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After an extended hiatus, caused by a rotating roster of unstable players and one friend moving away, my player decided they wanted to reboot their Kingmaker game from scratch. We had been engaged in the early parts of RRR, and decided that there were enough continuity interruptions to warrant starting over. This time I went from a largely irreligious party to one featuring a Cleric of Asmodeus who wants to form his own order of Hellnights and a Medvyed Summoner who wants to unseat Lamashtu by passing the Test of the Starstone and stealing her dominion over beasts. I feel that religion will play a more central tone on this play-through and hope to challenge both players through meaningful political interaction.

To this end I have Jhod playing an open role at the Statue of Erastil and the Temple of the Elk. They will also be strong in Tatzelford. This makes them, at very least, a regional power. Hunts of dangerous beasts like the Tatzelwurms, Hodag, Crackjaw, and Tuskgutter will be celebrated and become symbols among their faithful. As a tie in I'll be running "Fane of Fangs" as an attempted demonic incursion, which should attract the attention of both players mentioned. In terms of population they may be the largest or second largest portion of the faithful,

My cleric respects Abadar, and will likely encourage patrons of the god of cities and civilization into the realm to encourage trade and build up the cities themselves. He views them under Asmodeus's shared aspect of civilizers. My player will preach unity in their faith, most likely. I've even stated that Oleg keeps a small devout shrine to Abadar in his outpost, even though it looks poor do the bandit attacks. Their faction will likely be small but wealthy giving them some disproportional power.

The deity most likely to compete with Old Deadeye is Pharasma. Pharasma's role in my campaign in two parts. First she serves the commoners of the kingdom. She goes among farming communities, helping give birth to children, and livestock, assisting with the planting and harvesting of crops, among other encouragement in day to day tasks. For the Kamelands, this faction will grow with every farm tile placed, and under the leadership of their high priestess a simple, but influential growth will occur.

Pharasma's other role will be the Quietists. The quietist are a sect of undead hunters that arise after the Stag Lord has been deposed. They will come and purify the graves set along the Stag Lord's Haunted Hillside. If my PCs throw the Stag Lord's Corpse to Davik Nettles, the Quietist's will view that as holy ground, and build a monastery there. They will restore the the toll bridge to fund the monastery, and perform baptismal confessions for the grieving, or those that feel they wronged the dead so that they can bring the restless peace. When the PCs are done with the Ransuer it will be attempted to be bought by the sect and enshrined as holy weapon. After the Lonely Barrow is found the Quietists will assume their presence is needed in the Stolen Lands and start militant patrols seeking out rumors of undeath in order to oppose it. Gyronna will likely be opposed by the other faction oddly enough.

Meanwhile, my cleric of Asmodues will likely be acquiring new converts. If they spare the Sootscale, I suspect that the Kobolds may make interesting followers. I also think among those concerned with personal honor and lawful behavior he may have a voice. Eventually he'll invite in someone to help him become more than an armiger, and in turn build up to becoming a lictor of his own order.

I suspect his enemies will likely come from a chaotic block of followers of deities. Gorum is likely to be popular with at least some of the more lawless Issians, and Riverlanders. The call to conflict and battle will likely ring a few times in later books, as Gorum has no problem with his warriors fighting among themselves. There is also likely to be common ground between Pharasma and Asmodues in containing the brute. Calistria is also likely to be among the Rostlandic population as the civil war to the north displaces them from their homes. Gralton or Elven influences may follow the Savored Sting. Cayden Calien comes with the same bravado, and Mivonese foreign influence, that my player's cleric will view both as destructive influences on precious order. Desna is likely to be minor until the Nomen Tribe becomes an influence, and by then at least the Greenbelt will have an early establishment in place.

So how do these factions interact with one another? Given my player's goals is there anything I should look for during the campaign? Are their religious factions that I'm missing that may have an important impact on the people or players? Is there anything I can do to prepare, or anything I should consider adding or taking away?

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(This is from a thematic point of view. I understand the need for distinct mechanical differences, but would like some help interpreting some class differences.)

So as I understand it magic comes about in a few ways. It can be learnt and studied(Wizard, Bard), it can be something inherent that you are born with (sorcerer, oracle, it can be granted by a more powerful being (witches, clerics, inquisitors) or concept (druids and rangers with nature or the green faith, prophecies of kalistrade, paladins with goodness?), and it can be forged through a bond(shamans and summoners).

Learned, Inherent, Granted and Bonded Magics.

Of these only Learned Magic does not come initially from an outside power. Inherent Magics are the only ones not learned from an outside source. Granted and Bonded come both from interacting with some sort of outside source being.

First off is this a good basic way of looking at magic or am I missing some important nuances?

Secondly, what are the differences between these outside sources. How does getting your spells by interacting with an Eidolon, Patron, or Spirit differ so greatly from the interactions brought with interacting with Nature, Philosophy and the Divine?

Thirdly, what makes those entities distinct? Patrons and Spirits are mechanically identical, but are categorized differently. Are the same thing, or are spirits the manifestations of mysteries they parrot? Are spirit animals and familiars to patrons and spirits as outsiders are to deities? And how do eidolons fit in this interaction? Do any of these sources interact with one another?

Please someone help me straighten out my Pathfinder cosmology. Thank you.

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This is meant to be a list of all of the major factions and families in the River Kingdoms, and other potential trading partners for the kingdom, like the Issian Houses, or the Aldori. I'll place a (*) next to an entry if the information is fabricated by myself or (^) if I got the information from a non-Pazio Source like Red Celt's Game of Thrones thread. Otherwise I can provide citations.

Hopefully helpful Table.

Already in progress, but feel free to suggest changes or other material I can add.

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Which "historical" events do you guys think would ended up as adventuring paths 30 to 50 years in Golarion's past?

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Warning: This thread is primarily for DMs wishing to flesh out there campaigns. There might be some inspirations in here for making a character from Mivon, but if your DM clocks you it isn't my fault.

This is pretty much a placeholder until I put my thoughts into words. I've tried to write this post six times now and haven't been pleased with my attempts to put my unorganized notes and dozens and dozens on thoughts into something organized and elegant.

What should be going here after I've finished writing out an introduction and a bit of the content is my stuff on Mivon. It should detail their great houses, and some other noted factions, with plot lines, leaders and how they interact with one another as well as with the Player Kingdom. I really like what exists on Mivon and it has successfully prompted me to fill in the details on my own and I hope this stuff can be used to help others use Mivon in their own campaigns.

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So I plan to use my player's kingdom as the starting point for Reign of Winter and I know several other people have mentioned it. How can I best foreshadow this while running my Kingmaker campaign? How would you adapt Heldren to fit in the Stolenlands? And what plot lines would you leave in the aftermath of the Winter Witches temporary invasion? Also how would Narissa few such an invasion?

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So, my players have just started RRR and I was figuring that since they named their capital city Erastia that I would have Jhod, their high priest, put out a call to hunt down the larger problem causing creatures in the new kingdom as a sort of dedication for the city. I was going to give the players the bounties for Crack Jaw, Howls-in-the-North-Wind, and Tuskgutter as a way of dedicating the city and claiming Erastil as the patron deity for much of the kingdom. I was figuring that the hunt would be funded either by Restov or by a noble moving into the new kingdom.

I then figured whatever new nobility that formed in the city might claim the animals as their house emblems, with Roy claiming the Tatzyl Wurm as his own when he founds Tatzylford.

As the PCs have come across 2 Vorgs and a pack of wolves already in their campaign so I really want to play up the Howls-in-the-wind as something important, and even vengeful for attacking packs for which he considers himself king over.

Any advice for making this great hunt actually great and not something south of mediocre or that was interesting but back to the plot now?