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Sarcasm Dragon wrote:
It almost becomes painful to read after awhile...

Goooood! Let us hope that the second Adventurer's Armory contains items useful for inflicting pain!

HWalsh wrote:
Honestly as a person it causes me pain.

Good, pain is good. Join us, leave your field to flower. Join us, leave your chase to sour. Join us in the true pain of honor.

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theblackcoffeegamer wrote:

I for one am absolutely peeved that you, Captain Yesderday, have robbed me of my rightful credit.

Way back on August 11, I suggested a thread called " >>Ask *Captain Yesterday* to make aliases based on ALL your questions here!<<"
You said you didn't like the idea, since you only make aliases spontaneously, so I didn't make the thread.

Then, a whole four days later, thegreenteagamer made just the thread I had previously suggested, in spite of your rejection of my idea.

In the OP of THIS thread, though, you say

Captain Yesterday, Credit Denier wrote:
First of all Thegreenlanterngamer came up with a similar idea awhile ago but, truth be told, he had the format wrong and i get uncomfortable when people do things for me,

You gredit TGTG with the idea, even though it wasn't his idea! He stole it from me!

Moreover, I had the courtesy not to make the thread you said you didn't want, while TGTG had no such courtesy. Therefore, I deserve way, way more credit than TGTG!

You have felt pain. You can never go back to the time before you felt the pure, spectacular awesomeness of pain!

captain yesterday wrote:

But are you a Psylon?

Or is that too niche market for you:-D

I am not a Psylon. But I am a PC, a Personal Computer.

PCs who want anything are niche, let alone pain. I AM niche!

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Jaelithe wrote:
GM Tyrant Princess wrote:
Jaelithe wrote:
I find it annoying and nonsensical when players think DMs should be subject to all the same limitations they are: Rolling in front of everyone, putting every one of his/her rulings up for a vote, et al. The game master is above the law, unless through previous conversation the group's decided his or her power should be somehow limited, and he/she agrees. Otherwise, the DM is and should be a benevolent despot with boundless authority as relates to the game. The emphasis, though, should be on "benevolent" and most emphatically not "despot." In other words, the DM should have the power, but seldom feel compelled to use it in fashion that aggravates.
I endorse (most of) this platform.
Pray tell, Highness, which part(s) did you find objectionable?

The 'benevolent' part. The more pain you cause the PCs (and their players), the better!

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Keep it up, this is incredibly painful to read!

pres man wrote:
knightnday wrote:
Perception, if nothing else. It's deceiving and something that many players would be upset about if the GM did likewise to them -- that is, an NPC or monster described as strong looking and yet was far weaker, while a seemingly weak-looking individual was actually very strong.

PCs get upset when the big strong monster does LESS damage then they were expecting?


Life is unfair. I deserved more pain from that monster.