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Male Vesk Soldier 1 | Perc +0 | Init +5 | EAC 14 | KAC 16 | SP: 9/9 | HP: 13/13 | RP: 5/5 | Fort: +4 | Ref: +1 | Will +2 | Speed 35 ft. | GA: 0 | PA: 0 | taclash (+5 to hit, 1d4 nonlethal slash) | pulsecaster pistol (+2 to hit, 1d4 nonlethal elec)

About Moktargarn

Link to character sheet: Click here

Moktargarn is something of an enigma for a Vesk. Despite being part of one of the most militaristic societies in the Core Worlds, Moktargarn has taken a self-imposed vow of non-killing.

That isn't to say he won't use violence and physical punishment to get to where he needs to be, but he refuses to commit murder.

This outlook on life comes from his early involvement with Vesk military, and being subjected to several harrowing battles. Deciding that bloodshed wasn't his desire in life, he set out to find a more rewarding path.

That came in the form of the Starfinder Society. At first, he wasn't sure that it was for him but eventually came to relish the companionship that he found amongst his fellow Starfinders.

Now that his training is complete, he is ready to step back into the Core Worlds, and hopes that he can prevent a little bloodshed and perhaps turn around some lives.

Completed Missions:
#1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet

Faction: Exo-Guardian Champion
Slotless: True Savior of Tasch 0/5