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Almost as good for target practice as goblins!

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Kobolds forever!

Red Shirt # 44 wrote:
Yay! A distraction! I might get to live!

*crossbow bolt to the face*

Kryzbyn wrote:

*shoots his crossbow at Kryzbyn*

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I'm not even a PC race! I don't have to be balanced!

Burgomeister of Troll Town wrote:
That post is lame.

*shoots an arrow in your knee* Now YOU are lame!

Lune wrote:
I'm offended! Who do I complain to?! Quick, someone lock this thread before it becomes a flame war!

*torches the place*

And great for target practice! *loads crossbow*

*cleans his crossbow*

Allow me to fix that! *shoots Wolf with a bazooka*

*plugs JM with a crossbow bolt*

*plugs goblin with a crossbow bolt*

*plugs goblin with a crossbow bolt*

Crimson Jester wrote:
CourtFool wrote:
Thank you. It is lovely to be missed.
Watch out though, the trolls around here have been taking a lot of target practice.

*plugs CJ with a crossbow bolt* Just improving our aim!

*plugs the birds with crossbow bolts*

*crossbow bolt*

grasshopper_ea wrote:
Zurai wrote:
ProfessorCirno wrote:

The most powerful level 1 character in 3.5, bar none, was a dragonfire adept with entangling exhalation.

You almost couldn't lose a fight ever. It was hilariously unfair.

This. Except it's not so hilarious when the party gets bored because there's no possible challenge the DM can throw at you without being an almost assured TPK. Speaking from experience, here.
or when 8 kobolds shoot said dragonfire adept with crossbows in the surprise round. From out of breath range of course.. they saw what happened to jimmy..

*crossbow bolt* I saw what you did to my friend! *crossbow bolt*