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What Type of Damage does the Immolation Bomb do?

Link to Immolation bomb

Did you post this in reddit also?

theporkchopxpress wrote:
Also there's a Paizo published module called "We Be Goblins" that starts off with some Goblin games that you might be able to use for this purpose. Don't know if you've cracked that open or not but it could be worth a peek.

I got lucky and was able to play it at a local con I but I can't seem to recall what events there where anyone know where I can find it online?

I like these ideas the thought never crossed my mind to have a event based on stealth. I'm going to use all the ideas above. Even the fire idea because hey goblins hate dogs so that really fits.

To make it more organized the dogs will be in kennels now cover the dogs in oil poke them a few times with a sharp stick and let them lose in a large inclosed area goblins have to chase the dogs with torches and light them on fire. If you light a dog on fire and your dog runs into another dog lighting that one on fire both count towards your score.

Thanks so far for the ideas I look forward to more.

I Imagine this could be very entertaining if done correctly.

If you don't mind I may try this myself one day.

Sadly I have no experience with armor=DR gameplay

It's been awhile and no replys so far I said I would update so guess I will dig this up and post a few more examples.

Russhy Water-- has to swim up stream and grab a rope it's 4 steps if you fail by a certain amount it takes you back to previous step if you go below the 1st one you fall down a waterfall taking damage. Haven't come up with a reward for this contest feel free to suggest some.

High platform-- Pc is standing on a 4 square platform each round you have to doge multable obstacles after each round 1 square vanishes making it more difficult. ~~unique~~
After the 4th round a Suprise round a giant fly swoops by if the player doges it they are rewarded with a trait.

Rope swing-- Pc has to swing from vine to vine but it's not that simple some vines are covered in oil so be careful

Frog Stomp-- it's like dance dance revolution but with cute little frogs

Hope to hear from someone soon. Any idea/advice are welcome.

I need some ideas for a goblin festival. The Pc will get rewarded for competing in each event depending on how well they do.

So I have a few contest ideas already and throw them out to get things started.

Frog eating contest-- this contest is not about who can eat the most, its more about keeping the 3 you eat down. You basically have to eat the colored frogs in the correct order

Ride Bewy-- it's a rodeo style contest where the PC rides a giant frog.

Thank you for your time I will update later with more. Feel free to make your own rewards for your own contests anything from items, Animals, or feats/traits.

Seems everyone loves the "FOLK" Races.

I love catfolk i like the anime one in B3 but I also like this one!

Ratfolk is what I want to see next! Twitch FTW!

Lizardfolk would be nice also hope they get a tail attack.

If CE worked properly and was worth the tax then why is there sub branches to get around having to have CE to be a maneuver based character?

Let's face it combat expertise needs something ether a new feat treeline a way to lessen the tax or something nobody has thought of.

I understand this feat is not a 100% Useless but more than 90% of the characters I have thought of dont work with it, and I'm sure others have the same feeling.

I wouldn't mind a class that got this as a class feat even if they don't qualify due to prerequisites (like MoMS) say a Combat Maneuver Master Fighter or a Vigilante Rogue.

Sneak is Easy to get in my party with all the Flanking, Feinting, Stunning Fist, Spell Debuffs, Vanishing, etc.

I do love when a weapon That Carry a theme.

Another intresting one I wouldn't mind going for is the syringe spear it's reach is wonderful and let's put stuff in not just poison but alchemist fire and liquid ice.

Poisoner Rouge/Alchemist seems like a good build.

Make sure to take a look at Piranha Stike

Go Critical Focus use arcana pool points to up damage multiplied get a whip with All the shocking/flaming/fros elements on it and then upgrade them to burst to get those extra sweet d10

Also make sure to get scorpion whip and not just a normal whip.

Thanks for the inspiration i believe i will now make a Magus Netslinger.

_-this is a irrelevant side note-_Another Option for more damage output but not as cool as the whip for RP is the Meteor Hammer

Here is the damage

Meteor hammer 10 gp
1d8(S) 1d10(M) 19–20/×2
10 lbs. B

Sounds like he only cares that this is "cool mount" pretty lame if you ask me.

They must be world of warcraft players.

Why not ask the player to keep the "cool mount" more than 30ft away from you so you can channel positive energy because you dont kill the thing.

A mount that is always 30ft away from the party cleric is pretty useless, and the person on the mount is a big target.

Neo2151 wrote:


/pours one out for my homie

Im not sure i understand this but ok thanks for the input

Fergie wrote:

Net. Nets get overlooked, but they can be pretty powerful if used in the right circumstances. I think it is a 1 handed weapon, weighs 6lbs, and has a range of 10'

If you make a ranged touch attack, the victim suffers:
–2 penalty on all attack rolls and a –4 penalty to Dexterity.
Creatures move at half speed. (Flying creatures need to make a DC 10 check to stay flying.) They can't run or charge
An netted caster who attempts to cast a spell must make a concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) or lose the spell.

Can they be thrown beyond there range increment for the normal peneltys? If so I believe I found my fav range weapon.

I haven't heard of the Fighting Fan.

Just looked around and man i would love to see a build with a Monk and a rouge/ninja.

the +2 to feint is nice i have a Ninja/Fighter atm and i got a +22 to Feint i would love to make it a 24!

Sure the d4 damage kinda sucks but the sneak is worth it.

Also if you read it by RAW you can put multipliable poisons on it or at least i think so.

d20pfsrd said wrote:
Made to resemble a courtier’s fan, this device consists of silk paper stretched and folded over a folding frame of hardened steel. Folding fans are typically wielded in pairs using a technique that distracts the opponent. The fans sport sharp tips, which can be poisoned.

I know this is kinda fudging it but hey it makes it interesting.

Some of you guys are really cool about this i mean when i first read what the OP said what came to my mind is that the DM put this here to kill some of the synergy in the party and cause RP problems.

In other words i feel that this problem is nothing more than a test a trial your DM has put in front of you to see how you react.

I say go with the flow and kill the thing but get the DM on your side of the table then attempted to show everyone your perspective.

Sure he will be mad at first but that can easily be solved with a few gold.

May i ask OP what is the character that is attempting to ride this mount and what other classes/races are in your party with you?

BTW your the Cleric if you leave so does there cheap heals so heals or the horse? Also wouldn't a undead mount cause problems with you channel positive energy that alone is a reason to get rid of the mount.

If they do happen to pick the undead mount over you then roll up a new character.

What is your favorite under appreciated nonmagical weapon and why?

I personally love the Meteor Hammer so many positives for this weapon and the versatility is not lacking.

Meteor Hammer

I would love to see some eccentric artwork of this weapon.

Meteor hammer
10 gp
1d8(S) 1d10(M) 19–20/×2
10 lbs. B

Carpet Bomb

Magic Carpet+a lot of necklaces of fire balls

just fly around tossing out beads.

A fun Magic item i came up with was fun.


When the target is damaged his blood shoots forth and turns to hard red outcrops that are as hard as stone.

The way i set it up is you ether get a AC boost or you get a good amount of damage on a grapple.

You had to watch out if you where damaged to much it slowed you down a good bit even causing you to to be denied you dex to AC.

A non magic item i came up with was the Sticky grenade take a fuse grenade some casting plaster or other substance to keep it help to a tangle foot bag cover the fuse with flash powder and you got something fun to throw at creatures.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

3.5Loyalist I havent played anything other than pathfinder and a small unsavory bit of 4e but what you say interests me.

I like what I hear because it allows melee to catch up a little to casters in the area of versatility.

Melee can do Some cool things but casters can adapt and use spells In mind blowing ways.

Also relevent post (kinda) I wish leadership feat was gone into more in core I took these feat my GM requested I change it because it caused a lot of complications. I'm not complaining though I can see his perspective.

Lucky for me we do a wizard fanatic in the group so the price was low low low for me.

I see what your getting at I never really looked at it before i just was like here gold wave hands make strong.

Good to know for my upcoming monk build thanks!

Generic Villain wrote:
For everyone advocating permanency: a successful dispel magic ends a permanency spell... permanently. It merely suppresses a magical item for a few rounds.

cost less though don't it

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Darkwing Duck wrote:
I've gotta go and can't respond in depth right now, but I think one of the things you're missing is the question of even if the dex fighter got +4 Ref/Init compared to the str fighter's 1.5*mod damage, heavier armor, heavier weapons, etc. (plus all the other stuff like worse AC in surprise vs. worse touch AC) would it overshadow the other classes (Wiz, Sor, Cleric, Druid, etc.)?
Well, there's nothing saying a Cleric couldn't do the same. But more importantly, I'm not saying giving Dex to hit and damage is a bad idea because it throws the whole game out-of-whack, I'm saying it's a bad idea because it makes Dex fighters just better than Str fighters, which they shouldn't be, genre-wise, and makes Str fighters all definitionally completely unoptimized, which isn't cool.

I ran a Dex build still am i love it only problem i found is my cleric was dealing more damage then me.

I solved that with a few teamwork feats and Sneak Attack damage

no crit no sneak i got 2d6+8

SNeak 6d6+8 our party pure rouge turned a little red

with crit (15-20) 8d6+8

now i can tell you this im lacking when paired against a barb but a simple fighter...i like to think i out shine him everytime

also my AC is 30 there is a trick for a Sheild with derv dancer Quick draw shield+ Quick Draw Feat allows you to pull that sucker out as a free action and put it up as one or something like that.

Sheild +3 +1 thats it
Armor + 6 basic no inhance besides being mith
Dex +5 basic (i got more dex to give but armor isnt allowing it)
Class Feater +2 Free hand fighter Archtype
Magic/Misc +4 Nat armor ring protect nothing over +3

I never thought it to be overpriced maybe its because i can avast a mighty fortune of 10k easily.

Sure the Figher's magic sword cost less but hey its not like i needed the money to buy armor.

Poor Guy Spent 4k on a set of armor that gave him an AC = To my wisdom bonus

so i have to spend a little gold here i find that i save a lot more in the long run with a monk than a fighter.

But hey im just a ranting noob what do i know.

Allow me to be a nonevil assassin.

I know its crazy right maybe my morals out of whack or something but i dont see all Assassins as evil.

Its probably just me though.

Ravingdork wrote:

Angol Ceredir turned his shield guardian amulet into an intelligent magic item, thereby granting his golem a limited form of intelligence in a roundabout way (since the amulet always "possesses" the amulet, it can control the golem at all times).

The golem may or may not be considered a magical item in its own right, but game developers have already confirmed that the controlling amulet most certainly IS a magical item, so the above works quite well within the RAW.

I was quite surprised to find that anyone with the crafting feats could make an intelligent magical item. In v3.5, you needed to be 15th-level before that became possible, but it seems that limitation was done away with in Pathfinder.

Ya this made some of the players at my table frown they claimed that int items should be rare something you come across once In a Adventure Path. So when I showed up with a wizard that could dish them out to the party they was a little disappointed. At one point I felt like my character would go mad with all the voices in his head so I started playing him as a mad man.

So I was browsing around and was wondering why this was blank

About Pathfinder Society

I don't shop online unless i have to so i don't know anything about amazon but if they have web advertisement thats a quick easy way to pick up some extra cash if you site is popular.

These Humans are more fiction than fact though they all share similar Traits .They are said to be born on a Harvest moon.There have been only a few recorded in history.

The Kadzuki have Red Hair and Red eyes and they stand taller then most. They prefer to sleep outside where they can see the moon and the stars. They enjoy combat and regularly train. There sense of Honor bounds them and they find it very difficult to lie but because of this they can easily discern a persons true intentions.

+2 Strength +2 Wisdom -2 Intelligence
:Kadzuki are strong and willful but they care little for anything other then combat

Low Light: Kadzuki can see in Low light up to 60 feet.

Bonus Feat: You may select a Bonus feat at first lvl

Honor: A Kadzuki recives a -5 on all Bluff Checks but Gains a +1 Morale on all Sense Motive Checks. (this later becomes a +2 at 4th lvl and a +3 at lvl 8)

Languages: Kadzuki begin play speaking Common. Kadzuki with high Intelligence scores can choose any bonus languages.

SpellLike Ability:
Combat Sense-At 3rd Lvl the Kadzuki can Anticipate Peril 1/day (caster level equals the Kadzuki's total HitDice Max 5)

Combat Link-At 6th Lvl the Kadzuki can use Battlemind Link 1/day (caster Level Equals the Dadzuki total Hitdice Max 5)

Combat Veteran-At 9th Lvl the Kadzuki is immune to age detriments.This acts as the Spell Age Resistance

Here is the new build what do you think i got rid of the nat AC because i felt it didn't really fit. Also i didnt want to restrict players to skin color.

Cheapy wrote:

Other than that, I think it's a bit on the weak side.

Similar to this.

If you could clarify what is weak about it?

The backstory is a little lacking for my taste but this is something i came up with today i still need to write a lot more.

I think the Abilities and states are good im trying to keep them balanced and logical.

I find there are some similarities between the two mostly dealing with the honor and affinity for combat and there is bound to be even more that have a similar code of ethics.

There are more differences then similarities as far as i can tell.

I was thinking of putting some LVL dependent spells in here like the fletching have and also removing the spell like ability it currently has or at least altering it.

Thanks for the input

Thank you for the input.

This is my first crack at something like this and i plan on using it for a PC soon.

I could see this being a monster instead of a Race.

I know 700 years is a long time but these where the only known appearances that doesn't mean that there aren't others. Typically these humans look just like humans other besides the extra bits. So if you where to see one the only thing you would see is a really tall human with red hair and red eye thats not that odd or distinguishing. Also these guys are wild they seek out wildernesses.

The whole moon bit has nothing to do with there combat prowess its only gives them the extra bits.

If you want full story:
A formless unknown entity known only Nib as Walks among us every few years. He is said to freely give gifts and curses alike. Some say Nib is the pinnacle of freedom, others say he is the King of Myth and Logic ruler of all the unknown. Though he is widely disregarded and only a handful worship him.

In truth this powerless entity only wants to experience life and all it has to offer unfortunately he is only able to manifest his will every years on a harvest moon.

-Note- When his will does manifest itself he quickly finds as many creatures currently being born transferring part of his consciousness into the child this manifest in many forms depending different variables that Nib doesn't even understand.


These Humans are more fiction than fact though they all share similar Traits .They are said to be born on a Harvest moon. There have only been 2 known appearances in the last 700 years.

The Kadzuki have Red Hair and Red eyes. They stand taller then most and have thick tanned skin. They prefer to sleep outside where they can see the moon and the stars. They enjoy combat and regularly train. There sense of Honor bounds them as they find it very difficult to lie but because of this they can easily desire a persons true intentions.

+2 Strength +2 Wisdom -2 Intelligence :Kadzuki are strong and willful but they care little for anything other then combat

Low Light: Kadzuki can see in Low light up to 60 feet.

SpellLike Ability: Anticipate Peril1/day (caster level equals the Kadzuki's total HitDice Max 5).

I was thinking of changing Anticipate Peril to max 3

Thick Skin: +1 AC Natural Armor.

Honor: A Kadzuki recives a -5 on all Bluff Checks but Gains a +2 on all Sense Motive Checks

Languages: Kadzuki begin play speaking Common. Kadzuki with high Intelligence scores can choose any bonus languages.[spoiler=Note]

So what do you guys think please rate.

Realized It would be a waste to go Monk/2H fighter

I for some reason was thinking 2H fighter was a unarmed fighter how wrong was I.

Thank you DeadManWalking your very helpful.

Im back and forth on this really I know I want it to be monk and I like barbarians but it doesn't have to be a barbarian.

I'm probably going to stick with monk/barbarian but I don't really see anything wonderful about the Martial Artist unless I'm missing something

I really love styles I just got a look at them and it blew me away. But while styles add that flare I urn for but they don't have the bulk like rage or overhand chop. Now I'm thinking Monk of many Styles/2H fighter

Sorry for being indecisive.

Is there an AL requirement for Master of many styles archetype?

I can't seem to find it.

We are playing kingmaker idk what's the cap but I'm sure it's past 10. You make a good point thank you.

Now is there any creatures that haven't been mentioned yet?

My GM is pretty open as long as its not braking the game he allows it he even said I coud take templets like ogerkin(though I don't want Ogki) . So I feel like I should really take everything into mind when building this.

This will be my main char he will ultimately be my all time fav char I have built the RP and I have deep connections with the name and background so I'm trying to take everything into account.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Well, go with the Martial Artist Monk Archetype, and likely the Brutal Pugilist Barbarian one. Be non-Lawful.

If you want a Str/Wis race, I believe there's at least one Tiefling variety with that, and the Oread also have it.

And Rage Powers can grant claws. I'm a big fan of Half-Orcs with a bite attack and Beast Totem for my natural weapon needs on a Barbarian.

I know barb can get claw attacks with rage power but that's a rage power invested into it

prototype00 wrote:

So what you're describing here sounds like you want to invest in the Boar style line of feats:

you might also want to go half-orc and take the toothy trait which gives you a bite attack.

I'm not sure you can multiclass Barbarians and Monks, don't you have to be chaotic to be a barbarian and lawful to be a monk?


This is really cool and something I am going to look into I doubt I am required to be a Orc/goblinoid type creature.

Thanks again for all the input.

Sounds good I'm going to delve into more.

Add on narural claw attacks would be nice. Don't catfolk have them? Is there other races that have them?

I'm building a barbarian/monk that is based on rend.

Is this a good idea?

Also any advice would be grate.

Additional questions--
What's the best race? I was thinking The monkey race but I hope to find something with Str and Wis.

What should I start with and move to.

I normaly don't ask others to help me build I do research but I never touched a monk and I normaly have more time to build.

It's for kingmaker adventure path.

Thank you for reading this.

Odraude wrote:

Idk, around where I'm at, a ninja pole dancer has a better chance of getting a d20 thrown at you than pretending to be Darth Magus.

Its a ninja with Derv Dancing feat who wields a pol arm as her main weapon.

Its not a stripper if that's what your thinking. Though stripper joked are made mostly by the same ppl every sitting I imagine this will get old soon.

Edit@ side note it's home brew Derv dance feat.

I don't like them. I could list of a bunch of reasons why but when it comes down to it one reason stands above all else.

To many PCs maken star wars sounds when they swing there Heavily enchanted sword. Same as spell slinger you get 3-8 "pew pew" jokes a sitting.

Don't get me wrong I don't hate star wars I just don't want you RP a Jedi or sith at my table of pathfinder. Mostly because I know the GM is going to throw something at you and I don't want to be caught in the crossfire (in game and out of game)

Idk if it's just my table but we tend to have a good old time with RP certain styles such as a ninja pole dancer and the mugger half Orc. That means we get off track a bit and start Getting goofy for lack of a better word.

Side note- i dislike ppl bragging about there Broken magus and how they one shot a boss with all the glories details when I was at the exact same table. Seems like some ppl who play magus only play it because it's "broken"

Sorry for my ramblings.

I know most GMs would brush this off and say only the approved list but if you convince him with a well thought out build and even better RP purpose then you might just get that spell leeway that we are all looking for.

How fun is it to have a Titan Mauler with enlarge person and lead blades. I can tell you it makes you a one man army. Give me a meteor hammer and those to spells and i can effectively cover my squishy caster friends from almost anything.

That any spell can become permanent with the Permanency such as Gravity bow and Lead Blades. Enlarge person + Lead Blades

Last sentence on the page.

It was a death attack he was over 9th I believe he was 11th or so and according to my GM he just has to hit. But can only use the death attack once per day like that otherwise he has to study for 3 rounds.

Was playing a improv one shot with my younger step brother he played a lvl1 human Magus. He went down into a 4ft tunnel after a quick fight at a deadend with the goblin he was chasing. a large bat swarm was disturbed they attacked him in a 3/4ft area he decided to cast burning hands I warn him its going to back fire he does it anyways rolls max damage and kills the bat swarm and gets out of it alive with 1 HP. His cheesy line "Fire!"

Nothing super but it was my first time running anything and his first time playing so I was impressed with how he handled it.

Happened yesterday playing my Fighter/Ninja Hishi.

Walked into a stable a stranger in a skull mask asked our cleric (who was enlarged ATM) to help him fix his wagon as he attempted to fix the Stranger snapped his fingers and the party was flanked by 2 ghouls rouges. Surprise round the ghouls tear the enlarged cleric a new one dropping him down to -10 one save away from death. After that was over the necromancer try's to take the ghouls over and sadly fails he yells out get the guy controlling them. Next up is me so I spend a Ki point tuen invisible use my quick draw to pull a potion of cure critical wounds and pour it down the clerics pie hole. Then having a move left I run past the ghouls and up to what I believe to be a caster (boy was I wrong) hoping to distract him and soak some damage. Up next the masked stranger who happens to me a Rouge/Assasin the GM says "wow that's intresting" and rolls to attack it hits and I think let me get ready to do some subtracting. The GM says make a fort save me thinking nothing of it rolls I roll crap 5 (like all my saves) I tell him my save he says you failed, I reply grinning don't I always(failed every save before due to low die rolls). He replys not anymore your dead. New to Pathfinder high lvl table I was confused he sat down and game step by step what happens and seems to me I was certainly dead. I won't be running up into combat like that anymore.

I can't do math but I like GS better than ECB.

A- because I roll good on all d6s All day everyday

B- I don't have to be a elf or take a feat/trait

C- I don't crit often (I have a weapon with 15-20 crit and I always roll 14 it's like luck won't allow me to crit as often as I should)

D- I love the spell lead blades (I somehow feel that this is relevant)

Sorry for my useless ramblings.

Well this thread has changed my views on DD

I use to think it was useless but now I know better!

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