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I'm still trying to catch up on the details of the game and figure what I'll want to do. Haven't read the GW blog in a year... I love PVP and crafting but will probably end up focusing one or the other. Is there a list of land rush guilds with these details easy to peruse?
I'm really looking for a group that I can contribute to and be a part of. If your guild has any room for somebody like me please let me know. I can jump in on this land rush before it's too late!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to share a couple art pieces I did of Lem and Seelah. Really trying to make them look as realistic as possible. I'd be happy to hear what you think.

A couple Pathfinder Iconics

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Just finished painting an old sketch. Started this in my excitement for PFO. I imagine freshwater merrow to appear alligator like and saltwater to look more like sharks O.O

Whatya think, is this how you picture the mosswater merrow? I debated having the gigantic ibex skull but who's to say he hasn't trekked through mountains! I put the boulder in the back to hint at that idea in the river environment.

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Even somebody of great power couldn't live comfortably on Aucturn right?What about peasants of no means to leave. How did they get there? Not by there own will for sure. Prolonged life on Auctern would at the least be mentally crippling.

Here's one quick idea of a town that could exist, there's a lot still to elaborate on but it's a start!


Every once in a while somebody wakes up without a name, without a history, in a town they've never been. A town that is somehow familiar, just as all the locals here feel a sense of belonging. And though they cannot remember a thing of where they came from, it is the most bizarre things about the town and its surroundings that give the most sense of comfort, from the skinless creatures to the noxious smoke filling the air. Over time however they begin to have flashbacks and nightmares slowly revealing the alien and wrongful nature of where they are. And when they can bare it no longer, they wake up, without a name, or history, in a town they’ve never been.

One explanation: In reality most of these people were criminally insane members from other planets of the solar system, given a second chance at sanity perhaps, but plagued with the nightmares what they themselves were.

And there's still the citadel of the black. Where does the food come from? can they eat the fleshy soil of the planet?

Another artbook collaboration from Jim Pavelec, good inspiration! e-golden-ones

The first Hymns & Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones can still be bought on Amazon

Anybody on the lookout for art to use for their games or characters will like this one. A Kickstarter has just come to my attention, Prismatic Art Collection, putting together a collection of diverse character art pieces under a Creative Commons license. I'm not affiliated with the project but will contribute some pieces if I can.

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I've started working on this illustration with the intent of putting the iconics in their respective roles, not just as what their classes would stereotypically suggest but their character and background might imply as well. For example Merisiel is caught in a situation that looks like it's already failed but she's making the best of it, at least I hope that's what it looks like. I'm curious what other paizonians think or any iconic experts =)

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You may remember the excel calendar Vivriel made. I've put together a new updated one that is much easier to modify(adding your own events and such). Currently all Months are on one sheet and set up to print one month per page.

You can download it on my blog or direct link.

If you think it could use some changes or if something isn't working right please let me know. Or feel free to make your own changes. Currently it does not show Solstice and Equinox information.

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Hello fellows of Paizonian status. After four years of this community movement of artistry and general awesomeness, spearheaded by the great Hugo Solis, I am setting up a new way to keep track of your art requests so the artists won't have to browse a long thread and potentially miss requests.

Hugo Solis wrote:

What is this thread?

This is some sort of art forum where people come and share their drawings and take commissions from other people to practice and have fun! Here, We are a bunch of people who loves to draw and take requests for drawing fantasy stuff like characters or items!
The thread is open for anyone who wants to share his talents and to all those who wish to request a drawing.

What to do?

Post your commission in this thread, then head over to this forum and start a new thread with the details of your request. The 'Request Forum' is meant as an organized list to keep your post from getting buried and not so much for discussion outside of the specifics of a request, let's keep this thread active =)
The Request Forum does not require you to sign up, just type in the same name you use here on Paizo or sign up anyway.

Check out the previous threads to see the art that's been done so far:
I'll draw your Pathfinder PC !
Monster drawing!
We'll draw your Pathfinder requests!

Yes there are many differing origins among relatively similar creatures in Golarion, but I'm curious if evolution plays a role whatsoever. Certainly the dwarves aren't evolving because Torag created them as he wanted them, the duergar are Droskar's manipulations. But do they have DNA? They have similar anatomy to other humans.
I like to think that unless some part of a creature is specifically magical it should have structurally sound anatomy. And even with 'magic bits' they should be fairly analagous to real examples if possible.

So let's look at the extreme where any classification of body parts is obviously non-existant. A water elemental still would have an optimal flow of water within its body, preventing unnecessary turbulence as it shifts between forms, varying density and pressure of its own contents. This would be the closest semblance of structure that anatomy attempts.

How would academic Golarans classify all known creatures(or mortals rather)? That is probably the right question to ask.

I'm very new to actually writing down a character's background story. Usually a drawing and basic idea in my head would suffice. But now I'm doing an ongoing series of character drawings as a project and find I'm spending more and more time trying to flesh out a more complete story, sorting through details from the mass of Pathfinder books I've collected so far. And still I'm not satisfied with my writing abilities. Part of me wants to start a collaborative effort with folks who are better at writing than I am and would like some good art to go along with.

So now I'm looking for resources on writing a character background(and knowing when to stop) but also for more talented writers that may be interested in collaborating on this. Where to look? I am no writer.

I've started a blog with the beginnings if you're interested in seeing my artistic skills =)

Page 29 Description of Kwanlai. In the stat block it says that Lady Sutarai-Gongen is a cleric of Hei Feng. Yet in the paragraph at the bottom of the page it says she is a cleric of Desna. And it goes on to say there is some religious hostility because of the prominence of her religion which makes it a particularly important issue for my purpose =) I'm assuming the stat block is correct.

It's awesome to see Kekai on the next cover, I hope there'll be more from him and Lucas. Now why was Radovans arm covered by the text on Master of Devils, it's a great part of the painting... for shame!!

It's been a while since I received this book as part of the subscription and I don't see it in my list of downloads.

On a similar note, the Advanced Player's Guide download is listed as (OGL). Shouldn't it be PFRPG?