir savant and take the summoning chain feats and also do some blasting (thanks to menhir savant ability) to get nice explosion of rot (maybe empowered since I'll cap out at level 12 anyway).

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Malkin the Magician wrote:
You can't rime spell until you have the second level spell slot to cast it with the level increase. So rime i a burned feat until level 3. winter's grasp is ok but it does not seem worth dedicating a trait to it. It's a level 2 entangle you can place anywhere which is ok but not stellar and it will get out classed

You should note that :

- no saves, no spell resist, only thing that stop it is cold resistance.
- force to use 10ft of movement to enter one square, stack with entangle for 3/4 reduction speed of an group of ennemies
- 1d6 of cold damage if you stay in the area which is likely to happen for a couple of rounds
- debuff save for other cold spells

Now indeed I could just take a rod which would give me a feat and a trait, you might be right about that.

Malkin the Magician wrote:
I would figure out which meta magic rods you want to buy before deciding on feats. I have found that lesser rime is usually enough for me.

That's an excellent point I was in fact planning my rods and come to realize that rime rods are kinda cheap.

I was planning on getting a reach and an extend rods in fact.

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I'm currently building a caster druid.
She's a Storm Druid and I'm not trying to fit either in the control nor blaster type.

I find that blasting as a spellcaster druid is only a lesser version of what a sorcerer/wizard can do and building specially for that (spell specialization/empower/maximize) is a bit of a waste as our powers granted from domain, as opposed to bloodlines for exemple, doesn't grant us the edge on that role.

I don't mean that druid is a bad blaster, its spell list sure is better blaster oriented than say, a cleric.

However I feel like caster druid is extremely polyvalent. We got some decent buffs, we got some blast (some are even move action and great for metamagic) and some of the best ground control spells (stone call, entangle, ...).

I've chosen to go for this polyvalent role as I feel it's the best route to go for a non summoner build :
- I'm taking rime spell to make winter's grasp my bread and butter control spell : with magic lineage it's no save, no SR, zone entangle + double square movement
- I'll probably go for extend spell for buffs (extend communal are the way to go)
- Most of the druid's control spells also do damage and we still got flamestrike, and most notably Explosion of Rot (go through energy resistance like a breeze), if ponctual blast is needed in the group
- Storm Druid's domains give me the option to spontaneously cast fogs, sirroco or even chain lightning to prepare utility spells

In the guide we got a pur blaster storm druid, however I just feel like going pure blast is a bit of a waste knowing how amazingly polyvalent can be this archetype.

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Yea that unprepared slot trick is nice. The wizard in my home campain is doing that a lot, it's really awesome to get that extra teleport to move faster from cities to cities.

Another thing, I just noticed that I have a non assigned feat slot at level 3... I'm taking a human starting with rime spell (+ magic lineage on winter's grasp) and improved initiative. Thing is I don't know what to do with that feat. As a storm druid I'm not summonning anything so I was thinking about metamagic : extend spell (cause we got some nice durations) or reach spell (for more spell versatility).

That or switching race to dwarf to get :
- 8/10/10/14/14/19 (post racial modifier) stat array
- +2 saves against spells/poisons
- take improved init at third level

As a human, my feats are planned like that :

Improved Initiative (+ rime spell)/???/Natural spells/???/Dazing Spell/Quicken Spell

Candidates I see for ??? are :
- lv3 : extend spell/reach spell
- lv7 : spell penetration/piercing spell/wild speech (but by then I'll assume small elemental and will be able to talk...)

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About armors of course I'm not planning to cheat. As of now I'm using Lamellar Leather armor made out of Darkleaf and I'm planning to use a Jungle armor later (for entangle shenanigans).
Later I'll mainly wildshape in Small or Tiny flying animals so I guess it's ok to wear 3/4 AC armors (as I'll lose my armor bonus anyway). Wild enchantment is out of the question as it's a bit expensive for PFS setting.

For blasting as you said I'll indeed mix elements but blasting is only my second role as I'll focus on controlling. Plenty of the druid control spells ignore SR like stone call and winter's grasp (my main metamagic spell with rime spells) so I should be ok on that regard.
At some point I'll have fire, cold, electricity and bludgeonning damage at the same time just in case.

Thanks for the advice regarding the stat array by the way, I didn't felt like dumping too much anyway. Tho I would like to bring the WIS to at least 17 before racial modifiers as I'll be only casting.

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Hello there,

I've been wondering about a new character I'm making for PFS.
I've seen multiple 15-pt buy around, including in guides but I'm struggling to see a good balanced 20pts buy stat array.

Here's my options pre-racial (it'll be a human so +2 will go in wis) :
- minmax : STR 7 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 11 WIS 18 CHA 7
- minmax DEX/CON : STR 7 DEX 16|14 CON 14|16 INT 10 WIS 17 CHA 7
- balanced CHA : STR 7 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 11 WIS 17 CHA 10

Should I go WIS min max to get 2 1st level spell bonus right off the bat?
I'm heavily dumping STR as in PFS and weight is somewhat ignored a bit by most GMs. Should I get a more balanced STR stat array?

I'm not a really heavily dumping my stats usually as ability score damage is a thing and can really ruin your day but I feel like I'm kinda forced to dump on that character to improve the casting ability of the druid (Storm Druid bring me two domains by the way).

DEX at 14 (I'm taking reactionnary as trait and improved initiative a bit later) is somewhat average for a caster, it's the first time I'm playing a caster druid and I'm wondering if playing first is as important as a cleric or a wizard : I noticed druid spell list is more focused on blasts and ground control spells.
I won't play any summoning as I'm investing in the Storm Druid archetype for spontaneous casting versatility.

I feel like getting 16 CON is a waste am I wrong?

Feel free to give your own stat array but keep in mind I'll play a full caster.

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I would rather not retrain that character as the setup is PFS.
Retrain cost is 5PP for each retrain and double usual GP cost.

I may settle with the #2 build as I got nice synergies and buff potential besides being an excellent damager.

Supersitious + Community Minded is glorious. May even swap mindlessly cruel for reactionnary to have even more init (along with fated champion archetype) so I'll be sure to buff up my partners at the start of the turn (if RNG god doesn't hammer my dice).

This way I would stay on the buffer side first to strike at the right time to turn the fight around.

Overall I find #2 more appealing for not dipping and keeping a full spell/rage progression without any retrain. I think the character is decent from 1 to 12.

Build #2 (revised): Skald X
Race : Half Orc (toothy) (Reactionnary, Community Minded)
Stats : 15+2Str 14Dex 14Con 10Int 8Wis 14Cha
Feats : Arcane strike(1) Extra rage power(3) Power attack(5) Skald's vigor(7) ???(9) Greater Skald's Vigor(11)
Rage powers : Fiend totem, lesser (3), Abyssal blood, lesser (extra power), Superstition(6), Witch hunter (9), Eater of magic (12).
Fighting style : Gore, 2*Claws, Bite (before level 3, cold iron lucern hammer+bite)

Level 9 feat is open. Possible candidate extra rage power for Savage dirty trick, Clear mind, Ghost rager (for touch AC bonus and situationnal weapon property), Guarded life, Linnorm Death Curse (Tor).

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Markov Spiked Chain wrote:

You take either Improved Familiar (after Skald 5) or Boon Companion (at 3rd or later) or just use a goat until you've got a spare feat. Like you said, Mauler doesn't mix with Improved Familiar. But a 16 Str Earth Elemental has 5' reach, tons of immunities, rages to 20 and Power Attacks.

Your Rage Powers should help the familiar keep scaling up after 5-6. It's using your BaB regardless of effective Wizard level, and your Rage Powers will jsut get better and better. I've been using Strength Surge+Savage Dirty Trick(+Unexpected Strike) so the familiar can Blind+Stagger+Attack every turn.

Rage Cycling as a move action at 7th (or probably 9th when you get Unexpected Strike.) Instead of a +6/+1 BaB Full Attack, you 5' step back and get two +6 BaB attacks as a full round. But you're getting at least 1-2 more attacks from your familiar and/or allies, and getting Strength Surge/Savage Dirty Trick every round too. I'm trying to decide right now if I want Flesh Wound at Skald 10, which would make Rage cycling even better.

I would consider Community Minded over Reactionary if you want to keep Fate's Favored (which is a nice buff.) If you really think initiative is vital, grab the Fated Champion Skald Archetype (and possibly keep Reactionary.)

Oh I see ! You went for the rage cycling to be more effective past level 8. Are you actually playing that character?

I would see something like that, tell me if I'm wrong :

Build #1 (revised) : Bloodrager 1 / Fated Champion X
Race : Half Orc (Sacred tatoo+Shaman's Apprentice) (Community Minded, Fate's Favored)
Stats : 15(+2)Str 14Dex 14Con 10Int 8Wis 14Cha
Feats : Endurance(free, racial), Power Attack(1), Skald's Vigor(3) Die Hard(5), Improved Familiar(7), ...
Rage powers : Strength Surge(4), Savage dirty tricks(7), Unexpected Strike(10).
Fighting style : Two Handed Falchion (for more crits and 5ft AoOs)

Now about the familiar, obviously goat and then earth elemental as you said.
I would just like to take a closer look at the familiar HP.
Level 1 : my hit dice is full so 10hp, so familiar hp would be 5hp.
Level 1(rage) : character to 12hp familiar can't rage yet
Level 2 : I get 1 favored class bonus hp point, so 10+5+2+1=18hp so familiar would be 9hp
Level 2(rage) : character 22hp, familiar 11hp (2con[+1] from rage * HD)
Level 3 : character 26hp, familiar 13hp
Level 3(rage) : character 32hp, familiar 16hp
Level 4(rage) : character 42hp, familiar 21hp
level 5(rage) : character 52hp, familiar 26hp

My question is now, with hp this low did you managed to keep your familiar alive most of the time? 200GP per death isn't exactly cheap as your GP pool in PFS is limited (12*3 missions).

I see your build being really powerfull starting level 10 when you get unexpected strike and being able to rage cycle for a move action. That is a plus. Build is taking a huge bump at level 7 thanks to improved familiar+2nd iterative+dirty tricks, at level 8 (haste), level 9 (+4/+4 on song and fast healing 4).

Before 7, you have only one 2handers attack and a gore from goat (not magical weak to DR, unless mighty fist amulet).
I've been seing a player using metal attachment (cold iron) to the teeth of his companion, can't remember the item name (if legal, he's a 2 stars GM so I guess it is). Likewhise could use an armor on the goat for survivability (leather armor, leaf armor and then mithral kikko).
On another note, creature immune to Fortitude effects (or staggered/blind or both) like undead would impair this build a bit no?
But still I feel that this revised #1 build is a bit lackluster before level 7.

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Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
I would consider the first build but skipping Amplified Rage so you don't have to deal with the rules ambiguity, and get a Goat and then a Mauler familiar (w/Boon Companion) or Earth Elemental/Mephit (w/Improved Familiar.) The familiar provides another buff target for Raging Song and is actually quite effective.

That's a lot of feats right there, Boon companion, Improved Companion without taking a human. Would you replace half orc by human to take power attack + boon companion at first level then?

I feel the familiar would be a lot less usefull after level 5-6 if I don't give him more natural attacks. In that level range I feel like a combat trained tiger would be a lot better.
Besides dipping, spell progression slowed by 1 plus rage powers slowed by 1 too, for a familiar that would be a lot less reliable after level 5-6 is worrying me.

On another note, lesser beast totem open up the path for beast totem giving a nice AC buff at level 6. For pounce sadly it would be a 12 level, so pretty late for PFS.

Last thing about improved familiar and archetypes, there's been discussions about it being problematic.


Bond Forged in Blood (Su)

This ability replaces speak with master and speak with animals of its kind.

Improved familiar seems to have conflict with familiar archetypes since a lot are not animals.

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
You could easily mix in the second by just by taking Lesser Beast Totem for yourself with an Extra Rage feat, while keeping your shared rage power for something more likely to get used by the party.

That's what i tough when I've chosen lesser fiend totem, since extra rage doesn't get shared, I felt like an extra gore attack for two handers in the party would be efficient for a second attack.

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:


Pick up the Community Minded trait. It's a mini-Lingering Performance and a Mini-Raging Vitality.

Absolutely ! Since all my buffs are moral, that would help my buffs to be a lot better at low levels while also be kind of a mini raging vitality that would work on a skald.

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
For either build, I'd be looking at Unexpected Strike as your 9th level power.

I've taken a look at unexpected rage but since skalds under level 13 are not really rage cycling wise I gave up. I doubt I'll get level 13 in pfs anyway.

Finally about lesser spirit totems I kinda agree, and there's a lot of undeads in PFS, especially at low level so I crossed it up on the #2.

I also tough of Savage Dirty Tricks for the #2 in place of the bite attack, but sadly the build is crowded with rage powers and 3 natural attacks would make the build a lot less appealing since its core reside in stacking abyssal blood and fiend totem.

I'll add up Community Minded in the #2 (first would be tricky because fate's favored is a must with sacred tatoo if half orc).

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Yuri Sarreth wrote:
Well as this is for PFS and amplified rage is a teamwork feat that I foresee you having a very hard time getting use out of as the odds of one of the other random players at your table also having the feat, I feel you would be better off with build 2 and ignoring the bloodrager dip.

@G-unit, Yuri : ekibus is right. The whole point of the build is to get a bloodline familiar, sacrifying the first bloodline power : Familiars . Then applying the Valet archetype to it. He automatically get all my TW Feats.

When I'll use the raging song I'll use my bloodrager bonus (+4str/+4con) and since my familiar will accept the rage, we will both qualify for the feat to work. So +8/+8 for me and +6/+6 for the familiar.
Then Skald Vigor will kick in giving me, supposedly, 6 fast regen. That's the whole point of the build.

To resume for those not knowing the build (pretty known since a year or two) :
- Build #1 : high STR + fast regen for both defense and offense
- Build #2 : having 4 (Fiend totem, lesser + Abyssal blood, lesser + toothy half orc alternate race trait) to 5 natural attack (haste) and giving allies a gore attack for free

Tbh I've been tempted to go for the #2 for the following reasons :
- Build #1 is +8 con when raging, if I ever drop unconscious, I'm toasted... -4*level hp will most of the time kill me (skald do not qualify for raging vitality). In PFS you don't want to die...
- Build #2 is less risky rage wise, but I'll have a tad less survivability : less hp while in rage, skald vigor only at level 7 (for 4 fast regen which is better than 2) and amulet slot taken by amulet of mighty fists (no natural armor amulet)

Getting a lot of attacks for a mid level character is killer for PFS, by level 3 I'll have 4 natural attack and level 4 I'll have : for 5 natural attacks.

Here's the routine for Build #2 at level 5, 20str (under allegro for haste, power attack):
- attack buff : heroism (+2 attack), allegro(haste, +1 attack), str +5, bab 3, power attack -1 => +10
- damage buff : mindlessly cruel (+1 damage), arcane strike (+2 damage), power attack +2, str +5 => +10
Haste : 2*gore +10(1d8+10) 2*claw +10(1d6+10) bite +10(1d4+10)

I've been thinking adding a combat trained tiger(500GP), giving him rage and a gore attack for 4 more attacks for : gore +11(2d6+7) 2 claws +11 (1d8+7 plus grab), bite +10 (2d6+7 plus grab).

At later levels, manufactured two handers may be a close call against 5 naturals attacks but by then I'll get a +2 from witch hunter on each attacks that may make the natural attacks pretty close to 3 attacks from, say, a lucern hammer (by the time the 3/4BAB get its second iterative, plus haste). Debate would be 5 natural attacks (full bab) boosted by diverse buffs (good hope, arcane strike, witch hunter) for every single attacks against 3 attacks of lucern (2*full bab and one albeit -5 penalty).

Now I could swap arcane strike for skald's vigor at level 1 but that would mean : no way to go through magical DR before the +1 amulet of mighty fists (that's important in PFS), and a flat +4/+5 damage off of the build until level 7 (and +8/+10 when it gives +2 at level 5).

I've been motivated by the fact that so many attacks in PFS is insanely strong.
In a home campain however I would tend for build#1 since dying isn't really an issue when you have access to raise unlike PFS.

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Hello there,

Recently I've been making a character for a PFS con.
Settled my mind on a skald, now I've got my eyes on two builds, I've got a hard time to choose between them.

First would be the usual route I've seen on the forums, dipping one level of bloodrager for Amplified rage. Your usual stuff.

Build #1 : Bloodrager 1 / Skald X
Race : Half Orc (sacred tatoo) (Reactionnary, Fate's Favored)
Stats : 15(+2)Str 12Dex 14Con 10Int 7Wis 16Cha
Feats : Amplified Rage(1) Skald's Vigor(3) Power Attack(5) (rest is free)
Rage powers : Spirit totem, lesser(4) Spirit totem(7), (not settled on the rest, maybe Guarded life at 10) and Spirit totem, greater (13).
Fighting style : lucern hammer, greatsword

Build #2 : Skald X
Race : Half Orc (toothy) (Reactionnary, Mindlessly cruel)
Stats : 16+2Str 12Dex 14Con 10Int 8Wis 14Cha
Feats : Arcane strike(1) Extra rage power(3) Power attack(5) Skald's vigor(7)
Rage powers : Fiend totem, lesser (3), Abyssal blood, lesser (extra power), Superstition(6), Witch hunter (9), Eater of magic (12).
Fighting style : Gore, 2*Claws, Bite

Why am I hesitating?

Build #1
- Build is a good balance between offense and defense
- Spirit totem tree makes other players want to accept rage
- Con boost is so high I risk dying, which you never want in PFS
- Slowed spell and powers progression because of the dip (that hits hard in PFS).

Build #2
- The offense is extremely strong. Getting 4 attacks at level 3 for a 3/4 BAB is amazing, especially for PFS
- The spell progression is not slowed by a dip. I get my 5th attack thanks to Allegro at level 4 (swapped for Haste at level 7)
- Early on I'll grant my allies a gore attack (albeit -5 if they manufactured use weapons), which is nice
- I feel like this build is a bit more squishy than the first : can't get natural armor amulet since furious amulet of mighty fist takes the slot | less saves at least until superstition | less hp

I'm open to tips to make build #1 less risky or build #2 less squishy of course, but idealy I would like some feedbacks from players that may have played the first or the second build.

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By the way, I dunno if it has been mentionned, but in the beta sheet for the spiritualist, you've been positionning detect undead at 4th level instead of 5.

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Hello there,

Again very good sheets, using it for my home campains and PFS.
Making a new char for the monthly PFS session in my region, sadly it's an archetype of the skald.

Is there any plans for non-core classes archetypes this year?

Thank you again for the awesome sheets.

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I don't get how you can be dual cursed AND war sighted.
About war sighted I'm not a fan of it since revelation are generally better than feats.
I actually prefer trading feats for revelation, the other way is just weak even if it adds some polyvalence.

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The Morphling wrote:

The super companion is very much legal in PFS, just slightly limited. The restriction is this:

Your animal companion can never have more than one hit die more than you do (so if you're level seven, your companion must have eight hit dice or fewer). Any level boosts to the companion that would bring them above this restriction are delayed until your own hit dice increase.

Companion HD progression not being full (4/5) it's still pretty decent to me.

The sour point of that build is that Form of the beast is an awfull version of Wild shape by comparison. I'm trying to overcome that by selecting Humanoid Form magical beats, I think DM wouldn't refuse that way of casting spells, but well most of them don't have that many attacks (bite and strangely not fangs...). I would need to spend two feats along with the deaf curse to be able to cast (still spell and eschew materials) as a better combat fit magical beast.

Without spending any feat along with humanoid form magical beasts I would have to wear a manufactured weapon to add an attack : I noticed aranea and jackalwere don't have any fangs attacks, only bite.

Still all that is pretty late since Magical Beast is a lot later than druid wild form (+ ability to cast) as it's level 11...

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Thank you very much for your answer.

1. It's a home game but could you link me to that rule? My DM might just be considering PFS rules for his campain setting so I'm interested. I've looked around but didn't found it.

2. Well, I considered the Noble Scion feat indeed. However, some DM have trouble when it comes to accepting Divine Protection + Noble Scion + DEX dump. I've seen some plainly and simply refusing that combinaison (huge CHA makes both divine protection + prophetic armor + noble scion a freakin' war machine).
Besides, I feel that taking three feats (d.p./n.s/celestial servant) is kind of a lot to invest. Particulary n.s. at first level instead of extra revelation for prophetic armor right at the beginning giving quite a lot of early resilience (and 3rd level for gift of the claw). I got a lot of feats to take early (including quicken spells and power attack) so it might crowd the pot a little knowing that the average DM would at least asking me to reconsider the above combination.

3. I'll at least be taking a weapon early along with the bite attack from wolf curse until I get enough natural attacks.

Also one thing I forgot in the first post is Improved Initiative feat for obvious reasons.

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Hello there,

I'm looking for advice for this character. I've got a rough idea of this build, some leads for optimization and what I'm looking for is a good, solid character.
The goal of the build is of course not a first line melee character, I also realize my DPR should be behind barbarians and fighters. It'll combine a mix of natural and weapon attacks coupled with a good STR score to get some DPR along with an good animal companion.

Ok then, first off with the race. I've got three ideas revolving around one idea.
The general idea is synergizing with the primal companion revelation of the Lunar Mystery : the 1/2 level favored class point I would get each levels thus getting a 50% level boosted animal companion.
Thus three possibilities : elf, half elf, aasimar (either Idyllkin or Angelkin). Assuming my DM accepts it I would most probably take the latter.

Now the base stats would be in 20 pts : STR 15 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 14.
I'm still putting some DEX for initiative despite having access to Prophetic Armor. I could dump some WIS and 1 point of DEX to start 16 STR but I'm not really a fan of dumping stats too much.
I'm neither willing to dump INT cause oracle got 4 skill points each level and I like that social interaction with my CHA...

For the weapon I guess morgenstern as Oracle allow only common weapons, bastard sword if Half elf (ancestral arms).

For the feats I would say the core is kinda light, not like reach, switch hitters martial builds.
Core feats : Extra revelation, Power Attack and Quicken Spell. Why now?
Lunar mystery revelations seems so good it would just be a waste to not take extra revelation asap to have a really good starting character.
Power attack doesn't need some more explanations I guess as I'll be stacking a lot of attacks (both natural and weapons).
Quicken spell for a martial oracle is just good. Quicken divine favor is strong as I do not want to spend a standard action to cast a personnal buff with low duration in any fight. Would seems more profitable to spend that standard action for a group buff like Blessing, Prayer and Blessing of fervor. I do not plan to take more metamagic feats as a spontaneous caster it slows my incantation time.
Possible optimization feats? I'm thinking of Celestial Servant if Aasimar to further improve my animal companion. Divine protection could be a good idea I guess to strengthen my character for melee combat.
If you got any more ideas I would welcome them gladly.

Now a quick overview of the oracle features I'm considering.
Firstly, as a neutral oracle I would take inflict spells for Touch of the moon revelation combo (inflict light wound mass for AoE confusion seems good to me).
For the curse I'm thinking about Clouded Vision that seems not bad for melee characters.
I'm also considering dual Cursed archetype, emphazing more with the build, with Wolf-scarred Face (if DM authorize) combined with Deaf curse as main curse. Those two curses seems commonly paired as deaf and silent spells negate a part of the wolf-scarred negative aspects. Furthermore, one natural attack would be very good to start with.
For the revelations, I would start with Primal Companion and Prophetic Armor. 3rd level either Gift of Claw and Horn (feels strong overall), Mantle of Moonlight (for rage shenanigans against casters but more situationnal imo) and Moonlight script (Commune at 8th level for free each day?) . 7th level Touch of the moon (as I got first inflict mass spell at 9th level). 11th Form of the Beast for magical beast choices.
About the latter I've seen some discussions about it, I'll discuss about it with my DM but I guess Magical Beast with humanoid polymorphs should be ok (aranea and jackalwere seems a good choice). I've seen discussions about Kirin but there's reasons a DM would not accept it so I may stick to humanoid forms.

For the animal companion I'm considering three options as I think my DM may object depending of the campain setting : Roc (for grab and fall shenanigans), Elephant (2d6 Gore 22 STR and trample), Tiger (pounce).
I'm not sure yet for the feats but I'm considering get them a good AC with pet armors feats (intermediate armor feat I guess). It's a money sink but well, I think it's worth it.
For other feats I depends the pet I guess, i haven't considered it yet.

That's it, of course all choice are questionnable (I'm no genious), thank you for reading.