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This book mentioned a ballad dedicated to the heroes, so I wrote this tailored to my party of 3. A monk with a vow of silence, Swashbuckler Kobold and Riftwarden Orphan transforming wizard.

Feel free to use/share/paraphrase:

Oh! Let me regale you,
With a ballad oh so bold!
The Heroes of Drezen,
Such a Tale must be told!

From Kenabres came,
stout heroes 3,
An elf, a human,
and a kobold you see?

From humble beginnings
they came to do good,
And now they stand
on the brink of Godhood!

An orphan of war,
A librarian by trade,
When Terendelev died,
A Hero was made!

A silent Guardian,
From far off lands,
A spirit of purity
With very lethal hands!

A kobold from a clan,
That had turned from sin,
With a SWISH, and a FLASH,
He'll do bad-guys in!

When the demons destroyed,
Our protective Wardstones,
Many Crusaders died,
Many more lost their homes!

But the Heroes survived,
They emerged from beneath,
With allies and new hope,
To kick in demon's teeth!

The Goddess had chosen,
Her new Champions!
The Knights of Kenabres,
To pin our hopes on!

Oh the Queen sent them North,
Knights to watch their backs,
to Find the Sword of Valour,
And repel demon attacks!

The Heroes defeated,
The demons therein,
Kicked them clear off the Tower:
"This is Drezen!"

They cleared the city,
Redeemed the Forge,
Closed it off for demons
Defend the gorge.

A foul demonic ritual,
To corrupt our monk so tough,
But it didn't work,
He's made of Holier stuff!

A chance encounter,
A choice made for good,
A Succubus on the Right side?
Never thought one would!

They attacked the Fane,
Killed Xanthir Vang,
Spies for Baphomet,
Sentenced to hang.

They spoke to the Temptress,
They did not falter,
They helped kill Baphomet's
Most prized, favourite Daughter!

Incensed! Outraged!
He made a vital mistake,
The Temptress slew him,
In his boots he did quake!

The Heroes went in,
To the Labyrinth of bones,
To slay the minotaur,
And rescue one of our own.

Even Heralds can fall,
On the red battlefield,
But even when hope wanes,
We cannot yield.

Because the heroes of Drezen,
Our Kenabres Knights,
Won't leave anyone behind,
Oh see how they fight!

The largest Dragon,
On whom my eyes have laid!
With a Swish, there is Zurrk,
the Flashing Blade!

*take a martial arts stance,*
*Excessive punching and kicking,*
*Turn face to heavens above,*
*In martial arts stance, bow*

Through trials and tests,
They've defeated them all,
So stand strong dear comrades,
Stand proud, strong and tall!

Silver Crusade

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Candide wrote:
No one in my group took the Child of the Crusades trait OR the Heirophant one. I'm trying to bring those quest in somehow. The rift warden orphan could be the child of the crusades too. But no one really fits the other trait. I just think it's too cool to miss once the fallen fane is completed. Any ideas?

I'm adding a druid (Menhir Savant) sibling of my Riftwarden Orphan, who is trying to keep the local Ley lines clear of abyssal corruption. It will allow me to include Greengrave Keep and get the players exploring the Worldwound a bit.

Not decided if Palura's Fall will make an appearence.

I found the Worldwound book really helpful with this book in particular, the weather stuff in particular just isn't messed up enough for the worldwound and the descriptions of the plantlife etc, are really cool.

Going to be fun having my players defend the Spiral hill from waves of Daemonic minions

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My players had fun in the centrifuge, as the bloodrager could only spend his action turning off the centrifuge after Luonim turned it on with mage hand. Also my players were trying hard to keep the adventurers alive and get the extra XP.


I am rather annoyed that they fought the Nucklavee, she fled into the banquet hall , the Dark Rider made his check to arrive (I had him melt the door of solid black iron with his Will , as the Master of the Black Keep - made an impression), the players killed him, pressed on, swiped the shard and ran out... Didn't even go near Maligast who had very little time to see who was cheesing-it out the place. :(

They hoofed it back to the Menhir and killed the Caulborn in a couple of rounds. They found the scrolls of plane shift, rather stranding Maligast in the Dark Forest.

I wrote an in-character letter to them (stained it with coffee and rolled up the sheet) from Gav (local guide), with terrible spelling, grammar and punctuation, that talked about something smart emerging from the forest and causing the Therassic Spire to shut up shop again. I figure the simulacrum would not permit the Caulborn to take his memories and there would be a fight.

Might have to get my revenge on them... Not that I read everything I could get my hands on re: Eox... :(

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Good morning all,

Considering Augustille was attached to the machine for just over a week, I decided to write some pages of predictions that the PCs might grab out of the stack. Most of them have a name (Vargun, Karzoug, etc) or pertinent piece of info of what the players already know (Beware the Doomsday Door was predicted by Vargun when they first met her), the rest is just babble and/or related to adventure paths happening elsewhere to other groups (Skull and Shackles, Rise of the Runelords, etc). Some of it has already happened, some yet to happen, some happening at the time. Analysis is below, divided by day.


Day 1:
- Struggle all you want, the Device is quite secure.
- Argh! Filthy Ardoc! When the Augurs find out what you-
- They already know! I hear your sister witnessed the entire thing from a window. Though all she saw was me casting something and you obediently following when told to. It could be days or weeks before they know for sure what has happened, and by then I will have your knowledge for free! I will find a way to extract your gifts and replicate them, so the Ardoc’s no longer require this ridiculous alliance.
- Bah! The future is not yours to take Ardoc Welp!
- We shall see. A little Alchemical Cocktail of Hallucinogens should loosen your tongue, that, and the constant application of Pain.
- Get that away from me!
- I knew I’d find a use for this injection spear eventually... Power, on.
- *clicks, whirrs, screams, laughter*
Day 2:
- Who are you? Who am I? Eye? The Eye looks but does not see. Sea? The Kraken wakes and tosses. Losses? So much to gain, so many will die. Why? Why don’t they stay asleep? Keep? The Dark Keep, Home of the Slayer, The Dark Rider. Spider in her web. Pleb? Such fools these mortals be. B? D? R? ARR!! Rum and Booty! Snooty? Bah, Noble Ardoc scum. Glum. So long have I languished here. I cannot bear the strain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.
Day 3:
- Stupid troll! I care not for your yammerings! Tell me something useful!
- Full? Empty? The Sky is Empty, the stars are going out. Shout? No need to shout, I am right here. Queer? I feel quite queer... *vomiting sounds*
- ARGH! Disgusting creature! *thump* That is the last time I feed you this week! *footsteps* Herifax! Get me my clean robes!
- Weak? Yes, I grow weak. Vargun would want me to stay strong. Long? It won’t be long before the pathfinders come. Save me, please pathfinders, I have seen it. Winders? The coils wind and spread, they cut and tear, pull and rip. Trip? A stumble, a fall, land on the floor. Door? Beware the Doomsday Door. It waits beyond. Beyond? The thing that watches me between asleep and awake. Ache? I ache from this infernal machine! Obscene? The hubris of man to try to comprehend the future. The Unknown. Own? I am on my own now. Just me and the scribbly scribble bibbily wargle ARGH!!!
Day 4:
- I curse, you curse, we curse, they curse, I suffer the curse. Rhyme in verse. Hearse. A Pharasmin procession just for me. Bury me. Put me in the ground. Found. Not dead. Head still thinking. Blood still flowing. Mourners slowly going. Wait Sister! Wait! I am not dead! Do not give me up for lost. Cost? The cost to my mind. Searching for a future to find. See the clock, it ticks and tocks. Rocks. Rocks fall and everyone dies. Flies. Flies buzz and hum, the demonic drone that causes the living to fear. The Paladins fight and die to keep the hoards at bay, but the worldwound ebbs and flows and soon the world will know. Knows? Bows? Arrows? Suffer not the slings and arrows of outrageous halflings. Flings? Rings? Kings? Ancient Kings, seven of them, serving one King. The king is dead, long live the king is dead, long live the king is dead, long live the king is dead, long live the king is dead, long live the king is dead yet the old king lives on and suffers and the new kings hope he does not rise. They sent their Rune Giant. He failed.
Day 5:
- Stars at night. Bright? The Sunlight I have not seen. Keen. The sword is keen, it slices, the enemy dies. Critical wounds for all! Call? The Call of the Wild, savage land of fey and bandits, who will be crowned king? Yes! Be savage, be angry, be simple. No. I will be civilised. My Kin will live on because we assimilated to the City of Strangers. Dangers. The dangers of the tunnels, the roads, the church. Beware the church. Beware the below places. Faces. Faces taken, borrowed, hollowed, worn. Born. Born to be wild. Child. Kept young, kept smart, kept learning the lessons only to excel above them all and yet mind is beneath everything. It runs in streams, bleeds through thoughts, turning good ideas into evil schemes. Teams. Work as one unit, a synergy of minds and wills, squashed like bugs beneath divine heel. Keel. Must keep my mind on an even keel, the ships pass in the night, under the moon that hangs low. The grinning full moon. Noon, will I ever see the sun? Vargun? Save me my sister, please.
Day 6:
- They come. The immense things without mercy. Without feeling. Without thought. It calls yet hears no answer. I scream. It hears but does not. Knot. Bound here, I cannot move, cannot escape. Cape. Cape of the Mountebank, get away from here. Fear. Such fear in the face of sleep. Reap. The Reaper comes for another. The Naming Pool has issued another name. Tonight the Guildsman dies. Heads will roll. Toll, this machine takes its’ toll, the mind cannot stand the pain. Again and again, and again, the visions haunt. Taunt. Monster! Creature! UGLY! TOOTHY STINKY THING! Unfeeling THING! Sting. The giant red creature with legs of iron and stinger of red. Dead. Yet it moves, thinks, feels, love? It loves him? Undead, yet there is love? A pity he cares not. Clot. The blood flows and clots and stays. Days. I am here more long days yet. Net. Heroes always have a fishing net. Wishing? Wishes to release the child, the fiery child in the cave. Dead but not forgotten.
Day 7:
- They scream though no-one hears. Their eyes cast heaven-ward, yet the coils of metal that spring from them see nothing but pain and death. Their wings, held aloft by the power of Zutha, taken by Karzoug. But it is not they that are held by the power. They are the power. Hour. Hours, days, weeks, years. How long have I lingered here? Rip and scratch and tit-for-tat. Fear the Beast of Leibstadt! Rick’em, Wreck’em, Rack’em Rake! Stick that sword into that snake! Quake? Fear the coming earth-shaking, when it occurs, flee the room! Doom! Broom? Broom handles? Fork handles. Candles. A single light against the darkness. The Eye-less. The Eyes, the vast, vast eyes. It waits there for me. The body needs sleep but the mind cannot go to the land of dreams. It knows. It sees me. It Sees ME! Must not see the dreams. The River of Memory may help. Lose all memory, sleep peaceful sleep. I need the waters.
Day 1: In which Augustille awakes to find himself on the machine. Ardoc gloats then turns it on, after administering the hallucinogens.
Day 2: In which Augustille sees visions from around Golarion: from a hag’s eye in Ustalav missing an adventurer hidden by “Hide from Undead”, to the deep trenches where the Kraken sleep, unknowingly broadcasting their dreams to the Evil Beyond, the many that will die over time, the Runelords, slowly waking up from their eons of rest, the dark keep from later in the book, the spider Oni (Jade regent) in her stronghold beneath the house in the forest of spirits, a random vision of celebrating pirates from the shackles, then back to Berkanin, until Augustille sees himself in anguish and struggles to overcome the pain the machine inflicts.
Day 3: In which Berkanin becomes angered by Augustille’s apparently random ramblings, and demands useful information. Augustille tells Ardoc the stars are going out, then vomits on him. Ardoc hits Augustille with a punch, tells him he will starve him for that, then demands clean robes from his majordomo. Augustille goes on to predict his own rescue by pathfinders and their journey to the doomsday door where Yamasoth waits in Sekatar Seraktis for the door to open, before again succumbing to the pain of the machine.
Day 4: In which Augustille overcomes the physical pain of the machine and begins to see things beyond the mortal world. His visions have clarified a little, but are by no means less random. Having seen his own funeral, though from his own perspective and outside of it simultaneously, he feels his own body begin to rejuvenate due to the presence of his own soul, yet the paralysis of death prevents him from alerting anyone that he still lives. Buried alive, he faces oblivion in a still husk. Inside oblivion he sees the faces of the outer being that cursed him and in doing so, he sees clearer visions. He sees the clocks on Berkanin’s walls, the inevitable nailed to the wall, through that he sees a cave-in killing a band of adventurers, then the lord of flies, the Demon lord Deskari and his droning hoards of demons poised to emerge from the worldwound (Wrath of the Righteous), Augustille sees the Worldwound overrunning the face of Golarion in a possible future. Slings and arrows is a mis-quote from Hamlet: (,_or_not_to_be) which I felt was appropriate to Augustille’s story, although to my knowledge there were no halflings in the original. The last part is all Xin and the 7 Runelords.
Day 5: In which Augustille sees the Stars, where he introduces his god-patron to the concept of sunlight, where Augustille sees the keen sword that may one day behead him, critical wounds for everyone! (Yay!) Fey and bandit-land is Kingmaker, where some trolls turn up at one point (I know, they killed my cleric), and Augustille is reminded how civilised his kin have become, in comparison to their degenerate cousins. Having returned to vissions of his kin in Kaer Maga, the fortune of the PC’s draws him back to Windsong Abbey, and the below places that hold the Doomsday Door. Faces Taken refers to the Skinsaw men from Rise of the Runelords, and then Augustille returns to his own childhood and how something Other touched his mind and even now runs through his thoughts like poison through water. Teams of Adventurers saving lives, unearthing knowledge, being killed by gods and demi-gods for good and ill. Ships passing on the oceans, his mind a turbulent place he must navigate successfully. Groetus grinning down above the boneyard. Augustille’s patron wanting to see the sun. Augustille’s wish that his sister successfully convince the pathfinders to save him.
Day 6: In which Augustille reaches his lowest ebb. He knows it will be another day at least before his liberators come, his visions full of suffering, the bullying he suffered from, non-troll children and how just beyond his perceptions, just beyond dreams and death, something Other is watching him. He has a sense of the vast unknowing evil of the things that live in the Beyond and he begins to fear the coming of the end times. (He’s been watching way too much Groetus TV). He then sees the Naming Pool issue a name to the Dunhallan, knows who will die in a few hour’s time, he knows the machine is taxing his mind to it’s limits. He remembers the childhood taunts he suffered, then sees an Annhilator from Numeria. Suddenly his childhood trauma is shown to be insignificant to the world at large, and seeking the memories of his own family who loved him, he keys into the love of the Nuklevae for the Dark Rider. The fishing net thing is an inside joke from my gaming group, after one player made a habit of making sure every character had a net, after a botched diplomacy roll on our first game together as a group. Wishing to release the child is a spoiler from the end of Legacy of Fire.
Day 7: In which Augustille’s visions have actually become something he can almost control. He sees the engine that keeps the Dark Forest from collapsing in on itself, powered by three angels, (see image from page 49 of this adventure path) and the fact that Karzoug stole the shard from Zutha. He laments his fate, knowing rescue must be near, but his ability to tell time has been lost, now that he is swept under by visions of possible futures. The Beast of Leibstadt is from Carrion Crown Adventure path. I stole this from Aladdin, the Disney movie. The earthquake happens when they get the shard and get cursed if still in the room. If any single PC is the only one that speaks Aklo and so is the only one that gets the prophecies (as in my game), I’ll give that character a bonus to escape the curse of living death from getting the shard, if they all read the prophecies, I’ll lower the DC. Fork Handles is stolen from the 2 Ronnies Sketch from 1976 found here: In a flash of inspiration, as he sees the face of his Outsider patron he understands that the memories of his dreams are what link him to it. With the waters of the river of memory, he may be able to free himself of his curse. Therefore he comes to realise he needs the PCs to bring him a sample of the waters of the River they will encounter under the spire. (Sidequest detailed in Augustille's description).

I printed out the predictions on paper in groups of 4, wrote the day on the back and gave them to a player. He has read them and says they 'bode'. So job done then. ;)

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My wife ran SD for us and it was great. That said what everybody said here is accurate, there is a disconnect between book 2 and book 3 and the elves are jerks.

Descent Into Midnight is a great AP volume though.

For reference here are the reasons people don't like Serpent's Skull and CoT

1) It's too sandboxy. GM's need to put far too much work in to make it work.
2) Books 4-6 are too similar.
3) Book 3 is terrible, an uninspired mess of hack and slash which should have been the cornerstone of the whole AP.
4) Being forced to work with an organisation for the AP makes a lot of players feel like employees rather than heroes.

1) The setup for the AP feels like it's going to be revolution in Cheliax but it chickens out in favour of the status quo.
2) The BBEG's are a pair of whiny emo kids. When you compare them to the collection of badasses who you get to fight at the end of other AP's there is no contest.
3) Aside from the Sixfold Trial there is no real inspired moments. It's all a bit samey really.

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Caption: Ermahgerd! Gerblerns!

This popped into my head last night/this morning, does anyone have a photo-captiony-thing they can do?


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