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So, multiclassing into a spellcasting class is still a bad thing. Well, there go a lot of play styles. I was hoping the "you get two zero level spells to cast per day and have to burn another feat to get a first level spell" was a bad idea that would get tweaked. If you didn't want people to multiclass, why even give the option?

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I had an idea for the rewards. How about, when the 2nd Edition starts, players with more than X number of characters or Y total levels of characters (Say, 30+levels of characters) get to start a certain number of characters at 2nd level. GMs get to start one character at their # of GM stars for their level (so a 3 star GM would get a 3rd level character). Alternately, GMs would get an additional (X*2)00 gold on their first character, where X is their GM stars (So a 3 star GM would get an additional 600 GP at character creation for their first character)

Having lived through a couple of conversions (Living City, Living Death, Living Arcanis) I think that the clean start is the best option, but there should be some reward for people who put a lot into the system beforehand, both GMs and players.

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Back in D&D the githyanki had their nice silver swords, and I happened to get one for a character. Now, in Pathfinder, I can't find anything similar. Is there a similar enchantment in Pathfinder? Or did that stay back with the illithids and other proprietary critters?

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Well, crap. I guess I better contact the coordinator and change those over. And undo the level up I did for the character. Thanks for that.

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I am not allowed to drink a potion to give myself a temporary wizard level and memorize all "baleful polymorph" spells (Blackmoor, not PFS, but good)

I am not allowed to have my animal companion sit on the Paracountess to keep her out of the way so we can fight.

I am no allowed to wander about the fight invisibly looking for a good opening near the barbarian with the greataxe.

I cannot, under any circumstances, cast a burning hands spell at the two rogues caught in the web trap because they'll "totally make the save."

I am not allowed to breathe acid at the bad guy without warning party members I have that power.

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Wow, you guys are giving me ideas.... Although I have a few.

I am not allowed to summon celestial dire beetles to fight the fiendish dire beetles the enemy summoned and take bets.

I am not allowed to kill the NPC before he starts his evil plan because "we can all see it coming."

There is no Knowledge (Uptight A**holes) skill.

I cannot flirt with the female priestess of the mercenary company in combat.

I cannot sneak attack someone and used the overkill damage to hit the wizard with the person's spleen to distract him.

If I miss the enemy rogue, I am not allowed to call him a "damn dirty ape".

I am not allowed to suggest goblins will make good housekeepers at the alchemist store.

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Okay, I am trying to figure out something for a character here. I'm designing the primary magical weapon for one of my PFS characters and I'm running into a roadblock here. I was looking over the various enchantments and I wondered about something. Most of what I want for the weapon is in the sunblade, but my character's primary weapon is a katana. Is it possible to put all of the effects of the sunblade (double damage vs undead, higher bonus vs evil creatures, sunburst, etc) into a different weapon, and then add ghost touch? Or is the sunsword always a bastard sword, and sealed from further enchantment?

The other option is the Blade of the Rising Sun, but I'd rather not have the sacrificial strike, have it start at +2 and be ghost bane and either holy or lifesurge. The price would be about the same.

One last minor point. I know there was an enchantment in 3.5 that allowed a weapon to temporarily take on the material characteristics of an opponent's resistance (So, it would become cold iron after the first hit on a devil until it was used against a different target, but only for purposes for passing DR) and I thought it has been brought over to PF, but I cannot find it. Am I dreaming on that? Or is it just in one of the regional books/race books that I don't have yet?