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sheep999 wrote:

I am going to choose to find it ironic that I'm being ignored in the "Need for an ignore function" thread.

And I'm using the word 'ironic' in the Alanis Morrissette (sp)usage and not the actual dictionary defintion.

And I'm well aware that I'm damning myself to be further ignored by invoking (and mispelling) Alanis Morrissette (sp).

You also misspelled 'definition' and 'misspell', doing so, it seems, with a wee bit of dramatic irony.

Okay class, now let's review.

Solnes wrote:

Yo Woodraven, do you use APA style for school papers? I am really good at writing papers and grammer and stuff. :D

I would be glad to help.


Rampaging Gorilla Monster wrote:
Here’s a question I’ve got. What’s the point of aliases? If they're supposed to hide the poster’s identity they don’t work, are they just for fun?

Some of us just want to switch sexes.

Herr Doktor Schadenfreude wrote:
I zink you haff come to the core of his delusions Herr Kruelaid.


Excuse me but those are not pillows doctor.

The Deceiver wrote:
"Check out your books and let's get out of here!" The Deceiver draws his rapier and motions to the door.

"Card please"

Just kidding.

Zorg wrote:

Nice... tracks of land.

- Zorg

That's "tracts" Mr. Zoog.

EATERoftheDEAD wrote:
One period, and that comes from an English Masters student.

My experience is that a master's candidate in English lit. isn't necessarily an authority on grammar. For example, master's shouldn't be capitalized and it should have an apostrophe.

Now sit down and quit disrupting the class, EATER. And get that dead guy out of here: you know there's no eating allowed in class.

pres man wrote:
Also I might point out, your post could potentially be see as a personal attack.

Come now, come now.

You boys hug and stop this quibbling right now!

Heathansson wrote:
Cool map. Where's the whores?

That's "Where ARE the whores, young man."

Valegrim to the DS pbp, paging Valegrim. DS pbp signup.

Who resurrected this? I want you to put up your hand right now, and you have a detention buster.

Aberzombie wrote:

NO animals are allowed in the school during the science fair Aber.

To the OP,

By the way, "arn't" is spelled "aren't".


FrBen wrote:
This is really surealistic (not sure this word exist in English).

Mrs. Bell is here to answer your question about English. Surreal would the adjective you are looking for, meaning bizarre and dreamlike.

Zootcat wrote:
No one should post on this thread unless their post can also be written in Kanji. ;)

So what you really mean is that nobody should post on this thread unless they themselves can also write their posts in Kanji.

Corey Young wrote:
... that can't be bended.)

Now Corey, as you may have forgotten while raving the night away on the eve of our humble grammar exam, bend is an irregular verb and is spelled "bent". It takes the same form in its past participle and preterite, or simple past form.

I can't help it, you're new.