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Silver Crusade

So I'm in a fight with some bad guys, my ally gets feebleminded. If I call out to him to help me, as he cannot understand language does he ignore my call for help.


"Still, it knows who its friends are and can follow them and even protect them."

He can come help you without being prompted.

Silver Crusade

Yeah, that was what I thought, but it was ruled as he was intelligence 1, that he did not understand me calling for him to help me, and was focussed on the bad guy in front of him. So no tactical saving of my character.

Modifiers for this ruling:

We were in an arena - lots of ambient noise (cheering crowd).
Intelligence 1 - not even a pack mentality or reactive intelligence.
The enemy he was attacking was a threat (he had seen him casting magic that hurt his family).

Modifiers for him coming to aid:

We're playing a family of adventurers, you'd think he'd recognise my voice (even if he can't understand the words) and come help.
He can recognise allies and protect them.
How could he know the magic was coming from the caster? Man says words and things happen over there...?

Had he come to help, I had planned on drawing my bow to attack the flying mage, while my flying, feebleminded brother beat up on the guy that had left me on single-digit HP.

The comment was also made that right at that moment he was not even as smart as a dog. Moon Moon could beat him in a battle of wits! _8f338929efa0643b1ff126ba6f0c29fb.jpg 70731.jpg
As it was, next round the mage fireballed me (as I'd withdrawn) and killed me outright anyway. :(

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