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Nicenzia Immortuos wrote:
NPC Allura wrote:

The older woman chuckled and shook her head.

"I was joking, keep that around, or pass it around to your friends, If it works like I believe it does, it will be quite a boon to someone in your line of work. Im past my field agent days for the most part it will be more useful in your hands. But yes please tell me if it feels like its working for you."

She answered taking a sip of her tea and smiling.

Nicenzia sips her tea and responds smiling. "Oh I certainly will that, I might give it to our rogueish type and see if she can get a little more use out of this than I can. The kind of magic I use mostly rely on the target to not be able to resist it. With that said do you know of any decent magical items for a sorcereress like me to look for? " she says finishing her tea.

Nicenzia will wait for an answer and one Allura has responded she will thank her for her time and get on to get to the meeting place, stopping on the way to buy a scroll of infernal healing.

"Oh? I've picked up a trinket or two, then we have the items in the enchanting room. One of my students seems quite skilled in the enchantment of minor magical items, I am hoping she can manage stronger things soon. Weak heart afraid of more pratical experiance so its slow going. I can put in a request from on old friend in Kerse if you are looking to spend a good deal of coin, to be frank, I dont think you can afford most of the things Cern makes as of yet, perhaps after a few more missions are under your belt."

You can find anything on the wonderous item list under 800gp, there is a 30% chance of the item being there up to 1000gp.

The older woman chuckled and shook her head.

"I was joking, keep that around, or pass it around to your friends, If it works like I believe it does, it will be quite a boon to someone in your line of work. Im past my field agent days for the most part it will be more useful in your hands. But yes please tell me if it feels like its working for you."

She answered taking a sip of her tea and smiling.

Nicenzia Immortuos wrote:
Nicenzia bows slightly greeting Allura and takes a seat. "I have need of an experienced wizard. I've come across this strange coin which radiates a strong divination aura, and I fail to be able to tell it's function and abilities." She says taking the coin out of her pocket and places it on the table before her. "I was hoping that you could help me and together we could figure this out."

"Hmm interesting."

She began as she pulled out a small clear crystal. It was about an inch thick and hexagonal. She said a few words and it began to glow slightly. Setting the coin down on the table in front of her she ran the crystal along the top of it. A few moments later the crystal started to glow a much brighter yellow, almost to the point you had to cover your eyes. Finally it died down and she took the crystal and held it in front of her.

"Oh my... you have stumbled across something remarkable.."

She said lowly clearly still lost staring into the now yellow crystal.

"That coin absorbs skeins of 'fate' that occur around it. Once it's full something miraculous is bound to happen, though without testing im not entirely sure what that miraculous thing will be."

She pratically smirked as the next words came out of her mouth.

"Dont suppose you want to sell it?"

So anytime a 1 or a 20 is rolled in an 'opposed' check like attack rolls, reflex saves, spot versus stealth bluff vs sense motive etc within 30 feet. 1 point is absorbed into the coin. Every 10 points absorbed grants the holder of the coin 1 free re-roll of any dice (yup damage rolls too if they suck) on that turn.


Making your way to the tall tower attached to the main building of the small roadside keep that mistress Allura maintained as hers was easy enough.

The first floor of the tower as you remembered it was very much like a classroom. You could see two of her young apprentices pouring over four large tomes, a third young woman busy taking notes as they found passages within. Eventually you found the woman in question on the highest floor of her tower sitting in a tall cloth backed chair sipping a cup of tea and looking utterly exhausted. A small table stood in the center of the room, a slightly cracked crystal ball atop it. A quick glance about the room allowed you to see where the remains of two other crystals, now shattered messes, appeared to be scattered about the flooring.

"Yes Zerbirl? Zindar... no wait im sorry, Zinar. How can I help you?

She asked setting aside her cup of tea.

"I would guess that you will be heading outside of Macridi, if they were hiring mercenaries whom were disapearing within the city itself we would know. If you have no further questions then yes, you may go. Just remember to stop back by before you head off to wherever you will be going."

The town of Macridi (pronounced ma-KRID-ee) is located in central Druma in the middle of the Palakar Forest. It sits at the confluence of the Great Goldpan River and the Prophet's Flow, and is primarily a logging town. Although just as affluent as the other population centers of the Kalistrocracy, Macridi's residents do not feel the need to display their wealth as openly. This gives the wooded town a somewhat less opulent feel.

Most of the money in Macridi is made in the logging industry. Unlike in other logging communities, where nearby forests are clearcut for profit, the citizens of Macridi take a more long-sighted approach, selecting to fell only the choicest and most expensive trees. This also puts them in good standing with the local fey community of the Palakar Forest, who understand that the city's inhabitants could take a much more ruthless approach should they so choose. In return, some of the fey acts as scouts, tipping off the lumber industry when they discover particularly impressive darkwood or paueliel trees. Even though this might seem like atypical behavior coming from a fey inhabitant of the forest, these faeries understand that the sacrifice of a few trees saves the whole forest.

"Well thats a fine point. Honestly most of our missions have more information, but we have looked over what facts are to be had and truly believe this is a great starting point for you all. If you have no further questions I believe heading into town and finding our about the mission is in order. If after going over the mission's parameters you have questions or need aid please come back to see me."

She paused and set her tea down.

"In fact I would almost command it. I will have some of the workers here prepare some supplies for you, I do know that whatever they have hired the mercinaries for before this, its has taken them out of the area."

"Hes an older fellow by my understanding white hair, you will no doubt find him complaining about today's youth in fine clothes. To be honest im not sure. I know he is the butler for a trading company in Macridi. We have not been paying as much attention to them like I said they were in the business of hiring private and cheap mercenaries."

She began offering a refill to Swen.

"I spoke with Colewin about this at length last night. If when you speak with the man the coin isnt right feel free to decline. What i've heard however is that they are getting desperate... but don't rake them over the coals either we have a reputation to maintain."

You all can do things like knowledge local checks if you would like. pretty much at anytime im liberal with skill checks :)

She laughed and shook her head. Pausing to compose herself she cleared her throat.

"She runs the tavern attached to the outer wall here. "

Nicenzia Immortuos wrote:

I'd assume the post in discussion was wrong.

Does this latter offer any idea of what kind of job he wants us to do? I'm mostly thinking about what we should prepare ourselves for."

"It does not state, as strange as this sounds, you could perhaps ask Miss ALinna Mondale at the tavern about it. She for some reason has eyes and ears everywhere it seems... though dont mention that to Master Binderbook... his view on clandestine operations is a rather shortsided one.

In the library you all find Allura sitting in a ver large and well cushioned chair behind a large darkwood desk.

"Very good, very prompt. We have recieved a letter from a Jemar A clerk whom works for a merchant coster in Macridi. He has been hiring mercenaries.... not us who were much cheaper and less skilled. Now we have a letter asking for us. Go to the Black Dragon inn, speak with this Jemar."

She began. looking not overly concerned by the request.. almost bored really.

"Any questions?"

D'oh yes