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Sir_Wulf wrote:

First, have him describe what sort of sorcerer he wants. Does he want someone who stands back and blasts foes with his destructive magic? Someone who can manifests claws to carve into his foes? Someone witty and charismatic who can bind foes with his mind-bending powers or who reduces enemies to clumsy oafs?

Also determine whether particular races appeal. Would he like to be some type of human, an agile elf, woodland gnome, brutal half-orc, or sturdy dwarf?

We are starting at level 4 with standard level 4 starting gold. He says he wants to be the sorcerer who stands back and blasts people with infernal spells. Any advice? Also, we rolled stats, and he has 10, 11, 11, 11, 12, 17.

well I have no idea how to build a sorcerer either :(

yeah, he's much more focused on playing something he likes than is optimal. But he is new to pathfinder so is a little overwhelmed and would rather be handed things like feats and a smaller 'optimal' spell selection while he chooses other things than being overwhelmed up front with all 1 thousand decisions... any advice?

My friend who is brand new to Pathfinder and no idea how to play wants to build a sorcerer. What is the best/most updated guide out there that explains really well how to play/build a sorcerer for someone new to the game?

What makes a level 2 bard so good in a 5 man party? I've never played one. How do would I use him to best benefit the party at such a low level?

1 shot

Keep the ideas coming :D

Going to do an adventure where the party stays at level 2, and it will be a lot of dungeon crawl. We have 1 player who is stuck to Rogue, so there's that. If we wanted to optimize, what would the other 4 party members be?

We might not need a combat healer since we get to start with wands of cure light wounds that someone in the party is bound to be able to use outside of combat to heal us up.

Just looking for people's thoughts and advice :) We were probably just going to do something like fighter, barbarian, paladin, ranger since the caster classes all suck at level 2, right?

One of my players wants to switch to a new PC, which I'm fine with. Since it's the start of a new adventure arc, I'm going to have the new BBEG's minion encounter the party and slay his old character (the player is in on this, but the rest of the players don't know about it). The player and I both think it's a cooler way for the PC to leave the world (rather than just retiring), and it gives the party bonus incentive to defeat BBEG.

Any advice for this? Should I just do it cinematically, or is that railroading too much? If I don't do it cinematically, how do I actually ensure that he died (all my dice are rolled in front of the players). The players are all level 4, and have a paladin who could try to save the character with lay on hands.

I just have as lot on my plate between work, reading the module and getting that down perfectly, and then reading/understanding/learning all 5 of the PCs in the group. Learning how to create several NPCs on top of that just feels really burdening even though it's probably not.

I have to create 4 NPCs for a module campaign I'm running in 2 weeks, and I'm not sure how to do that since I'm a new DM (and I wish the module would have actually just built these important NPCs for me since they take part in battle!).

One is a level 4 expert (sailor). One is a level 2 commoner. One is a level 2 warrior. The last one is a level 6 ranger. All take part in battles in the module, possibly directly with the PCs, yet it doesn't give stats for them...

Halp! Thanks :)

Not a Lich wrote:

I'm currently playing an Oracle who animates the dead. Once I get to around 14th level, I will be making the transformation to lich. I have something planned out with the GM for the transformation, but it's expensive. Standard 120,000gp cost for the phylactery, along with some other specific requirements. I am a human juju oracle, main focus is on animating the dead and letting them do most of my dirty work. Stat allocation is 10/10/10/14/12/17 for anyone who cares.

Any suggestions on how to survive the campaign with little to no magical items? Almost all of my wealth will be going into the phylactery, and I am loath to ask the GM for some sort of assistance in the matter since I'm making these sacrifices to become a lich, if I got compensation for choosing this path it would be meaningless. The only item I'd probably have is a +4 headband and perhaps a cloak of resistance.

Not only suggestions on how to survive, but how do I dissuade party suspicion from lack of magical items? The most amusing part is we have a paladin of Torag in the party. Hiding my journey to lichdom and subsequently hiding the fact that I'm a lich from him would probably be paramount to my survival. He knows I'm evil and grudgingly works with me, but does not abide killing innocents so I try to keep murder and mayhem to a minimum or out of sight. Unless he has no ranks in knowledge religion at all the paladin will know that I had to slay innocents and do other unspeakable acts of evil to become a lich, hiding this is important as I don't want it to escalate into pvp.

I just want to interject and say that this is often a really s*+*ty thing to do to the other player who is a paladin, so you want to be very sure that he is OK with it. The problem is that you are doing something that puts his character in a position to where he basically has to PVP you or leave the party, which may be unfun for that player. What if through your own carelessness, he finds our your a murderous fiend and trying to become a lich, so he does what he has to do and fights you to the death, at which point you kill his character and he has to re-roll. I might be pretty pissed if I had invested a lot of time into my paladin and a party member did that to me.

(1) In the pathfinder world, do they just say "8 o clock!" "See you at 2pm!", or do they have some weird in-game language for hours? same question for "days" and "weeks" and "years".

(2) What does it mean if an iron gate has a hardness of 10 and 60 health total? mechanically, how does a party go about destroying it?

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IejirIsk wrote:

main source of when to fudge... rule 0.

What is "Rule 0"? I've heard some people say that it means 'Whatever the GM says is correct and he can veto or change any rule.' I've heard others say Rule 0 is 'have fun', and i've heard others say it means 'don't be a dick'.

GMs: Do y'all thing its OK to cheat the health total of monsters/NPCs in a campaign where all dice are rolled in front of the players at the GM is supposed to avoid fudging?

Here is the scenario so we can deal with specifics instead of abstracts:

The PCs are in a climactic battle with the BBEG. He has 100 health. All dice and damage are rolled in front of the players. BBEG has disabled or killed all of the PCs except one lone fighter. One more hit by the BBEG could easily finish off the fighter and TPK the entire party. The fighter swings his weapon, and lands a solid blow, bringing the damage total on the BBEG to 90 (PCs have no idea what his life total is). If BBEG takes his turn and rolls decently, your party will TPK. Would you then "fudge" the health and say that the fighter's swing defeats the BBEG and hand wave away that last 10 health?

Same scenario except the PCs do massive damage in first 2 rounds to BBEG and deal 100 damage to him immediately before he's really had the chance to do anything cool or challenge the PCs. Do you fudge his health up to 130?

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It doesn't matter what number you choose. 17 is as good as 15 is as good as 20 or 25 or 23 or 30. Just choose one number and make sure everyone does the same. As long as everyone does the same, any number can be chosen (generally between 15-30).

the important thing is to stop sweating the details. Just go play. You are worrying FAR too much about the details and trying to squeeze every point of power out of your character. Relax. Go read the entire core rulebook. Play the game a little. None of these choices you've discussed will make or break your campaign, and you really should just focus on playing whatever sounds/looks cool to you, not what we recommend that you play.

darkorbit wrote:
I get 3 +2 modifiers because varient aasimar heritages gives +2 int and cha



Ooga may be using something called sarcasm, which doesn't come across well in text.

No, I'm not being sarcastic at all. I'm giving him the best advice he can get right now. Which is to stop worrying about his stats, be happy with whatever he chooses, and go play the game.

darkorbit wrote:

See? I want a 20 high pbs.... and according to chavam, i should get this.....

(Total after ability modfiers)

Int 20. 18+2
str 18. 16+2
cha 9. 7+2
Wis 7
dex 11
con 10

So...which is better, the one that ooga complimeneted on or this?

Woah, these stats are awesome, too! Both are perfect! Just flip a coin and choose either! Have fun!

any last advice?

darkorbit wrote:

Kk... i have decided... aasimar magus! Base stats are: 18, 14, 10, 12, 3, and 4. With bonuses, it is

wis:5(from level 4 bonus)

Also... i read...

Great job! Love these stats! Play with it and let us know how it goes. Hope you have fun!

First, go to roll20.net They have a few instructional youtube videos that will teach you the basics. After watching the videos, spend an hour or so just playing around on the website before you ask questions about it.

Why does STR and point blank multiply but d6 flaming does not?

Also, regarding the +1d6 magic damage, does that triple on a crit? Does my STR bonus from the composite bow triple on a crit? What about my +1 damage bonus from precise shot?

What's the difference between a flat price and an enhancement? Do I not need to get an extra +1 to put it on, I just need to pay some bowyer 1000g?

(1) I enchanted my +1 STR composite bow with +2 magical bonuses. But now I'm at +2 STR. Is there any way to have a bower fix my bow so now it's +2 STR composite? I don't want to start from scratch in building a whole new bow and pay to have it enchanted again...

(2) if my bow is enchanted with +1 flaming (1d6 fire damage), can I do things like shoot an arrow at a pile of hay or a roof to set it on fire? If it has Shock for 1d6 shock damage, can I send it at the water to electrocute everyone in it?

Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:

Well if you want a combat bard, that's quite a different thing from a buffer and party face bard.

A bard's role in a party is partly dependent on the rest of the party composition. A bard can fit into nearly any party, but if you already have, say, a fighter and a melee-oriented cleric, or a barbarian and an archery ranger, you'll be more effective if you enhance those damage-dealers with inspire courage rather than doing damage yourself.

What other characters are being generated? or is this for PFS or another situation where you might find yourself in a random party composition?

random party composition.

Regarding the STR for the combat oriented bard, I feel like I don't really have a choice anyway. At least at levels 1-3, it seems like I can't go full-support even if I wanted to, so I have no choice but to man-up and wade into battle. So I might as well take some STR, right? Seems like a low opportunity cost...
Am willing to listen to a better option though if you have one.

The extra strength is so that I can hit and do damage with my melee weapons. Also will add damage to my short bow when I make it compound.

Seems like with so few spells, I'll be doing a fair share of just swinging with my mace or shooting my bow.

I could also go down to 8 wisdom to get 1 more constitution, which would end up being -2 wisdom modifier for +1 constitution modifier. Worth it?

TheKingsportCockroach wrote:

Sounds like a very sophisticated individual, quite the aristocat.



Also arcane strike!

Ok, cool. So I should take arcane strike as my 2nd feat? What other feats should I consider as I level up?

What are some of the best racial traits I could get for this guy?

Are any of the spells I've narrowed it down to on the character sheet terrible? Did I forget any that should just never be skipped?


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Eddiember wrote:

So I'm have been Roleplaying for a while now and decided to start a Pathfinder Game with a group of my friends. I asked them to start at level 7 characters (Since we always start at level 10 or level 3) and to take it easy on me. Most complied and made fairly straight forward characters while still being able to do some of the insane things experienced players can do, which I didn't mind (Why block them from having fun) but one particular player is turning my first DMing experience into a laughing stock.

He is a level 7 Witch Lawful Evil Witch (I thought I could trust him). I started with a pre-built adventure just to get feet wet before I threw them into the campaign I had prepared and to see what kind of stuff they could do so I could prepare. During the adventure, the Witch used the Slumber Hex against an Orc, who passed his Will Save, however, The Witch still said the Orc still falls asleep for 1 round. He said the same thing about Misfortune. When I asked how he said something about his feats allowed him too, however research and hours of searching afterwards reveals nothing that causes that.

Your issue is not trying to figure out what causes a monster to fall asleep for 1 round even if it makes its save. Your issue is you need to take control of your game. You shouldn't be on here asking us where the feat is. You need to ask him to open up the book and show you the exact page where it says he is allowed to do it and to explain exactly how it is done. If he can't do that, then it doesn't work. Period.

That's a rule you need to apply to all of the other rules issues that are bound to come up with that player.

Regarding the Dhampire, you're clearly not evaluating the killing/blood issue correctly since you haven't even thought it important enough to give us the most useful piece of information: who are these people she is killing? Random villagers/peasants? If so, she's basically a serial killer and is clearly chaotic evil, especially since there's plenty of other targets in the world that are actually evil she could be killing instead. Or is it baddies that your group is killing anyway? If so, then it's fine. Maybe she is a "Dexter" and is killing murderers/bandits/thieves/baddies just to take their blood? Closer call, but then I'd change to Chaotic good or chaotic neutral.


Want to be a catfolk bard who focuses almost exclusively on buffing and roleplaying. Have a few weapons just to have something to do between spells. Here's some of the important stuff:

(1) 25 point ability buy. (14S, 14D, 13C, 10I, 12W, 16CH) [16D, 10W, 18CH after racial bonuses].
(2) "Lingering Performance" feat since I have no idea what feat to get.
(3) chose "dance" as a performance, but I really have no idea if that's a good idea or if it matters what performance I get. I'd almost rather get something else, but it seems like it's the only performance that you can do before battle w/o alerting nearby enemies + maintain during battle super easy.
(4) spells? uhh.. grabbed some random stuff
(5) how does it work with spells after level 1? do i have to find a spellbook to learn a spell? Or do I just automatically learn spells when I level up?
(6) Sound striker archetype.
(7) 'Adopted' is a trait, so can I choose 'human' and 'bonus feat'? What would be the best racial trait to take?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

darkorbit wrote:
So... do you think an 18, 10, 10, 14, 7, and a 7 are good scores?

(1) know one said a damn thing about whether those scores were good or bad; (2) I'd consider those bad scores.

Seranov wrote:
Ooga wrote:
darkorbit wrote:
Just wondering, but how much points would these scores take up: 18, 10, 10, 14, 4, 3
Haha, the best website. I've had that bookmarked since I started playing PF over a year ago. ;)

I ninja edited it to an even better website :P

darkorbit wrote:
Just wondering, but how much points would these scores take up: 18, 10, 10, 14, 4, 3

here you go: http://bit.ly/XEoyyD

EWHM wrote:

PCs in games I run nearly always have veto authority over any new PCs that want to join their party. Most don't even require a majority for said veto, a fraternity/sorority-style blackball is all it takes.

This doesn't even make sense. I see why an OOC -player- should be able to blackball a brand new -player- from joining your group, but having them in-character blackball another character from joining the group seems lame as hell.

You invite John to your group. John asks if he can play Shiloh, a half-orc barbarian. Yeah, of course you can, you say. He spends a while making his character, and then shows up on game day. You quickly introduce his character to the rest of the party who is in town and work up a reason that he would join the group.
Peter, playing a human figher named Edal, says "No, sorry. Shiloh, you can't join us in our quest for the temple of elemental evil." Peter says that in is character's backstory, orcs killed his parents, so now he hates all things orcish and would NEVER, ever team up with a half-orc. His character (not the actual player behind it though), vetos the character (but not the actual player behind the character) from joining the group.
You: Ok, sorry john. You might as well go home since you're not joining the adventure. Maybe you can spend the next 2 hours building a brand new character from scratch while we all adventure. Perhaps we can work you in for the last 30 minutes IF your character is successfully integrated to the party this time. Best of luck!

EDIT: Maybe I'm just kind of sensitive to this issue since something similar happened to me once in a game. I joined an ongoing group with a Ranger, and I never felt like a full part of the group or that I had an equal vote in decision making. Every time I wanted to put in my opinion or say that maybe we should "go through a different door" (metaphorically) than someone else int he group suggested, they'd literally pull a "Well, [Ranger] is a brand new addition to this group, and we really have very little in-character reason to be with him, so he can go off in his own direction if he wants, no one in our group will really care. He's not a real part of this group anyway." It was freaking awful. I really feel like the GM has to step in and not allow characters to kick out other characters from the group.
Btw, after 3 sessions with this group I ended up just never coming back.

I'm a newish DM, and I've never run a campaign with an evil PC. I've seen lots of advice on here to avoid it at all costs, and to simply disallow your players to choose "evil". However, I have a player who insists on it and simply won't play unless I allow it. And I want her to play, so...

I told her she could play an evil PC so long as she doesn't attack any PCs, keeps her alignment/motivations hidden, and generally works to finds in-character justifications to join the group of do-gooders and kill evil guys.

Is this a bad idea anyway? Any advice?

As a DM, I would seriously reconsider a player's place in my group if he were a healer and refused to heal someone out of pettiness because he made a different decision than him. That's going to lead to nothing but squabbling between the players.

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First thing, I don't think you understand how long term care works :( your cleric can't give long term care and sleep in the same 8 hours.

Also, you should have healed him. It's petty for you not to. You can both show your disapproval for what he did and still heal him with your 2 leftover cures. It's just bad for the entire party for you to refuse to heal him, could cause animosity, and sets the standard for "do anything i don't like and you won't get a heal", which is a bad precedent to set.

"13) Cannot bend Like a Reed in the Wind… you cant solve the puzzle, oh well better spend two sessions going back to town, raiding a library, and getting back again, cant beat the unbeatable BBEG’s init? oh well guess you all die, make new characters. This DM gives you no hints, clues, help, or allowances if you cant tackle some aspect of his game. A little of this can be respected too much and your time is better spent on xbox."

As a brand new DM, I have no idea how to balance this. What's the point of a puzzle if you're going to tell your players the answer if they don't know it? And if your players sign up for a real campaign with no "fudging", should you really be fudging regardless to make sure they survive the BBEG encounter?

also, i can't find the flip-mat on any european retailer or anywhere else

Kodger wrote:

Some of the flip mats are available from European retailers/wholesalers. I have Googled several German retailers with maps.

You can also buy the pdf of the map and have it printed by FedEx Kinko's.

Your favorite hobby store probably has old D&D miniatures for sale.



No, the local hobby store just has unpainted pewter miniatures are they are organized terribly. They have a bunch of painted ones near the front, but they won't sell any of them. Is there a good online retailer to get color tokens or miniatures? Plastic ones that are cheaper?

Also, if I buy the module, will it come with any kind of tokens or figurines for all the monsters in it? I own no tokens or figurines. If not, what is the easiest way to get color tokens/figurines for these kind of modules? I don't want to buy unpainted pewter miniatures. Anything in color (even if it's a piece of plastic) is fine.

The miniatures in this I'd need are: wolves, skeletons, zombies, humans, dead human bodies, giant frogs, a swarm of bats, a giant mean skeleton with a 2H sword, and a 'Shadow'.

I really want to run crypt of the everflame, but I tried to buy the flip-map for it on this website and it says it's out of print: http://paizo.com/products/btpy8otw?GameMastery-FlipMat-Dungeon

Does anyone have any idea where I could get it? I checked eBay also, to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

darkorbit wrote:
I know the basics... All i do is pathfidner all day

Judging by the questions you've been asking, no, you don't.

And I also wonder if an oracle dip instead of cleric might be better and better for roleplaying the bard.

wraithstrike wrote:
Ooga wrote:
Saganen Hellheart wrote:

I would go cleric/bard


It is the ultimate support class.
Start with a level in bard and then go cleric. Take levels like this
B/C/B/C/B/C/B/C/B/C..... level 20th.

For stats:
Bard spells goes on charisma and cleric channeling
Cleric spells goes on wisdom

Your stats should be priorited like this:


If you want to be debuffing with your cleric spells a higher wisdom is a very smart choise.
I played though whole Crimson Throne AP with this support guy in my party. He was the best friend an adventurer could have.
Trust me. I can describe it in more details with feats and such if anyone wants.

I'm interested in this. I want to play a pure support bard, and multiclassing into cleric could be pretty cool. I want all the details :D
That is a terrible idea. I have to ask what do want to do in the game?

Mainly just roleplay a bard. I'm not very interested in combat. So I feel like I should be able to support my team without actually having to attack much. multiclassing in to cleric could be a good way to do that.

Saganen Hellheart wrote:

I would go cleric/bard


It is the ultimate support class.
Start with a level in bard and then go cleric. Take levels like this
B/C/B/C/B/C/B/C/B/C..... level 20th.

For stats:
Bard spells goes on charisma and cleric channeling
Cleric spells goes on wisdom

Your stats should be priorited like this:


If you want to be debuffing with your cleric spells a higher wisdom is a very smart choise.
I played though whole Crimson Throne AP with this support guy in my party. He was the best friend an adventurer could have.
Trust me. I can describe it in more details with feats and such if anyone wants.

I'm interested in this. I want to play a pure support bard, and multiclassing into cleric could be pretty cool. I want all the details :D

Auxmaulous wrote:

Ooga, a little more information might be helpful in setting this up - how big are the nearby towns? How important is this road? What are the various factions or forces in the area that may prey on those roads?

thanks for the awesome post and putting lots of work in to that!

the nearby towns aren't huge metropolises. They are medium to small sized cities, a few days' horse ride away. The players are a day's hike off the main road. So they are kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Rynjin wrote:
This, all the way.

The video in the link doesn't work.

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