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Hey all,

In my Wrath of the Righteous game, I have a player with a Kobold character. He has the "redeemed kobold" trait and is chaotic good.

He plans to become the first kobold god, and thus the god of good kobolds.

How will Dahak respond to this?

Asking for what may be games' epilogue.


Mrs. Camelot

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If a caster casts Charm person on someone (we'll call him Bob), then an identical copy (be it through illusion, body-switching or flesh-sculpting), of the caster turns up and speaks to Bob, will Bob treat anything the copy says favourably or will he have some mystical feeling the spell is no longer working/the copy is a fake? Assuming Bob has no way of knowing the copy is not the original caster.


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So I'm in a fight with some bad guys, my ally gets feebleminded. If I call out to him to help me, as he cannot understand language does he ignore my call for help.


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Evening all,

So last session one of my players in Skull and Shackles said the following:

"When we first heard about a pirate campaign I was all like 'Yarrrr!*', now I'm like 'yarrr**...'"

*enthusiastic yarrr
** defeated yarr

Now this is probably due to the 21 character deaths up to just before the party on the isle of empty eyes (book 4). I'm not sure how to respond to that.

Mrs. C.

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I was thinking about a speech an NPC needs to do and was going to use the phrase "Dead like the Dodo" but as Dodo's are viable animal companions (and therefore I run the risk of a dodo walking past as he says it - which whilst comic would have ruined the speech) and it occurred to me that there really aren't any 'extinct' species in Pathfinder.

Dinosaurs roam the land, Dodo's have owners, every other druid has a white tiger...

I suppose I could use "Dead as a Beholder" as they have been extinct for a few years now. ;) Or dead as the Azlanti... Dead as a Runelord? *cough*

Are there any animals/creatures/monsters you have made up for your games to be extinct?

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If the players can see the bad guy, (and the sorceror has permanent see invisibility up, which means I can scrap 90% of the tactics in the book) the bad guys can't surprise the players in the bad guys own base of operations.

My players just pantsed Dyr'ryd before he, mindbite or the other he, got chance to do anything.

The initiative thing* really has hampered my bad guys. if they can't do anything before at least half the party goes, they're dead.

1) Bad guy is talking to the players, his conjoined twin starts casting a spell (a standard action) and initiative is rolled.
2) The players get good initiatives (one character has initiative of +12, another +11, that's the Gunslinger and the Sorceror respectively) and the bad guy goes last out of 6 participants.
3) Sorceror launches the fighter with telekinetic charge, or the Gunslinger does a full attack, or the fighter (who may have rolled well) does a full attack. The fighter is kicking out 250 damage in one round WITHOUT A CRITICAL, the gunslinger does about 150 and the sorceror does about 80 unless he throws the fighter in, then he can claim credit for the fighters damage.
4) After 2 characters have gone, bad guy is nearly toast or dead.
5) Eventually the bad guys spell (that one that was meant to start the fight) is cast, unless you know... he's already dead.

The only way I managed to get a spell off before the players knee-capped the bad guy, was with a still, silent, enthrall... Even then they all passed the will save (except one).

Average lifespan of my CR17-CR19 bad guys is about 12 seconds...

Partly this is because I'm sure shackled city has more on the wealth-by-level than normal, but I can't find the table with that on, so to mitigate this, I started adding 'blessings of Adimarchus' (ie. Curses) to some of the big-bad's loot. Mostly this has just pissed my players off. The belt of Str +4, Dex +4 and Con +4 turns you into a woman. The epic armour the werebaboon is wearing gives you lycanthropy, the arcane archer's bow makes you fall in love with the next person you see... none of this interests my players, they just want the loot, so they can buy more stuff at sigil.

*is a bit pissed off*

Frustrated GM is Frustrated.

Mrs. C.

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Hey guys,

Shackled City reference:
say (just for example) I wanted fully grown black-dragon born Kuo-toa (chapter 4 zenith trajectory) to throw at my party as adds, possibly inside shatterhorn...

How would I go about statting that?

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Caption: Ermahgerd! Gerblerns!

This popped into my head last night/this morning, does anyone have a photo-captiony-thing they can do?


Mrs. Camelot (Who should probably go back to bed).

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Hi Folks,

I'm running my first avalanche tomorrow, and was wondering if there are any mechanics I should be aware of?

I've looked through the GM's guide but can't see a relevant bit.

Any advice/stats/mehcanics anyone has pre-made, please feel free to link/post bits.


Mrs. Camelot (Noob GM)

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is there a place where Player establishments can be advertised IC?

A thread or board section?


Mrs. C