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And a thousand cries of anger and frustration echo across the Pact Worlds because of the news broadcast.

Cool. Thanks!

Is there a list of the level 12+ scenarios out there? With the replays, I might actually get to play a few with all my retired characters.

Well, poop, I only got 20. I wonder if it grows as I run stuff for PFS 1 and Starfinder.

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So, multiclassing into a spellcasting class is still a bad thing. Well, there go a lot of play styles. I was hoping the "you get two zero level spells to cast per day and have to burn another feat to get a first level spell" was a bad idea that would get tweaked. If you didn't want people to multiclass, why even give the option?

Okay, quick question. I have a ring of protection +1, but I just got a sheet that gives me the option of buying a ring of protection +2 for 4K. Can I spend 2K and upgrade, or do I have to pay the full 6K to upgrade it? (Which would make it cheaper to just buy the misprinted ring outright and go from there.)

Did this ever get answered? I have a character that I played through Aeon Throne 1 and didn't apply this to because I misread it and thought they had to be in that faction. If it's just fame with that faction, I can still have another faction, right? I would like to know because if I can pop it on, I can do part 2 of Aeon Throne without having to scrounge for a few more scenarios to get to 3rd.

Nefreet wrote:
"Dr." Cupi wrote:
The only operative friendly Azlanti armor is the Aeon Guard Spec Ops armor. It is a level 7 light armor and is not SFS legal, though there may be a chronicle out there that gives access.
It *might* even be a Subtier 5-6 Chronicle ^_^

No way to get that to a level 8 character, though. Unless there's a con boon.

RealAlchemy wrote:
Not saying what's on the chronicle sheets (in fact I don't remember what's on the first two and have not played part 3) but there is a whole three part adventure involving the Aeon Throne, which is definitely an Azlanti thing.

Yep, playing that with my lower level operative.

"Dr." Cupi wrote:
The only operative friendly Azlanti armor is the Aeon Guard Spec Ops armor. It is a level 7 light armor and is not SFS legal, though there may be a chronicle out there that gives access.

. Yep, that's the one. And I know some of the slots are for aeon stones. That is the use for me.

Why yes, I am a member of the Acquisitives. And in character, Moira just tells people to not ask about the occasional weird hair colors and the "not at the Lorespire Complex" days.

Is there any way in society to get this? Both of my operatives would love to get their hands on this. One because adding the right aeon stones and upgrades would give her an armor to rock for a long while instead of having to buy armor every three levels. One because she really doesn't like the Azlanti Star Empire (They make it so hard to explore out there) and would like to rub it in their faces.

Do we have any? My primary SFS character has been, as far as I know, the only one who's profession is assassin. If there is an official group, it would be nice to know. If not, I guess I can keep calling myself the Society's unofficial official assassin.

Or would that be presumptuous of the outlaw ghost operative with silenced/flash suppressed/scoped weapons?

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Invigorating is amazing. especially on an operative

(possibly) +3 to your next trick attack skill check

10 feet of movement when you're most likely to have to move

gets rid of fatigued and exhausted if you kill enough people

best knife to have before your coffee... when you stab people for getting in between you and the coffee you'll feel awake enough to apologize

My operative is looking at this for her tac pistol and sniper rifle, along with silencers and a scope for the rifle. I just need the money now.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Okay, I want to check this out. I put a fusion on a couple of different weapons ( Trailblazer for my level 6 laser pistol and level 7 semi auto pistol). I paid the costs out of the book for a level 6 and level 7 fusion. Is that right?

It's right but it's not optimal.

You can put a level 1 fusion on your level 1 gun and then transfer it to the other item at half the cost of putting it on a level 6/7 weapon: usually this will save you money. (A grenade also works technically but i find that even more iffy, especially on fusions that wouldn't work with grenades)

I didn't need them until recently. And I was trying to get my operative the best armor for her. My star knight (basically paladin) will probably do weapon upgrades now that he can afford them.

Okay, I want to check this out. I put a fusion on a couple of different weapons ( Trailblazer for my level 6 laser pistol and level 7 semi auto pistol). I paid the costs out of the book for a level 6 and level 7 fusion. Is that right? And if I want to add additional abilities to either one, it will cost the same to add, but I can add up to the weapon's level in total fusions.

Here is where I am somewhat confused. My lower level character wants to put holy and one other (haven't decided yet, but I have three in mind) onto his melee weapon. He currently has a long sword. If I add holy (a level 1 fusion) I cannot add anything else, as the sword is level 1. If I later get a better weapon, I can transfer the holy to the better weapon for 1/2 the cost of the higher level fusion, since I have a rank in engineering. The same if I want to transfer the trailblazer effects for my primary character when she upgrades her pistols, right? Or am I missing a step here?

And, are weapon fusions even worth it most of the time? You have to upgrade weapons to do more damage, so other than certain creatures, is there any reason for them? I think they made this far too complicated for Starfinder, the old Pathfinder way was easier. They could have still reduced the costs, put in the transfer rules, and called it a day. Why add the extra layers of matching the weapon level, fusion seals, etc?

I've got one of these "Model Pathfinder Agent" boons, and I am trying to find a list of all the current Venture Captains out there. I know the Society Field Guide had a list, but that has changed since then. Any ideas where there might be a compilation?

Thanks for the ideas. Character just hit second, so I still have the option to tweak him. I mostly went arcane assault for the "bonded weapon" paladin ability. I had thought about taking Connection Inkling when I get to 3rd. His theme is Mercenary, but that will probably change. I also have the Divine Blessing feat, for the ignoring DR/resistance for evil outsiders/dragons. I hope in the next few books they bring out an improved version of Connection Inkling. He's also primarily a swordsman (Long sword, and shield as soon as I can get one.) I will say he is more of an avenging paladin type. Fusions will probably be Holy, axiomatic. But first up is his armor, and maybe a small-arm when he can't carry the hunting rifle (All I could afford. :( )

My second character for SFS is basically being run as a paladin. He is a solder with the arcane assault fighting style, and is a worshiper of Iomedae. I went with the Star Knight archetype, but the Divine Champion gets the spells, and the character is still first level. The Archetype rules say you have to take an archetype when it replaces an ability, but can I take two archetypes that replace an ability at the same level? Or is there a better way to do a paladin, since I doubt the PFS legacy classes are ever going to be allowed in SFS.

Huh, thanks. That didn't come up in my search. Must have made it too broad.

Hey, I was wondering how folks store the map pack cards. I have several and I don't want to just throw them in something and get them all scrambled. So I thought I would ask the community how they do it. I was thinking something like a recipe box or some other divided case, but I can't find one of the right size. Any ideas?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Shifters headband and keep shapeshifting?

A bit expensive, since I'm looking at trying to rebuild his weapon/armor set as well (+2 shifter black dragon full plate of acid resistance, +3 obidian acidic burst long sword, gythyanki silver sword, +2 dragon bane longsword (Specially themed to slay white dragons) +2 reptile bane short sword, +1 composite long bow, ring +3, Battle Cloak, poison dagger that generates drow sleep poison.) and he's not really a caster. Hmmmm.. Any other thoughts, or is this just not happening?

Hmmm, really didn't want a level dip. Any other ideas?

So, I finally can play a skinwalker (At the end of the campaign, sadly) and I'm re-making an old D&D character (Who was a weretiger) and one of his claims to fame was that with his silver DR, he could beat up the town guard when they got possessed by evil spirits because they had basic long swords, and couldn't do a damn thing to him. Is there a feat out there that only skinwalkers can take that give them that silver DR? Even if it's linked to class levels, it would still be fun to be able to do that again. I haven't found anything yet, but I don't own all the books.

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I had an idea for the rewards. How about, when the 2nd Edition starts, players with more than X number of characters or Y total levels of characters (Say, 30+levels of characters) get to start a certain number of characters at 2nd level. GMs get to start one character at their # of GM stars for their level (so a 3 star GM would get a 3rd level character). Alternately, GMs would get an additional (X*2)00 gold on their first character, where X is their GM stars (So a 3 star GM would get an additional 600 GP at character creation for their first character)

Having lived through a couple of conversions (Living City, Living Death, Living Arcanis) I think that the clean start is the best option, but there should be some reward for people who put a lot into the system beforehand, both GMs and players.

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Back in D&D the githyanki had their nice silver swords, and I happened to get one for a character. Now, in Pathfinder, I can't find anything similar. Is there a similar enchantment in Pathfinder? Or did that stay back with the illithids and other proprietary critters?

Just saw the FAQ update stating that the Ghost only gets +1 to Stealth, but it appears every other specialization still gets +4 on their skill checks. Is that right, or was there a eratta that I missed? If that's correct, then that really sounds unfair.

So, like Wizards with the D&D tile sets back in 3.5/4th. I always liked those, it made maps easier when I didn't have to draw them because they were custom.

I know the Knight-Inheritor's Ring gives bless weapon as a power, but is there something else that does the same thing? The protection bonus on the ring is only +1, which is kind of a detriment to defense on a front line character, but the bless weapon is useful for a demon hunting ranger. (And I can't do holy, because I am sitting on cold iron +2 evil outsider bane weapons right now, and I really don't want to re-buy and re-enchant cold iron weapons.....) Alternatively, if there is an item that allows you to always treat your weapons as under the effect of a bless weapon (that would be good too) that is legal for PFS?

Okay, so I have a slight bit of confusion here. I have a character with the Knight-Inheritor's Ring (RoP +1 and gives bless weapon/wartrain mount 1/day.) and I would like to get a better AC by improving it. If I read all of this, I cannot, and would need to purchase a +2 ring, and lose the ability to bless weapons, or wear both rings and have a redundant bonus.

::Sigh:: So, no point in taking Arcane Deed. And no point in Amateur Swashbuckler, either. Well, fudge. Maybe I'll look into some of the kitsune feats...

Yes, PFS. Think I might have dropped it into the wrong area. It was late.

So, I was reviewing the Additional Resources page and it's showing that all the arcana on page 104 of the ACG are available, with no exceptions. Does this mean that the abilities work as originally listed, or does the magus still have a 0 panache pool without taking Amateur Swashbuckler? My kitsune magus was built as a swashbuckler type, but then they nuked these abilities. Kind of stinks for my build if it's still fried. I mean, I have other ideas for the character, but still would like to have that without having to multi-class.

So, we'll have the Brotherhood of Steel facing off against the Jade Falcon Alpha Trinary on the back lot of the Starfinder Lodge.

Seriously, though, this does sound interesting.

Okay, I'm looking and I haven't found it, but is there a rule for spending multiple PA in a mod? The example is my magus cashing in 8 PA to get 3 1st level wands and a MW cold iron weapon. I think that is legal, but I cannot find support one way or the other. Am I just missing it, or is there a written ruling on this?

Okay, I know there is the additional resources page for the various books, but what I am asking if there is a list of the spells available, by class and level, in PFS, from all sources. Both my arcane trickster and magus have Blessed Books, and I want to fill those suckers up. So, anyone know if there is a list out there?

That's what my local VC thought, but because of the specifics of the sheet, he suggested I ask here. Good to know, I can upgrade that today.

I have a question here. I recently played Serpents Rise and am wondering if it is possible to add the Elven rune-cloak special to an existing cloak of resistance? Or do I have to buy the cloak with the rune-cloak ability (effectively re-buying my current cloak of resistance.) I'm not finding anything on the boards, so posted here.

Well, that kind of hurts my fencer magus. The whole point of doing him this way was to get the low and mid-level swashbuckler abilities to try and match the creature he is modeled after (The Night Fox enemy from the Dragon Quest series of games). Having your arcane pool not count as your panache pool, and that your swashbuckler level is zero for all abilities pretty much makes that arcana pointless. Some of the other changes I haven't read over in depth, because I have yet to play anyone else that it hurts (I just started my slayer, and the changes to the slayer don't hurt my character build).

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Well, crap. I guess I better contact the coordinator and change those over. And undo the level up I did for the character. Thanks for that.

So, I have run a couple of mods as Core in the past few weeks, but I have no Core PCs in that range (I have no core PCs at all.) I was applying the chronicles to one of my non-Core PCs in the level range. Is this legal? Will it work? Or will the system reject them? For reference, the PC they have been applied to is a Div-spawn tiefling.

On the one hand, this means I have to somewhere play my 1st level aasimar summoner before GenCon, which may not happen. On the other hand, I don't need to keep trying to get a replacement boon for the kitsune I lost. So I am happy at that.

Now, how about catfolk?

Well, my Lantern Lodge member got boned when that went away. So now my Paladin and Ranger who are Silver Crusade are going to get boned too? Hope not. I really don't want another two characters in Grand Lodge.

On the one hand, it does increase the reasons to explore Numeria. On the other hand, I suspect it's a prank. But I would buy this.

So, some of the infiltrator ranger ability choices are low-light or darkvision. Are these limited by the time limit for the other powers, or are they just added to you as vision types? I.E. a half elf takes Evil Outsiders and his choice at 3rd level is darkvision, does he have to activate the vision,or is it just always on? I was informed that they were always on, so the camouflage and hide abilities that are now attached while the powers are on doesn't work. This is important for my infiltrator, because having darkvision always active has helped me a lot, especially since cold iron is so expensive to enchant that first step.

Jiggy wrote:

Have: Tri-race boon (choose either nagaji, wayang, or kitsune)

Want: Good offers. ;)

Would you be willing to swap yours for my two?

Offer: Season 5 Player boons Former Crusader and Lingering Resonance

Want: Kitsune race boon to replace one lost somewhere while gaming.

A thought occurred to me this weekend, why not make the investigator more like the old beguiler class from the 3.5 Complete Adventurer? Change out the chemistry/alchemy stuff for a set of spells, add some focus on spells that learn information, less on combat (Like the beguiler focused more on enchantment and infiltration), slow the sneak only a bit (Start at 2nd and then up a die every two instead of starting at first and up every two.), go with a more wizard-like save progression, and give a Skill Focus in alchemy? Might not be perfect, but might fit the idea of someone using their brains more than quick hands.

Watched someone play a shaman at a table at UCon this past weekend. From watching it play, at low level the class is somewhat odd, but that could be the newness of the whole class idea. The guy playing him was using him more as a spirit-based cleric than a shaman, his "spirits" were more like the idea of <i>kami</i> from Japan, but he was still a worshiper of a god (In this case, Pharasma.) He didn't get to do much casting other than healing (Low-level table, so healing was paramount) so I didn't see more than that.

Overall, I didn't get to see many people playing the new classes, I mostly played high-level mods. I would like to have seen more, but I heard someone was playing a blood rager, and a couple of friends and I were discussing the silly things you could do, including a blood rager/monk for massive speed.

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