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Delin Chiri wrote:

Delin relishes the short few days of respite. She accepts the offer to join her fellow Varisians at their camp, and takes the time to further instruct Olga. While she herself was no crack shot with a crossbow, she did want to tutor the girl a bit. At night she instructs her in cantrips around the firelight, even using daze a few times as a painless example.

Then, before she heads back to check on the others (Particularly Zomeraand's pursuit of books.) she gave the girl a few sheets of scribed parchment for practicing cantrips and the study of familiar summoning.

Olga tries to learn everything Delin teaches her. She seems like a promising young woman!

A good cohort candidate, in time.
Delin accompanies Lucky Pete and the Magician Zoomerand to the Curious Goblin and his owner Chask Haladan.
Something you want to tell him?

Olga finds Delin Chiri and gives handles her crossbow back. She embraces both Delin and M'ara, and you see that even if her face shows bravery, she is still trembling slightly.
"I thank Shelyn you are safe. I did my best, and everyone in the cathedral is safe. Stella was taken by her odious brother back to her mansion, but before that, she asked me to thank you and tell you she misses you all a lot."
She turns to Anton Ionescu.
"And she asked me to hand you this."
She extends towards him a small handkerchief.
Later she tells you another thing.
"And my grandmother asked me to tell you you are welcome to stay at our camp, for as long as you need to!"
She looks at M'ara and Delin Chiri.
"I would love that!"

M'ara wrote:

M'ara smiles at Olga's enthusiasm, sliding up beside her, showing her how to hold the crossbow correctly, and quickly giving her a few pointers...such as , don't point at friends.

She then moves to accompany the Magician...
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Delin Chiri wrote:

"Cover your friend Stella young one." Delin instructs her as M'ara gives her a few tips, "I will keep an eye on this lot."

She spares a look at Zomeraand, measuring the mage after their engagements so far. With a slight smirk she turns to M'ara and offers her a wink before they both move up to flank Zomeraand. "Don't put me to sleep." she states.

Olga Bâlan hears the instructions attentively, and she nods before going into the cathedral with the others.

"I'll defend them all!"

The Bâlans also say their goodbyes, as they will escort Livia Taviskin to the cathedral.
"Might the eternal rose bless you always!"
Olga Bâlan also embraces all of you, specially Delin Chiri and M'ara.
"I learned so much from you, and at the same time so little! I hope we meet later on, at the festival!"

Delin Chiri wrote:

Before her shift begins she calls Olga over.

"Did you make a friend?" she asks with a knowing smile.

Olga smiles.

"I never thought a noblewoman could be so similar to me! And not only in our clothes size!"
She laughs a charming laugh.
"We both feel somewhat... trapped... in our lives. We even joked about asking you to cast a magic spell and make us change bodies! That would be so much fun!"
Delin Chiri wrote:
"This is Ibbit. He is my magical familiar, and helps me cast spells. I will teach you a little of familiars." she offers, and before her first shift she will do exactly that for Olga if so interested.

Even if Olga seems somewhat repulsed by the toad (and avoids touching it) she pays a lot of attention to everything Delin Chiri teaches her.

Olga Bâlan turns to see Delin Chirin and her face gets a new look, a look of resolution.
"Miss Stella, please come with me to the wagon for a minute."
After some 15 minutes, both of them appear again.
Olga looks at Delin Chiri and smiles at her.

Olga Bâlan stops for a second, reflecting on Delin words, and then keeps helping Delin Chiri attend the hurt.

Delin Chiri wrote:

She looks to the young woman holding onto M'ara and points subtly at her to Olga. "She is not a Varisian." she points out, "But after a long day marching her feet will be sore as any of us."

She smiled at the young girl and tousled her hair. "Likely more." she adds with amusement, "To be a true healer, you must have love for everyone. Not only those like you. Perhaps when the day is over you can help me make her feel better."

Olga nods at Chiri's words, her eyes wide with understanding.

"Of course I'll help you. And please, teach me. You sound like my grandmother, but not just for our people. But..." - she timidly asks, looking at the "chelaxians" resting in the wagons - "They fear us and treat us badly. Are we supposed to go and try to help them, even when they are mean to us?"

Delin Chiri wrote:
"Do as you will, but do so when you are correct." she quickly adds in a quieter voice. Then she abruptly turns and sets to work. The injured needed their wounds healed and slinged if they were to have any peace on the remaining trip. Returning to Ruperto and Esmeralda she removed her pack and pushes it into his arms. "You carry for me while I heal." she orders, "A good Varisian would do that much." She nods to her elder and gets to work.

The old woman and the drivers thank you for your help, while the Bâlan woman helps you with your efforts.

Olga, the young Bâlan girl, looks at you at awe.
"You truly are blessed, as you can do this miracles."