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Berselius wrote:
Where is a Iomedaean Cathedralship when you need one?

In my gunsights.

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The only good CR is a dead one.

All the best swingers' clubs on Absalom Station use protection. I had to learn that in my social studies classes in 4536th grade, it was regrettably memorable.

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Honorable Battle-Brother wrote:

"They call me terrorist. Radical. Zealot. Because I obey the ancient laws of my goddess, and punish those who do not. Because I do not forgive your people for corrupting the souls of our fathers, and their fathers, and their fathers before them. An eternity of war between us will not be forgotten." 'You can't do this! Our worlds signed a pact binding us together!' "My homeworld knows no shame. You Eoxians and your unlife are a disease. 'You... will never rule Eox!' "No, I WILL CLEANSE IT!"

*Smashes down disrupting mace upon the eoxian's skull, crushing it instantly*

Cool story, bro. Same time and place next week? My electroencephalon should be done by then.

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Peoples of the Pact Worlds, we defended you from the Vesk and the Swarm, and stand ready against the threat of the Azlanti Star Empire and future enemies unknown. Will you stand by while these zealots kill us and put your lives at risk due to simple philosophical differences?

I never leave home without my lucky Ysoki's foot.

I assume my anti-antipodean bretheren are optimized for spells and the goblin is optimized for stealth. So it seems entirely appropriate to me that it should be a coin flip for an optimized same CR opponent. Coin flip on initiative, coin flip that whoever goes first is successful. It's going to be worse than a coin flip if it puts an unoptimized ability against an optimized same level defense, and it's going to be better than a coin flip if it puts an optimized attack against an unoptimized same level defense.

For spells this is balanced by limitations on save or lose (Hold Monster gives additional saves and you have to move into position to do a CdG, doesn't work on many creatures at all) or maximal effect (I took maximum damage from 5th level Mind Thrust, ok, it's maybe like getting hit by a heavy weapon that beat my AC, not unfair).

I just don't see that problem that in a 4 party level 13 vs. single CR 13 that the CR 13 creature has a really good chance to seriously hurt or hinder one enemy before getting mobbed by the other three. If it survives to take an action.

Now do the Necrovite's saves vs. optimized PC abilities.

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Dean HS Jones wrote:
Luna Protege wrote:
Luke Spencer wrote:
Elebrian is the actual species name for Eoxians, like the Brethedans, their actual name is the Barathu.
I wonder what an Elebrian would look like if they were hit by a True Resurection. Or some other spell that turned them from Undead to living.

It declines to accept the Resurrection and stays undead.

Does Starfinder resurrection still have a time limit? We aren't exactly fresh, you know.

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Eox is full of immortal "wizards" who predate the gap by millenia, you know.

Goth Ellicoth wrote:
"we're all gonna die" is the only optimistic truth.

I have some further bad news for you, my friend.