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Railroad to insanity


A mis-matched collection of illogical encounters designed to completely ignore their own set up in favor of lashing out at the surprised PCs. No meaningful choices at all as you walk along a railroad of pop-up monsters. Idiotic NPC's who apparently struggle to remember their own names, let alone anything relevant to their environment. I'd have to say the most stupid example would be being jumped on by a raging dinosaur and a screeching demon when you stumble upon their battle, even without the fact that they ignore a bunch of locals who have previously attacked the dinosaur, that it could smell cowering a few feet away. I suppose it must be because Pathfinders are all deaf as a post and walk along reading a book tha they can't notice anything further away than the other end of a small indoor lap pool.

As if that is not bad enough, it's fabulous example of the ridiculous parade of problems with taking different monsters, templates and tactical situations and calculating the CR.
Just as a hint to Paizo staff who appear to be too generally lazy to do any real editing - if you take a 14HD creature and then apply a template without reducing its primary attacks, it does not become a 6HD creature.

Yes, if you are lucky enough to play with a flight capable group (and spot the monsters before they get a chance to jump on you) you will probably do alright. But if you have the usual random rabble of society tables, then several of you will likey die from GM handwavium.

Our Price: $3.99




Is it exciting? Yes. Is it challenging? Yes. Will people die? Yes. Were you warned? Yes.
Did you have fun playing? Yes. All great. Right up until the time came to collect the promised "Great Reward" for the extraordinary risks taken. Instead it delivers an unavoidable disablility that could kill other peoples characters - and you get it just for playing. If the disability was avoidable, or even if it only hurt your character but you were told before hand, this would have more stars. As it is, it just sucks. Stupid, stupid, stupid.