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bara has a hat

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NobodysHome wrote:

Technically, you're misplaying an alchemist something awful.

Alchemists can only use their extracts on themselves. It renders spells such as Haste... not so useful.

Taking the Infusion discovery only means that you can hand someone else an extract, and they need to spend an action picking it up and drinking it, not that you can cast the spell on others.

Alchemists are the ultimate in selfish spell-casting.

But I discovered our error back when the party was a ranger, a barbarian, a monk, a ninja, a paladin, and an oracle. You were seriously lacking in buffing and arcane spells. So I grandfathered in allowing you to cast spells on others.

So it's a violation of the rules, and a house rule that won't exist past this one campaign, but since everyone's used to it, changing the rules-as-played mid-campaign makes little sense.

So, should I mark off more cash when we have spare and say that I retroactively made a magic item that lets me do just that?

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Drejk wrote:

Or, you could rule that infusion discovery does not allow sharing personal-only spells with others.

I thought that that was the entire point of Infusion, but I didn't even know I can throw extracts to other people.

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GM_Beernorg wrote:
Hooken, also known as the guy who is basically a tactical nuke arrow strike from space...

That was actually a running joke with Mr. Stereotype's Inquisitor in another campaign; He fired an arrow upwards in the first session, nat 20, decided it would hit the target eventually.

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NobodysHome wrote:

Don't forget Protection from Arrows provides DR/Magic, so it's useless by the time the PCs are 3rd or 4th level. Deflecting arrows is only 1 per round, which doesn't help much when that 12th-level ranger is hitting you with 6.

No; the big equalizer is Wind Wall, so of course the moment it goes up the alchemist spends a round throwing enough Dispelling Bombs at it to make it go away. Ah, alchemists, the other broken, "Oh, none of that DR nor SR applies to me" class...

EDIT: And I'm not running one, but TWO APs right now that have both an alchemist and a ranger in the party. Any obvious single target really doesn't stand a chance.

I <3 the Infusion discovery.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Voren cast a spell (sorry, Voren, I forget what it was)

I believe it was Displacement on Malek.

"NobodysHome wrote:

I was going to tell you that, "No, Irwin took a bunch of useless ninja tricks like ..."

...but it turns out that whoever's been helping him on Hero Labs (I'm looking at YOU, Impus Minor) hasn't been paying attention, and he has NO NINJA TRICKS SINCE LEVEL 2!!!!!

And I'm still convinced that Irwyn has a large number of ninja allies we're not aware of.

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At least the stench bomb nauseated all the minions. In the future, can I make Fogcutting Lenses (since Smoke Bombs are effectively Fog Cloud) for Hooken or will he have to buy them?

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NobodysHome wrote:


Voren also put an extended Haste on the party, so they raced into the next room without even thinking about it.

It was actually Narlock's haste. Voren is saving his for the boss.

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NobodysHome wrote:

Yes. Bara is getting levels of bard, but only affecting Malek.

So does anyone have an idea for a bard pun including the term "Frog-Sothoth?"

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I thought we crossed that line when someone asked why he was attacking Athelya so much, and I pointed out that she was carrying his staff, at which point your dad said, "Oh, that's right! We took all his stuff..."

...and it slowly dawned on everyone at the table that you were all fighting a buck-nekkid lich.

My favorite line of the night:
NH: Yeah, I knew about that, but I didn't want to dwell on it.
Xethos' Dad: Yes. Thank you for that.

Although he did have a spellbook at his phylactery, I would expect him to have a robe too. Would he regen his clothes if he had them when he died?

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Nylarthotep wrote:

When in doubt, I refer to the following for angelic names.

Angel Names

Even if you don't like the list, you can riff off a root name.

Or several.

"Her name is Adrielmunkarzephon McMarutcassielgrigorijophiel...ington!"

And when I was going to set up an avatar I noticed that Talky made "Iomidae" a gender.

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Tacticslion wrote:


Okay, okay.

I... I can't not make one, now.

Well, not a Marry Poppins clone, just a Mary Sue.

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NobodysHome wrote:

Word of advice to the wise: If you are running Serpent's Skull for a group of 11- to 14-year-olds, DO NOT include Egzimora's Elixir of Love in the stash.

Oh... my... goodness!

30 minutes of mayhem, and essentially nothing accomplished for the evening... except an eternal quest to buy more of the accursed things!

I'll write it up tomorrow, after I've recovered.

It was mayhem. Therefore, Voren was pleased.

I'm going to let NobodysHome describe most of it, but let's just say Malek bought a second Elixir a day after he used the first one.

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Orthos wrote:
Did he just lose interest in Izren or what?

When Izran was useful for two fights in a row, he decided that he wanted to replace Izran at the nearest opportunity.

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NobodysHome wrote:

Well, we lost Friday to Voren's fencing practice. I've proposed a remote Roll20 session on Monday. Stay tuned...

False, I have fencing on Tue, Thu, Sat, and Sun. I'm available Friday.

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Impus Minor wrote:
Swallow Whole does not have an appealing name to me...

I'm scarred from the alligator. Remind me to use a glassfoot bomb if that happens again and I actually have bombs.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Supperman wrote:
How did Templari defeat Malek? That seems like an epic fight.

Don't forget that he'd lost his earthbreaker early on in the fight, so he was going one-handed with a 1d4 kukri. Templari's AC is 27, while Malek's is 18 while raging. So during the fight in the Stinking Cloud she did a lot less damage, but hit a lot more often. And she did have to use a couple of personal Lay on Hands to pull it off, because even with a kukri Malek was hitting for 1d4+12. If he'd been using the earthbreaker, it would have been ugly.

But by the time the fight was wrapping up he had only 9 nonlethal hit points left and was running on fumes in terms of rage. They could have just run in circles and let him collapse on his own once he ran out of rounds of rage.

Voren here. I have Shield up also, and what I have in mind should allow reinforcements within a few rounds. I'll reveal that after the next session because I don't want NH to counter that, as long as neither Impus reveals it.