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The town of Salvoy needs your help! A fearsome Ogre kidnapped the town sage and only you can save him!

Torment and Legacy is a short introductory adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition! Perfect for a quick demo of the game for up to six players, you should be able to complete this story in as little as 1 hour. You will need the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and dice to play, although you might want to include Flip-Mat Classics: Hill Country and a handful of miniatures to represent the players and the monsters.

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I don't want to review until more competent readers than me have a chance to weigh in, but my initial read is favorable. This is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot like the beginner box demo encounters, and achieves the same goal as those with equal aplomb. As a demo, this adventure is fine. I think the story suffers a bit due to the compressed nature of the scenario, but its not the end of the world.

Sovereign Court

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When can we get it sanctioned for Pathfinder Society?

A note to GMs: The final boss fight suggests adding a creature to adjust the encounter for a party of five or six PCs. This creature works well for a party of six, but could be overkill for a party of five; for five, consider giving the additional creature the Bestiary's Weak adjustments.

Just a tiny written error: One page 3, under "Environment" and "Cave" it lists the different treasures found in the cave. It says you can find the information about the Potency Crystal on page 169 in the core rulebook, which should say page 569 :)

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Another thing that needs correcting: The opening explanation has the old Playtest rule of a natural 20 being a critical success and a natural 1 being a critical failure.

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The Masked Ferret wrote:
When can we get it sanctioned for Pathfinder Society?

Demos will not be sanctioned.

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