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I am really interested in this... Just gotta find the right creature...

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Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

@N-D B

We've been sitting on this for a while now. I think the first things in it were written last spring. We are itching to get it out.

You mean my off-the-cuff conspiracy theory was correct... that's a first.

Okay, that's cool. It's not like you're perfect and intentionally delaying the release.... you aren't right?....

Yay! Pathfinder previews! I hope it's on some cool stuff, not that I really have to.

N. Jolly wrote:
jedi8187 wrote:
Is barrom sphere real or made up? It should be real. Is that the improvised weapon sphere someone mentioned at some point? Dang it all your random comments excite me now.

Not yet, and it's improvised weapons along with benefits for being drunk. As a whole, I think it's going to be probably a less than amazing for pure combat, but it is a lot of fun.

EDIT: This is my 3,000th post, crazy how long I've been here.

....... Can it be December yet? This is literally my favorite character concept.

Okay, I was thinking about having a short product with a class and said class had a version for 5e and for PF. I mean the OGL for the 5e license.

Can you release one project under the Pathfinder compatibility license and the 5e license? I know you can release similar products, one under the PF license and one under the 5e license, i.e. the current Midgard kickstarter, but what about one product made for both systems? Thanks to everyone who answers.

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Oh, okay. That's no fun... WHERE'S MY GUN SCYTHE!

Milo v3 wrote:

If you wanna make her weapon, you gotta bend some rules. I gave her a pair of double shotguns and the Rapid Reload talent from Equipment to drop reloading down to a Free action, then custom-designed a Gauntlet-Double Shotgun double weapon myself.
I find playtest characters work better when they're using the rules of the game :P

Isn't there a book that lets you design your own weapon?

LuniasM wrote:
N-D B wrote:
It would be great if you could pay skill points to unlock spheres and talents.
I'm thinking along the lines of "Give up 1 / 3 / 5 skills per level to get half / three-quarters / full progression". Classes with less skill points available have a harder time buying into it but if they're anything like the spheres here it seems like buying into the system may be worth more than the skills they give up in the first place.

That's baaaasically what I meant.... *skulks off*

It would be great if you could pay skill points to unlock spheres and talents.

I missed the 600th post! Ughhh....

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Spheres of Excellence seems like a pretty good name IMHO.

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How am I supposed to stay in the black if you dang 3PPs keep publishing great stuff!

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Especially not when the next list is for ninety years in the future and I don't believe in IRL psychics.

If I back for the Campaign Setting hardcover and PDF, would I get the PDF earlier than the hardcover? It appears that the PDF only rewards have an earlier delivery date than the books and I am wondering if I backed for rewards that were a combination of books and PDFs, would I get the PDFs at the time that the PDFs were shipped to everyone else?

Jason Nelson wrote:
N-D B wrote:
Why must you do this to my wallet...
It hurts so good!

Now all I can think is about the time Harley Quinn says that in a Suicide Squad graphic novel...

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Why must you do this to my wallet...

Is the good answer going to be about the full BAB part or the Finishing Move ability?

Yay! Already downloaded!

Thanks guys for all of the advice. This really helps. I'll probably buy the Non-Designer's Design Book soon.

Yay, another preview!

This looks like it will be really cool. Maybe I can submit something for the next issue.

Right now I am trying to use Publisher due to not wanting to spend money on something I'm not familiar with (InDesign) yet.
To Ciaran: Thanks for the advice

How do you guys handle tables for new classes with two columns?

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Thanks for the advice. So it looks like two-column in InDesign. What would you suggest for font size?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I was wondering, is there a specific format typically used for third party publications? I am wondering because I am thinking of eventually publishing something small and am wondering how that should be formatted/what I should use to do that, or even if I should do that.