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BellyBeard wrote:
I hope that's 3000 XP using the first edition system. Otherwise that's three levels with only one short rest lol

Sorry, wrong math, once i go through the encounters the optimal shortest path with appropriate awards is 905 xp, hitting all the rooms grind-style is 2058 xp but I would probably add extra rests in a full grind (i.e. rescue the babe, drop her off at her dad's, and then go back to purge/loot/general mayhem), to clear the top portion would require a larger team as there is an ogre work gang of 8, a cyclops, an 8th level wizard, an 8th level cleric, and a company of guards numbering around 100 first level fighters with maybe ten 5th level captains and a 7th level commander with various challenges in monsters around the area (a chimera, 10 harpies, 3 salamanders, a family of 4 faerie dragons) Could keep a party busy for MANY scenarios to come...

I like the idea of the two action Battle Charge with the axe/horn combo, I'll most likely add that.
Bellybeard brings up an interesting point, the original module has some 127 specific maze encounters with the above ground part being an exploration mode entrance if solo (with a group it's pretty much a mix of explore and avoid patrols til you find an entrance). But these rooms are a mix of clues (pretty much a Seek with a simple to average DC), a preset trap (at most a hazard-1), or a straight up fight (group mode adds the occasional wandering patrol). The overarching story has this as a timed hide and seek so only one short rest is available to the player(s). If I treat them all as individual scenarios strung together to figure the experience awards, I think this module lends itself to around 3,000 xp overall (give or take, haven't finished figuring) if the player wants to hit ALL the rooms. Optimally, the quickest path through the maze averages around 900 xp. I think this will work if the solo player can avoid fighting the Obby Mo-taur and answer the riddle correctly (same xp). Again, thank you everyone.

Thank you, gentlemen...

Obsidian Golem CR7
Perception +10 Darkvision
Athletics +17
S+3 D-1 C+3 I-5 W+0 C-5
AC 24 Fort+16 Ref+12 Wis+13
HP 120 Std Golem Immunities
Resistance Physical 5 (except Adamantine / Sonic)
Golem Antimagic: Healed By fire 2d4 (persistent 1d4), slowed by cold
Vulnerable to Shatter: double damage
Attack: +18 Greataxe 1d12+3 (Sweep, Reach 10', Critical special: Bleed 1hp/rnd) [Hell, they make surgical instruments outta this stuff...]
Trigger: Upon reaching 0 HP, Action: Explode 3d6 5' radius, Ref save DC17 for half.
Possibility of a handful of useful obsidian shards left behind for use in various spells or weapons but care must be used in handling and transporting as edges will severely lay open exposed skin.

Typically in the module you would answer the riddle it had programmed into it to get past it but if you failed you would be forced to fight it. The default solo character is level 6 so the beastie is a good challenge or is this too much for one guy to handle?

I was politely asked by an old friend if I would convert our favorite solo dungeon (Maze of the Riddling Minotaur) to PF2E. Since we both have been playing this one module for, like, ever, and I have converted it to multiple systems over the years, I agreed. A majority of the monsters exist in the Bestiary (just got it last night, Yay!) and I can adjust existing ones with the Elite add-on, I find it difficult to create the necessary Obsidian Golem that weighs in around a CR of 6 to 8. I don't think adding the Weak adjustment will work on an existing monster.

Obsidian being volcanic glass would be weak possibly to sonic and bashing?
Explosive death possibly with glass shards flying about? (ala the skeleton trait)
Based on a Minotaur shape so Large size.
Can't think of any reasonable antimagic tho...

On a side note, adjusting the size of a monster from Medium to Large like an Animated Statue, bump up CR by 1 and give it Elite mods? Or does making something Large from Medium give different modifications? Would adding extra abilities to an existing creature bump it by a +1 CR, say a ranged attack of a burst of flame (1d6 per 2 levels)?

I humbly request input from the various and sundry Creature Forge Experts in residence. Thank you.

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Just started a new session with my group after spending a few days going over my new acquisition, I have 5 players and all of them have a sense of humor most of you would find appealing. No stats listed except the 18, the rest are reasonable.

The Captain: Dwarven Fighter / Unburdened Iron - Field Medic - 18 Con
Primary weapon Shield (Shield Boss) with Spiked Gauntlet. Needs his hand free for medical work, looks to Archetype into Cleric for the Divine Lance cantrip and Emblazon Shield to beef up shield hardness. Backstory is a bridge battler and room sweeper, that reactive shield feat is really handy.

Frikk : Goblin Champion Liberator (Cayden Cailean) / Unbreakable - Prisoner - 16 Wis
Rapier and Shield, his backstory was fun to hear him tell, drinking in the common area cave under the thumb of orc masters, a captured human (Cailean) told him he didn't have to take this crap anymore, freed all the goblins and seeks to do it again.

Smudge Greenhand : Gnome Alchemist Bomber / Fey-Touched - Herbalist - 18 Int
She is constantly torturing the party with "What does this smell like to you?" but makes up for it by being the best cook ever. Was kicked out of several mage schools for blowing stuff up.

Caderyn Smokeleaf : Elf Sorcerer / Seer - Fortuneteller - 18 Cha
Draconic bloodline but her aggressive sexual overtones would put an old school bard to shame. Most of her family is incredibly embarrassed about her, "Are you sure she isn't Drow?"

Morag Moonclaw : Half-Orc Ranger / Gladiator (that Orc Ferocity paid off) - 16 Str and Dex
Double Hatchet and Crossbow Ace, signature move is walking into the room with both axes raised and yelling "Caaannnn youuu dig iiittt!!!" Is currently trying to con the sorcerer into learning Ghost Sound for crowd cheering noises.

I have my work cut out for me...

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Wands = useless, I mean, c'mon, ONE casting a day then maybe, MAYBE, a second use then destroyed or broken. What's the point of even having one? Spellstaffs are really limited but at least they have some flexibility in casting charges which are good in a pinch.

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NobodySpecial wrote:
Unless, of course, if I haven't read my creation rules properly.

And rereading the rules that I picked up only two days ago, yes, I have read them wrong. Heh, let's just ignore this guy...

Noticing that the pre-gen characters at the end of the module cannot be made with standard PF2E rules, the pregens average around nine (9) ability boosts while a normal built character has five (5). Unless, of course, if I haven't read my creation rules properly.