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Male Halfling Fighter (Unbreakable) 1/Summoner 4
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Darbius, you should probably create an alias for your character. That way, no-one's confused if you are participating in multiple campaigns.

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So today I started working on a Psionic city, known as Aeon. I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a psionics-focused campaign based in that city. Gameplay would be sandbox-oriented, and you will undertake missions for various people or the state. I'll post more details if people are interested.

ALL Psionic classes are available and recommended (look them up on the d20pfsrd). You can use an original Paizo class, though you will need a good reason to be in a psionic city.

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robert best 549 wrote:
Orelius Lionpaw wrote:
413. The Summoner's Guide to Summoning: This book is a thousand-page guidebook to all things summoning, from tips to drawing a summoning circle, to tips on haggling with outsiders on contracts, and even how to bind your dead friend to an outsider so you can bring him back to life without paying a cleric. Reading it gives a +2 insight bonus on caster level and charisma checks relating to summoning.
420. The summon's guide to summoners. A book wrote by a Efrit that decided he was tired of dealing with summoners. Has useful tips for getting out of deals made while under the effect of a gate spell.

428. The Summoner's Guide to Deals. This book contains a hugely detailed guide on how to make a planar contract airtight. It is a required read in the Golarion Law School. Reading it gives a +3 bonus to Perception and Sense Motive checks to realize that the summon is trying to get out of a deal.