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Heaven's Tether edit:
Nickolas Floyd wrote:
Nickolas Russell wrote:

Heaven's Tether

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 13th
Slot none; Price 71,500 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

The reflection of this silvery staff shows only clouds moving rapidly against gravity. These clouds occasionally escape Heaven's Tether and quickly dissipate. Once per day the wielder can still the reflection, calming the clouds and becoming bound to the sky for 1 min./level. For the duration, stabilizing against the effects of a Levitate spell is automatic and does not require a full round, and spells can be cast while falling. Casting a spell during a skybound fall does not require a concentration check. The staff allows the use of the following spells:

Feather fall (1 charge)
Levitate (1 charge)
Glide (Advanced Player's Guide) (1 charge)
Hostile levitation (Ultimate Combat) (2 charges)
Reverse gravity (4 charges)

Requirements Craft Staff, Feather Fall, Levitate, Glide, Hostile Levitation, Reverse Gravity; Cost 35,750 gp

Heaven's Tether (Phloid Edit)

Heavens Tether
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 13th
Slot none; Price 61,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

The reflection in this mirror-like staff is not of the surrounding environment, but of fast moving clouds pierced by rays of the sun.

The staff allows the use of the following spells:

Levitate (1 charge)
Fly (2 charges)
Overland flight (3 charges)

While under the effects of a levitate spell the wielder can make attacks and stabilize himself automatically as a free action. He can raise and lower himself at twice the normal rate.

Once per day the wielder can cast a spell from the staff as an immediate action, but only while free falling more than 20 feet. Once per day the wielder can also cast two spells from the staff as a single...

First of all, great name. And I don't just mean the item. I've met a bunch of Nicholas's, but I think you are the first I've seen with the same spelling as me. I'm sure there are many, but you know as well as I do that everyone assumes the traditional spelling and has to be corrected. And, we both have two first names. You can't trust a man with two first names. At least that's what I've been told. My maternal grandfather's first name was Russell and my paternal step-grandfather's first name was Floyd (he raised my dad). Funny.
Anyway, the item name. I was dubious at first, but after reading the item, it fits and I like it. This is a pretty straight forward staff with a good but not great theme. The additional abilities are kind of meh and some of the spells are kind of redundant. What I have been doing with items that lack mojo is I take the thing about the item that has the most mojo and expand on that. In this case I think that thing is either the name or the idea of begin tethered to something fairly intangible.

In editing this item I want to expand on the name and relate abilities and spells to the name even more than the original did. I don't know that Hostile Levitation and Reverse Gravity really fit the name. Heaven's Tether makes me think that it helps bind the wielder to the sky and not mess with others. This is somewhat subjective, but because it is Heaven's Tether and not Tether of the Heavens it doesn't seem to fit to be hostile (one a place where souls are saved after death, and the other just the sky or space). I hope that makes sense. My first idea was to make it a staff that could save the wielder or another attuned character from a deadly situation (like falling and casting Feather Fall for instance). The idea was that it tethered the person to their mortal life. I built it and it was kind of cool, but it required four different magic schools and was a little over word count. I decided to scrap it and start over keeping closer to the original theme. I settled on more of a super flying staff and augmented the spells by combining them once per day. The Fly/Overland Flight fly speed seems like a huge boost, but just lowering it by 10 feet makes it only 10 feet faster than combining Fly and Levitate (for a light load character) and I wanted it to be worth it. Perfect maneuverability didn't seem to be enough for combining with Levitate, so it got what it got. Though this makes some awesome flying, it has no real offensive abilities so I decreased the price by 10,000 gp.

This is ok. I'm not crazy about it and I don't really think it is superstar, but the theme was not super exciting. Your original item had a good name and some interesting visuals. The writing was a little confusing in places. Next year let others read your submission and let you know where it gets confusing so you can edit before submitting. There is a spark in this item and I would not be surprised to see your next idea in the top 32. Good luck with RPGSS 2016.

Thanks Nick! A life of misspelling my name haha. Yep. It naturally shortens to Nick, where Nicholas shortens to Nick too, so we win lol.

I was debating putting the offensive spells in for the same reason. Mine was too boring without them though, but it was the wrong solution. I have a lot to learn just about writing too, catching little things like 'The reflection in' vs. 'reflection of'. Great edit altogether, it's very helpful so thank you.

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Feros wrote:

Heaven's Tether:

I found the reflection visual image a little confusing. It appears different in a mirror? Why? Why not have the cloud forms visible in the staff itself? And the “stabilize against levitate“ confused me somewhat. I had to look at the spell listing to find out what this was about. My group has never used levitate in combat. The staff is otherwise OK.

Oh haha my bad. The cloud forms ARE visible in the staff itself. The staff is like chrome, it is the 'mirror'. If you look in the staff you will not see your face relfected back at you, but only see clouds lol.

Thank you. It is helpful to hear, I made a lot of assumptions about what people would already know automatically. I realize how confusing it is now!

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Great thread! I was going to make one called 'Everything is Awesome!' hahaha. Seriously though, I'm learning alot looking through all the entries, I've never made an item before this challenge!

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Here's a newer thread.

And the calendar

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Anybody interested in a calendar for Blood of the Moon, I have create one with all the moon names and phases. It is easy to modify as well. Hope you can make use of it! I'd be glad to hear what you think.

4713(2013) Golarion Calendar

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New updates! Due to a Blood of the Moon (PFRPG) request I have added event naming support for all moon phases(first quarter, new moon, last quarter, full moon). And also fixed a phase bug.

Golarion Calendar

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Just finished painting an old sketch. Started this in my excitement for PFO. I imagine freshwater merrow to appear alligator like and saltwater to look more like sharks O.O

Whatya think, is this how you picture the mosswater merrow? I debated having the gigantic ibex skull but who's to say he hasn't trekked through mountains! I put the boulder in the back to hint at that idea in the river environment.

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Even somebody of great power couldn't live comfortably on Aucturn right?What about peasants of no means to leave. How did they get there? Not by there own will for sure. Prolonged life on Auctern would at the least be mentally crippling.

Here's one quick idea of a town that could exist, there's a lot still to elaborate on but it's a start!


Every once in a while somebody wakes up without a name, without a history, in a town they've never been. A town that is somehow familiar, just as all the locals here feel a sense of belonging. And though they cannot remember a thing of where they came from, it is the most bizarre things about the town and its surroundings that give the most sense of comfort, from the skinless creatures to the noxious smoke filling the air. Over time however they begin to have flashbacks and nightmares slowly revealing the alien and wrongful nature of where they are. And when they can bare it no longer, they wake up, without a name, or history, in a town they’ve never been.

One explanation: In reality most of these people were criminally insane members from other planets of the solar system, given a second chance at sanity perhaps, but plagued with the nightmares what they themselves were.

And there's still the citadel of the black. Where does the food come from? can they eat the fleshy soil of the planet?

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Ok, I had assumed excel could handle .ods files properly. It has just come to my attention this is not the case!

This new excel file works I swear!

And the same .ods


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A bit of progress =)

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I've started working on this illustration with the intent of putting the iconics in their respective roles, not just as what their classes would stereotypically suggest but their character and background might imply as well. For example Merisiel is caught in a situation that looks like it's already failed but she's making the best of it, at least I hope that's what it looks like. I'm curious what other paizonians think or any iconic experts =)

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'Baldy' is a compliment as it suggests great beardy qualities. Some Dwarves can, through sheer force of will, relocate the hair-growing energy of their scalp towards their beard.

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You may remember the excel calendar Vivriel made. I've put together a new updated one that is much easier to modify(adding your own events and such). Currently all Months are on one sheet and set up to print one month per page.

You can download it on my blog or direct link.

If you think it could use some changes or if something isn't working right please let me know. Or feel free to make your own changes. Currently it does not show Solstice and Equinox information.

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Sure there may be Gnomish architects, but they don't have any noteworthy structures to their name. They just reinvent other races' wheels. It's okay, you're just a victim of anti-Dwarf propaganda. Look for the truth my friend.

Brastlewark is a wooden bauble.

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FuelDrop wrote:
Nickolas Russell wrote:
Grand Magus wrote:
19. Dwarves can not do mathematics; or even count really..
PFFT. They are the greatest architects to have ever architected!
i think you may be confusing them with gnomes. easy mistake to make.

Gnomes make toys. Who would confuse a massive citadel with a wooden bauble!?

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Grand Magus wrote:
19. Dwarves can not do mathematics; or even count really..

PFFT. They are the greatest architects to have ever architected!

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To celebrate how awesome dwarves are * I've commemorated Harsk's visage in a timeless, rectangular, digital coin of the jpg format.
Harsk, Portrait of a Badass

*and to shamelessly self promote

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If Harsk were a 1st level Commoner he'd still be the most awesome iconic, without technically being an iconic even! Dwarves are too cool for you folk!

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Hello fellows of Paizonian status. After four years of this community movement of artistry and general awesomeness, spearheaded by the great Hugo Solis, I am setting up a new way to keep track of your art requests so the artists won't have to browse a long thread and potentially miss requests.

Hugo Solis wrote:

What is this thread?

This is some sort of art forum where people come and share their drawings and take commissions from other people to practice and have fun! Here, We are a bunch of people who loves to draw and take requests for drawing fantasy stuff like characters or items!
The thread is open for anyone who wants to share his talents and to all those who wish to request a drawing.

What to do?

Post your commission in this thread, then head over to this forum and start a new thread with the details of your request. The 'Request Forum' is meant as an organized list to keep your post from getting buried and not so much for discussion outside of the specifics of a request, let's keep this thread active =)
The Request Forum does not require you to sign up, just type in the same name you use here on Paizo or sign up anyway.

Check out the previous threads to see the art that's been done so far:
I'll draw your Pathfinder PC !
Monster drawing!
We'll draw your Pathfinder requests!