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You follow south tunnel, through room with burning beams, then long windy tunnel with the glowing humming machines, then to the room with the fire water, they keep the ones like you there

Mitey leads you to the wall in the north west corner of the room where the body of one of the other mites, who's head is now caved in lays.

he steps over the body and pushes on the wall revealing a secret passage. you follow him into a larger cavern, that resembles a dank and squat living quarters.

up to 8 other mites are in and around the cavern and they all attempt to hide as you enter the room. Mitey says something in a langue your not familiar with and soon the other mites reveal themselves.

This whast left of my tribe, we were double this when we came here but the masters they hurt those that dont work and take away ones to weak to work.

He walks over to a table and picks up an amulet and hands it to Maldrek.

this get you past burning beams, we wear this when we clean up burning tall folks. you wear it no burn you

he then looks at the rest of you

Mitey do his part now you do yours, let Mitey and tribe go so we can be free, and kill masters should you find them please

No! you get Mitey and tribe out of here and Mitey give you special key to turn off burning beams!

Gold no use to Mitey in here, Mitey and the others trapped here and never getting out, you like the others, you wont come back. You probably be dead like Mitey's friends, soon, like the others they keep your bodies in the cells as warning to others.

Mitey seems to find some resolve and he stands a bit taller

You help Mitey now! and Mitey help you now! or you kill Mitey and go, either way, Mitey is ready to join friends and be gone from this place

Mitey know masters are bad! they take Mitey and tribe and bring us here, tell us to clean and fix. Tall one the meanest he zap Mitey's mate when she no longer able to work, she gone now.

Mitey pauses for a while, pools of water building under his eyes.

Mitey not know much bout machines, masters say to keep them away from the electricity, but mostly they already broken when we get them, hard to say what broke them, sometimes people like yous come, we always get more work after that

Mitey looks at all of you, as if considering what to do, he seems defeated as his shoulders slump and he sighs Guess Mitey have no choice, not sure what Mitey can do, Mitey not know much, Mitey just work here with the others cleaning and fixing the They dont let us out, ever, we live here and work all the time, not sure how long we all been here now, but long time, yes.

I...I.... dont know, what you want? what Mitey do? Please dont kill me?

the last mite yells NO!!! P...P...Please dont kill me! as he begins to sob