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Remember, three page story for a free feat :p

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Another deserving a seat with Gigax at the great gaming table. May his soul live on in all he touched and helped enjoy this great pass time of ours.

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Hi Violinist, my name is Jonathan, and I am the Venture Captain for the Atlantic Provinces. Are you located in St John's? We would like to get in touch with one of your comic/book/gaming stores, and see if we can work out getting some PFS fun into Newfie territory :) Feel free to send me a PM or email me at I would like to get in touch with more people in your location so we get the ball rolling.

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Kolokotroni wrote:

You did an excellent job, congrats on your entry into the hobby.

And personality definately plays a huge role in painting. Its art after all. Even in something as directed as painting a miniature (as opposed to having a blank canvas or a lump of clay to start with) your personality is going to come out. For instance, I am a sort of results driven, skip over details if you can kind of person. So when I paint minis I use a lot of quick and dirty dry brushing and washes. It works rather well, but it gives my miniatures a sort of grity look. I rely heavily on shading to fill in details as opposed to actually going in and filling out every detail directly.

My girlfriend on the other hand is a perfectionist. Every single piece of a mini is painted and distinct. Her miniatures end up looking alot brighter, and alot cleaner then mine. I get mine done faster, hers have more detail. We both enjoy our results.

Thank you.

Sounds like you guys have lots of fun, makes me more excited

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Caineach wrote:

They look great for a new painter.

I will recomend 2 techniques that I think will help.

1st washes. They go a long way to picking up details and can take a only a few seconds per mini. The mimic's chest could use a dark brown wash to bring out the wood and maybe a muddy yellow for the teeth, the eyebeast and and naga can use one (black or dark green) to bring out the scales, the blue guy's doublet can use a black/brown one, and the succubus could really use a flesh wash on the skin and black on the hair/horns. Washes are very watery paints (you can dilute normal ones, but premade ones work better). After brushing them on, they pool in the cracks to pick up highlights. They help hide flaws and tend to bring the whole mini together.

2nd drybrushing. A little targetted drybrushing can really add some highlights to raised parts. Lightly dip a less decent brush in some paint, then paint that over a non-mini surface (I use my hand, I can tell when it isn't wet anymore) repeatedly until you see almost no paint coming off the brush. Paint quickly over an area of the mini and it will bring out highlights on raised surfaces. I would recomend trying it very lightly on the blue cloak with a slightly lighter blue, and trying a dark grey on the succubus's wings. After washing the naga's scales, a slightly lighter green could also add some higlights to her scales.

Thank you for the info.

I have a black and flesh wash, but I think I was confused on how to use them. If you look at the succubus, the back side is a bit darker because I attempted to use a flesh wash, I didn't immediately like the result on the front, so I hastelly wet a brush to remove it there before it dried, but I'll be giving another go, but dry brushing after.

Someone had told me about dry brushing, but I think you've described it better than what I understood, thank you.

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Rune wrote:
Those are gorgeous! Awesome shading on the first miniature's red cloth!

Actually, that was by accident, but I learned something because of it. I primed the figure before hand, I know I don't need to, but I go through the paces. I find that I see more of the details when they are primed in black instead of the starting white.

Well I started painting in red, but I didn't wait for the paint to dry a bit more before applying, so it was a bit runny when applying, and that was the end result ... and I liked it.

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It was funny, the two others with me at the party were also knew to painting, and it was obvious that personality may also be a factor in painting. I'm more a "get to it" kind of guy, so I went straight in, didn't over think my colours, and just painted and learned. I was nicknamed, "The Production."

The other friend ended up painting 2, but he was agonizing over the colour choices, we nicknamed him "The Thinker."

The third friend, she had so many fine details, completing 3 figures. We nicknamed her "The Artist"

I figure, as long as you don't over think it, and just realize you can always come back and retouch your figures, you will do fine.

I also suggest ... PAINTING PARTY. OMG, so fun.

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I've never painted minis before, and this weekend I had a small painting party with my fellow local bones kickstarter supporters. I was ready for the day to only have one figure painted ... well ... 1 suddenly became 8. I'm not talented to any stretch of the mind, but I'm pretty proud of what came out. I still need to buy a more detail brush to paint eyes and additional details, but on first go, yeah ... awesome experience.

Warning before you click on the link, 2 of the figures are the medusa and sucubus.

My first set

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There is a lot of misinformation in what I say in the video, I was just so excited.

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Thank you for the good word guys. I'll make sure to have your cheques in the mail by this weekend. I'll have to say, Mordaith, et al, were already hyped, and giving them a good time was the easiest part. I look forward on coming up to New Brunswich and meeting them again and having my crew run a few games for them. Great players.

As of note. The non pathfinder society game was run by a local Game Master Renee, who has been trying to get an all girl Pathfinder game at the con for the past 3 years. Lyarie, thank you very much for being up to the task and helping Renee to her dream. She needed that boost and she was glowing the rest of the weekend. You rock.

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Thank you for coming to Hal-con Mordaith. Great additional to the Pathfinder Society Family.

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Dragons: I agree with the one mentioning Hobbit coming out in theatres, dragons will be back into the movies, in a good way. There is nothing like a good dragon encounter to get the blood pumping. However, done right is the question. We are obviously not talking about old epic dragons, baby dragon pets, an overzealous intelligent juvenile, a maimed adult dragon (part of the adventure involves a chase scene to drop a pillar on it, or something as such weakening it).

Goblins: I love them everywhere. I use them as follower NPCs in my campaigns. I may be a bit too attached to them myself, but I can never get enough of a good goblin story. However, they are indeed everywhere.

Orcs: They need more representation. They need to make a comeback to the forefront. Their rage is growing, it will grow so much that even the scenerios won't be able to contain them

Drow: Overused when they come. There's only so much players can take when the drow come along.

Dinosaurs: I'm meh on this. I never liked Dinosaurs in my fantasy, nor have I met ... besides some people here ... people clamoring for them.

Undead: Vampire clans. Lich plots. Undead Dinosaurs :p There are so many other undead that want to come forth

Swarms: Another meh for me. Usually catches unprepared groups by surprise. Otherwise, never thought them necessary in a scenerio, everytime a swarm was involved, I've only seen dread in the eyes of some players. Maybe one of them went into epileptic shock (joke)

Outsiders: I will admit not having read every single scenerio yet, but more grey area outsider encounters may be quite a valid plot line. Fighting Lawful Good Angels, or insane ones at that.

Humanoid NPCs: They are the easiest to relate with. Motivations are clearer when the foe resembles you.

Constructs: I'd like to see intelligent constructs one of these days. A good plot of it. Not "warforge" race, just a unique example of an awakened construct plot.

Abberations: The poor aboleth feel neglected, they want an overeaching arch

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You killed an unredeemable evil creature. A monster. A creature that if you let go would cause evil again. It would of been a completely different story if the kobold went : "I give up, I surrender, I will change my ways, show me the path o'great warrior of Sarenrae" or some iteration as such. But a Paladin metting out high justice against an evil creature does not make a paladin lose their class. Part of being a Paladin is protecting the innocent from evil, and by letting the world no longer suffer the existance of such evil a creature is part of his/her code.

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Akeela Valerian, the Wolf wrote:

So why wouldn't that concept apply to every rule? Because pretty clearly, especially in a shared/living world, after perusing these boards, this place is largely rules driven. So which ones do you ignore for warm fuzzies? Is it discretionary?

I think Paizo has put together a great thing here. I'm big on promoting what they do. But how can you arbitrarily decide which rules to enforce? Where does it stop? WHERE DOES IT STOP?!??

(I hate that, due to the nature of the interwebs, I have to say that last part was tongue in cheek. But it was!)

edit: spelling

You know, you are right. All we have to do is define wearing. ^_^

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Akeela Valerian, the Wolf wrote:
Jonathan Bilodeau wrote:
Solutions and options will always outweigh complete refusal.
Sure, if you want to completely give Paizo the shaft in this deal... It's pretty simple.

Solutions and options do not have to illiminate advertising and promotion of Pathfinder/Paizo.

Here's what it comes to


That Game master was mean, don't play PFS, they are just dbags

Solutions and options:

Wow, that game master had me do some crazy stuff because I didn't put on my shirt. But it was fun. You should come and try PFS too, it's cool. I won't forget to wear my shirt next time.

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Will Johnson wrote:
Robert Canton wrote:
Can you wear it like a cape,scarf, or hat?

I once saw a player with their shirt in the neat triangle packaging ask to use their re-roll. The GM responded with, "Sure, but you have to be wearing it, so if you could please balance that shirt on your head while you reroll, we'll be in business". It was good for a laugh.

That is actually a creative way of dealing with a situation like that. Instead of completly refusing, offer an option that would satisfy that effort was involved. Quite an original request. Solutions and options will always outweigh complete refusal.

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Roac wrote:
Clint and Jonathan, there will be a con next summer. You're all more than welcome to join in on the fun and roll some dice.

Plane prices to Iceland from Nova Scotia is not that bad. Mayhaps if things work out. Never garantees though.

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Clint Blome wrote:

Jonathan, PFS World Tour 2013?

Welcome Júlíus

I'll always try to make any convention, within monetary reason ... oh ... backpacking Europe from PFS game to PFS game.

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Although I may be a bit late to the party. I believe that opening things up as scenerios come along is the best and greatest way to go. There is no better feeling than to know you worked to get access to an item.

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Congratulations Daniel, may you bring more heroes and pathfinders to seek more glory among the outback

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Congratulations Paul, may the heroes and pathfinder of Asheville be blessed by many fun and entertaining days and nights.

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Congratulations Júlíus, may the blood of monsters not sully the pristine Iceland ground too much.

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Too good a deal to pass up. I've been part of this kickstarter about 5 days in, and to see it explode when I started only with 60 figures, and suddenly without changing my pledge it went to 200, I was floored. It was a good deal to start with, now ... someone said it before, it's winning the lottery, but everyone wins.

Like some, I guess I'll have to start learning to paint. I never was into miniature painting, but this reaper stuff, very nice sculps, and now the want to paint has come. From what I understand, the paint deal in the kickstarter is also a pretty damn good deal, like getting 3/4 off the normal price of paint.

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As a Game Mater I appreciate as much feedback as possible from players. We are not perfect beasts. I know I'm not like most people however, if someone came up to me and said, "Dude, you sucked" I'll smile and ask that person why, and see about improving from there. I know I've made my share mistakes.

However, I do not believe in just complaining about GMing on a public forum, it does not help things. Although the general concern is there definetly, the first policy of any individual should always be to approach that other individual, or the leader of the group and let them know about your concern.

The GM in question could of benefited from the feedback and may not know, or even to a point understand that this post is about him/her. Feedback, don't be afraid to give it personally.

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@Karim Certainement, ca serait mon plaisir. (Certainly, it would be my pleasure)

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Looking forward on showing greath growth in the Atlantic Provinces.

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I find myself agreeing on both sides and am curious about the scenerio and the situation before casting what I would do in such a situation.

Generally speaking, if the attacher is not a dumb animal, or a raging humanoid, there is no reason to hit something that is not a threat.

Granted, this is PFS, and great care must always be given to the idea of useless death (Tasha Yarr syndrome) versus heroic death (Samurai syndrome) versus stupid death (Leeroy Jenkins syndrom).

In this situation, player certainly did not feel heroic. But, what are the specifics?

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Forgive my french. F****** A!!!! Thank you Paizo for giving a boost to what will be awesomely great lines.

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In addition to the available books, take into account that alot of items used in the world are akin to our real world medieval ages. Hence it is safe to say that most clothing is made of wool and undergarments of linen. The fantasy setting hasn't illiminated silk, sheep, coton.
Hence, as for materials and make, sticking to Medieval reference material works best. Why write something that just sounds exactly like a historical retelling of those times in our culture.

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I must agree with Ryan on this, play what you want to play. Usually, the most useful thing you can do in a PSF game is to engage the other players. When I do take the time to play is a PSF game, I tend to interact with the other players. Being respectful as well of other players is also the most useful thing you can do, to many, you are still much more a veteran than many who have not even touched 3.5.

Flavour usually makes games more fun, in my personal view.

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Strangely enough I think the appeal of that scenerio is Cthulhu-esque in effect and action.

A party of adventurer's sent to investigate, normally battle hardened but placated by the honesty of the worshippers inside. At the first feast players should suspect something is wrong if they don't make their saves. The mission is to study, but the good nature of the worshippers have players want to take part. It's a study of common sense in a way, the clues are there for players to realize that something is wrong with the rituals. At three distinct points, there is proof that the head is the culprit. It is a scenerio that requires GMs to really put doubt in the players, to engender the sense that something is fishy.