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Looking at buying System Traveler to get a kitsune in Starfinder (And a cheaper Android in Pathfinder from Starfinder). Do I need to create the character first, then purchase the boon, then re-create them in the other system, thus losing a slot for PFS? Or do I just use one of my existing characters and slap it forward?

I conclude for something like Hobgoblin Ancestry, where you are staying in PF2, you have to register the PFS character first, then get the boon under them.

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To give an example, HERE is the Boon I downloaded for my new PFS2 Ratfolk.

You just pick any of your SFS PCs to download it from; it doesn't matter which one. And then you manually fill in the PFS2 PC#.

The website can't tell whether you already have a PFS2 PC registered yet for it or not; the Boon will never appear in their history.

(and same vice versa when creating an SFS PC using PFS2 AcP)

Ah, okay, thanks. Should be able to build the several generations ancestor of my android soldier this week, then.

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