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Because it's a video game, it's not actually going to be straight up P1 rules, it's going to be heavily inspired by them.

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It's wabbit season.
Duck season!
Rysky season!

Come at me bro!

Mikaze wrote:

If I had to pick one evil to be irredeemable and looking at the game cosmology from a bit of an Origenest attitude, it would have to be the destruction of souls.

The fact that demons and devils regularly work alongside angels to stop daemons from preying on the River of Souls speaks volumes, even if the first two are guided primarily by self-interest.

Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need!

G%#!%~n Handmaid's Tale

*grumble, grumble*


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It is done. final number: $3,545.

So that means we get one more spoiler for $3500, but all the later ones are held back for now, correct?

Yes, but we're also getting 5 bonus teasers because Paizo won, so a total of 10 more teasers.


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Well the thing is while characters are in relationships in Paizo products not once is a person's definite sexuality brought up. It has always been Person A is in a relationship with Person B. If it turns out they're the same sex then you can infer they're gay, but you could easily infer they're Bi or Pan or even Asexual and simply with the other person because they love each other, not because they're a certain gender.

Above all, what Paizo promotes and allows, is freedom and happiness.

Mikaze wrote:

Currently wondering how many people are going to want to play spireborn just to have a reason to wear those cool masks. :)

Seriously wondering just why the insular Mordant elves seem to be purposefully looking to have half-elf babies. Maybe there's some Azlanti-stuff that requires human genetics to interact with properly?

Maybe including the deific "power source" of the Mordant Spire itself?

Acavna! Never Forget! Never Forgive!

Mikaze wrote:
There are angels of execution and bloody vengeance, but none whatsoever for the unforgivable sin of genocide. They have daemons for that.

And don't you goody-two-shoes forget it!

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Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

2) To compel service from the creature, you make an opposed Charisma check. "The check is assigned a bonus of +0 to +6 based on the nature of the service and the reward." Is this a bonus applied to the creature's check, or to the caster's? We've been assuming it's the caster's, but the language is not completely clear
2) The better the reward you offer, the bigger the bonus you get to your (the caster's) Charisma check. It's easier to convince the daemon to work for you if you offer it a virgin's soul than if you offer it a bag of skittles.

Just an aside, I would find both an acceptable offering.

Android: What did I ever do to you?

Angry Mob: You are a soulless abomination!


Universe: B**** PLEASE!

Edit: fixy fixed

You've gone too far this time Cosmo.

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Zi'on Darkbane wrote:

Made the cull it seems!

I smiled at first and then reflected that this just means I have to wring my hands some more...

Just prolonging the agony...

That's exactly the reason why I left for a while. It's even more nerve-wracking post-cull.

The only reason I'm back is that I have a very, very sick cat right now. "The Sopranos" and the 1-minute timer are the only things keeping me awake enough to take care of her. The first time I've been happy with that 1-minute interval.

*begins channeling positive feelings and good will*

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Okay, probably a dumb question, but if I don't ask I won't know. How would I contact someone about an idea I have for a book. keeping in mind of coarse that I already know that people jump through hoops to get a writing contract for this company, I still have an idea for a set of source books that would make a whole plethora of people very happy. I just wonder who I would talk to about it?
We don't accept unsolicited submissions, and we have our schedule planned well in advance. However, we've been known to listen to thousands of suggestions from folks in our messageboard community, resulting in a fair amount of those wishes being met.




A Censor wrote:
*waves stamp menacingly*

Come any closer with that and there WILL be censoring needed.

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Rysky wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

I blame Cosmo for the mild nausea I have from eating half a dozen really really cheap kinda stale candy canes.

I also blame Cosmo for my dad eating all the good peppermint patties before I could hoard them.

I believe their is an underlying problem here besides Cosmo.
I blame Cosmo for my inherited genetic disposition to peppermint addiction.
Ah, there we go. Blame it all on great granddaddy Cosmo.
{looks up from eating another stale candy cane, quickly hides face in shame}


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Abhremoch wrote:

Someone was talking before of the "Profane Ascension ability".

What is that about?

** spoiler omitted **

Essentially, you do not want the first date to go well with Nocticula D:

Yes I do! Just got to not piss her off afterwards.

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Don't make me take back that mythic power.

You can try.

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I've been busy with playtest stuff today, so I didn't get a chance to post here until now, so:



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Cosmo wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
cosmo: (I was funny, dammit!)
I was.


I can do both.

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♫ I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle ♫

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
Did you watch the episode tonight?

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Kevin Mack wrote:
Just wondering in the bestiary openers for Wrath of the righteous do any of them have Lini in it.
Dunno. I don't think so, but I could be forgetting one.

You're remembering correctly. I didn't order any with Lini. Realizing I ordered Harsk two or three times makes me realize I maybe should have diversified. :)

Oh yeah, a question....

The stars are so big. I am so small. Do I stand a chance?

Just stay back-to-back to prevent flanking and we can take em.

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Are handlebar mustaches finessable? What about neckbeards?

Going off that Witch Hex they are treated as natural weapons, so yes.

Also: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo!

Somebody egg this foo. I'm practicing monogamy.



It begins.

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Liz Courts wrote:
Bad pun tax, sir! *goes to adjust zylphryx's account*


I mean ...

So in late 1960's London, a young Irishman named Sean O'Donnell took a job in a bank. His boss was an annoying man who took to calling him Paddy due to his Irish heritage. To make matters worse, whenever Sean would make a mistake, his employer would slap him in the back of the head. But Sean would not be baited and over a few years he worked his way up from teller to the loan department.

On his first day as a loan officer, a frog walked into the bank, introduced himself as Gribbit Richards and asked for a loan.

A bit puzzled, never having seen a walking, talking frog before, and worried someone may have spiked his tea with some sort off hallucinogen, Sean paused and then asked if the frog had any collateral.

The frog nodded and pulled a shiny bauble from his pocket. Sean was even more perplexed.

With a bit of hesitation, Sean went to ask his boss what to do.

Upon hearing the situation, his boss replied:

** spoiler omitted **

<prepares to be taxed heavily and to see JMD031 roll a 1>

... Oww... STOP THAT!

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Cosmo wrote:
I can't go to any of the Day of the Doctor screenings. I blame Sara Marie.

You have no power here.

SmiloDan wrote:

Yeah, especially since the 1d4 bit would not be multiplied on a crit, but the +1 bit would be. :-P

Maybe you are suffering from magic missile addition!!!!! :-O

Stupid maths! You make me look bad!

James Jacobs wrote:
The NPC wrote:

Mr. James Jacobs,

How much of a stir would it cause in the planes and on Golarion if a Qlippoth Lord rose to an equivalent power level to that of a Demon Lord? As I recall a Qlippoth Lord is on the same level as a nascent demon lord and there hasn't been a qlippoth of a higher station since the demons took over the Abyss.

Not a significant stir. Depends what that Qlippoth Lord did. And chances are better than good that there are qlippoth lords deep in the Abyss below where we and the demons have looked yet.

The last Qlippoth Lord to ascend to full divinity DID cause quite a stir though (Rovagug).




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Bellona wrote:
Bellona wrote:
An interesting take on Baphomet ... but what's with that flaming torch sticking out of his head?!?
Demiurge 1138 wrote:
I give you Baphomet. As James said, Paizo's Baphomet is pretty much this illustration from Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual.
Okay, I get the classic status of the source image (thanks for the link!), and I get that the torch is supposed to represent Sophia/Wisdom ... but I still think that the flaming torch looks silly.

"You no take torch!"

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Reyan Gremault wrote:

Our dear Lady Sillvari,

Is your armor a one-piece? It is quite stylish by the way. While on the topic of armor; What exactly is that Valerous wearing? My first guess would be a kind of breastplate- but they don't normally have a backplate like his armor does. One last question- what are the chances of us seeing you wear some Chainmail or a Breastplate (made of Mithral; of course)?

For curiosities sake,

Reyan Gremault

Ummm... no. It's lots of pieces.

Valeros wears a breastplate for the most part.

And chances of catching me in a breastplate or chainmail are slim to zero. Leather is better.

But honey is quicker :3

Alleran wrote:
The NPC wrote:
Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Misroi wrote:

So, how exactly does the whole iconic business work? I mean, are you actually going on all these adventures in the art we see you in? Because that would mean you've stopped the rise of a Runelord, taken on a rogue efreeti, prevented the return of a serpent god, stopped the Whispering Way from freeing Tar-Baphon, became a pirate queen and are currently working on closing the Worldwound. (And that's just the APs!)

Is it just you? Do you have multiple Merisiel clones running around Golarion doing all this stuff? Or is it something else?

I go on a LOT of adventures, but no all of the art you see is of actual adventures I've been on. Some of them are artistic representations. Others are painted by soothsayers and diviners who claim to have seen the future. Some even claim they're depictions of other realities, and if that's the case I'd love to go there and meet one of those other Merisiels because I hear she's a GREAT kisser. (starts clockwatch for that comment to generate fan art)
Yay Inter Dimensional LGBT Incest! (Trade mark pending)
Technically, wouldn't it be kissing yourself?

aka Masturbation.

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Aliasalias wrote:
just a kind reminder: tomorrow etymologically means till the morning...

BEGONE LOGIC! I reject your presence!

SAMAS wrote:
...Tanglefoot Bag?

oh the fun you can have when those "accidentally" go off :3

Tels wrote:
Rysky wrote:

Wait a minute I KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!!!

I blame Cosmo for JMD trying to sneak logic into this thread.

Congratulations! By seeing through the Mythic Bluff of a Mythic Poster, you've ascended to your first Mythic Tier! What path will you choose?

(I blame Cosmo for not ascending myself)