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Terrible premise


I’m a player that bailed on a game 80% of the way through this.

This book has a premise of having the players save the world when Golarion is full of very high level NPCs that any sane party would pass that torch to. This adventure path requires (among lots of other retcon surgery) that it not be set in setting like Golarion.

This book was a succession of “Why am I even here?!?” questions. Leave this one on the shelf unless you have lots of time for major plot rewriting.

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Very railroady.

And an over CR/tier encounter with

tough outsiders. A CR10 encounter for six level 6 players where they're forced to wait literally hours to be ambushed, so no buffing and a potential surprise round.

And then an earthen dam cracks due to electricity damage....what?


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Do yourself a favor and don't even play this one


Was in a party playing out of tier (up), only 1 character of which was level 8. We averaged level 7, so had to play up.

This scenario partially hinged on the end party having MULTIPLE impossible to make skill rolls that all had to succeed for an out-of-tier party to get a secondary success condition (for a party with only one level eight).

Further, and this may have been the GM's flawed interpretation, the party was captured and arrested automatically (even though we had the means to evade capture) and forced to spend 5PP to "get out of jail" just for doing nonlethal damage

in a night raid to knock out sleeping scribes to prevent them from awaking and destroying vital evidence. This counted as "engaged in a preemptive attack on employees of the Bronze House" and such was a "heinous crime" according to the scenario. This was made all the more ridiculous because the party was given a writ allowing them to "detain any persons found to be engaged in such unlawful practices as the possession or looting of such goods" and there was enormous amounts of looted goods in the Bronze House that the employees must have known about.

This scenario basically just sets the players up.

PCs who didn't have that 5PP already banked were marked as dead due to rotting away in jail, no way around it - not even other players could bail them out with their own PP. We however DID have the resources to escape an arrest (dimension door etc.) but just couldn't due to how the scenario is written.

Add that all to the fact that this scenario runs too long, and makes it basically impossible to do if running out of tier (even if combat goes well they take longer because the enemies have much more in the way of hit points).

Anyways do yourself a favor and avoid this one! You'll just be very annoyed and earn -5PP which is effectively a death sentence if you don't have it banked.