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Please cancel my subscription for the pf adventure paths with immediate effect. This should leave me with no current subscriptions active.


After checking out the pawns in my Villain Codex box I noticed one the the sheets is missing and I have 2 copies of one of the other sheets.

Having already been hit with import duty due to the box containing bases and your reluctance to state the package is a paper product I'm somewhat dissapointed with the possibility of having to return the shipment and going through that again.

Can I sent a photo of the 2 identical sheets to confirm this error and have you post the missing item alone as just a paper product?

Please let me know how you'll rectify this problem.

Can my bonded mount (nature Oracle - 6 Int) camel use a climbing kit? And would it be able to climb a knotted rope or ladder. It has a climb score of +8 and 3HD.

None of the options can be abused because of the 10 minute set up time required between uses.

Having all three is hardly overpowered, you could still roll a crappy score on that one saving throw, that one initiative check and that one skill check.

It clearly needs faq-ing but don't hold your breath

Well clearly there is more than one opinion from the above posts.

What do you think? (answering a question with a question isn't very helpful)

*raise dead*

In the Oracle guide this revelation is highly rated and I believe you can use all three once/day, but each requires 10 minutes. You could spend 30 minutes at any point during the day to 'set up' these bonuses for use.

Does anyone have anything else to add to this?
It still seems ambiguous and unclear as written.

Pro Evil is a no brainer for a level one spell known - cast it on the BSF so he doesn't cut your head off vs spellcasters!

Empower and Piercing Spell.

Improved Initiative - going first rules.

As a side, if your flying you're unlikely be surrounded so maybe a Pit spell would be good. Detonate is a terrible spell.

With mirror Image you don't need AC period.

Does being spontaneous mean no meta-magic'ed spell strike/combat?

Rimed Frostbite would become a full round action...? Not sure how that works with Magus abilities.

Putting a value on spells known is difficult without knowing how you want to play the character. As a rule however, versatility is king so I'd value those extra spells very highly but that's more about my play-style than an across the board statement.

Holy Shmoly I never new that, and I'm pretty sure the whole club have been using lenient made up rules for years!

Cheers dudes!

I thought Rods types were linked to the level of the spell not the slot level???

Are you sure, that would mean that using quicken would increase the DC also...

The spell doesn't change levels does it?

When using Quicken Spell as a Sorcerer can I use a Rod of a different metamagic spell?

Please and Thank You!

If one has been hasted and then gains a new form of movement after, like say fly, would the fly speed be increased by the haste spell?

In other words, are you hasted in all ways for the duration, as the spell isn't an instantaneous effect or does it just alter your existing abilities.

Please and Thank You!

One should probably note that you are free to give the spiders a bonus to their stealth roll based on the actual encounter.

Say they are a long way up or have cover. And likewise you could also impose a penalty on the PC rolls based on something like being distracted by a swinging unstable rope bridge or strong winds.

The advise above regarding reading ahead and understanding each encounter will give you a better idea of what's fair.

No, you secretly roll stealth, they roll perception.

kestral287 wrote:


Staff Magus get cheap weapons and solid defenses. This makes up for the fact that they are offensively terrible.

Why terrible?

zza ni wrote:

back to the op main problem. if your dm nurf specific abilities by denyig you the right oppssiosion go for something without spesifics.

paladin - > take Enlightened Paladin
ranger - > take Freebooter .
etc. do try and talk to you gm first about these nerfs.he might have a "reasnalbe" reason behind the nerfs. but just incase letting him know your up to his trand might make him change it.

You may find getting him to allow the source of these options difficult as they clearly counter his style of DMing.

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Yeah, buffers like Bards are a good option.

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1) The way that reads leads me to believe there is a typo in there somewhere.
2) My general knowledge of the ACG leads me to believe there is a typo in there somewhere!

Cast Fluid Form for another 10ft reach and DR 10/slashing. I use a enlarged reach weapon weilding Investigator with long arm and fluid form for a 35ft reach.

It does read effect not damage. If it were damage I think you'd regain the panache but effect would imply anything that happens/is triggered when you confirm so I would rule no panache.

If pathfinder worked like MtG, you could use the stack to choose the order in which stuff triggered and use the system to make it a win/win result, but it doesn't !!

3/day daze is a decent ability for a 14k item.

And a rod of piercing spell too for those fireballs. You could then squeeze in greater elemental spell and greater spell focus evocation to make those saving throws as high as possible!

A lesser rod would be cheap and cover you up to level 3 spells, buy a couple if you think you'll need it.

A few choice 12th level builds fully kitted out would be appreciated, and would show the kind of damage/buffs/AC/extras that the BH can achieve.

Great work though.

Inspired Blade.
Your comments about an Int of 7 is the sane as 13 is a little misleading as you lose the huge bonus of using your Cha to qualify for feats.
This means no Combat Expertise and that means no dirty trick manoeuvres plus a number of other feats with that prerequisite.
Rating should be Green at best.

What about dirty trick manoeuvres? Don't you need dex for them?

Way bigger than a small proportion dude, way, way bigger.

A dire boar, really? Another big red dragon... Come on guys, some of us have all the wizards minis and don't need reprints.
Yeah, yeah these are nicer models and better painted by frankly I don't need any of this stuff. You guys know what's been released before so why not stick to pathfinder monsters and stuff that wizards didn't make?
It has to be better for sales - if anyone wants a dire boar mini just google it and it's yours already.
I'm finding your policy of pretending the D&D stuff doesn't exist utterly infuriating, which is why having religiously purchased every wizards set (and in the case of some of the first few, multiple sets) I'm not subscribing to your mini's range- not to mention they're overpriced.

Remember Backward Compatibility and it's importance at Pathfinders birth? We already got this stuff. Who the hell needs a dire boar who hasn't already picked some up?


Great guide.
Can you explain why your first build doesn't have agile manoeuvres when it's clearly a dex build?
Also in your recommendation for agile manoeuvres you mention that there are ways to use dirty tricks etc without having to make a check. How?
Am I missing something?

If the following paragraphs were meant to be read in conjunction with the one I highlighted it would start with something like 'furthermore' etc.

Stuff like this should be addressed far quicker than they usually are by the devs.

Ms. Pleiades wrote:

My local PFS group ('bout 4 regular GMs, with 2 or 3 GMing a table during any joint session), allows investigators to use wands, as their Alchemy description includes "as an alchemist" which in turn includes use of spell-trigger items that are in their formula book.

Quinn, the Iconic Investigator, has a PFS pregen with several wands, only the Scorching Ray wand specifically calls out for a UMD check.

It's fairly settled in my area, but a clarification would be nice if I ever travel and play.

The only instance in which the term 'like an alchemist' is in this paragraph...

Like an alchemist, an investigator prepares his spells by mixing ingredients and a tiny fraction of his own magical power into a number of extracts, and then effectively casts the spell by drinking the extract. These extracts have powerful effects, but they are also bound to their creator. Extracts behave like spells in potion form, and as such their effects can be dispelled by dispel magic and similar effects, using the investigator's level as the caster level

There isn't even a hint in this paragraph of anything to do with using spell trigger items.

Personally I think they made a mistake and the intention was that they could use them but RAW definitely not. I'm amazed that any PFS game would allow it.

The text says nothing about spell trigger items.

No comments?

Not to mention (until now!) Infusion to buff the party.

I'd recommend the Investigator. Take long spear, enlarge, long arm and the reach part is set. You gain more knowledges than you could possibly need and combat reflexes will increase the number of full bab attacks you make each round.

Got a message regarding #90 Divinity Drive being on its way soon which is great but I've not received #89 Palace of Fallen Stars yet! I have .pdf access but no hard copy?
Please may I have one!

You gain grab not grapple, so you get a +4 to your CMB and the following round if you maintain the grab you automatically deal bite damage and can full attack with your claws too.

Amulet of mighty fists will enchant all natural weapons.

Tengu barbies can add gore at level 2 for 4 primary attacks.

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Wall of Fire - utterly crap damage, just walk through it and a CLW pot will sort you out.

Do alchemists get an equivalent to PoP?

Students of philosophy it is - too good to pass up, thanks for all the suggestions!

I've taken Empiricist archetype.

Half Elf Investigator - any ideas on what traits to pick?

The only one I'm considering at the moment is the one that let's you use your INT for a CHA skill (diplomacy).

Good stuff dude.

Your AC won't make 30. It can only have a number of hit dice one higher than you.

I'm still struggling with the concept of having these death suckers milling around in ones backpack!

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