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Am I understanding correctly that I need to buy the race boon under a character I already possess and then attach it to a new character, or do I need to buy it under the new character I am creating with the boon. If the latter, I have made an error and need to find a way to fix it.

This may be a dumb question, and I thought I had answered it for myself, but then bought the boons under characters that already exist without thinking.

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Ancestry/Race Boons should be bought on the character that will use them ( so the new character).

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Yeah if you're spending Pathfinder AcP on a Pathfinder Ancestry Boon (as opposed to spending Starfinder AcP on a Pathfinder Ancestry Boon) you purchase the Boon with the character you want to apply it to.

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PFS FAQ wrote:
Email orgplayreportingerrors@paizo.com with your Organized Play ID, the incorrect boon, and your desired resolution (either a refund of the points or transfer to a different character).

Thanks. I will need to get the characters posted and then make the corrections by email. I thought that's how it worked, but just tooling along on auto pilot the other day.

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