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Morning all!

I have a question re p.32/room H8. Lrrhech says that it can "see and hear" anything that goes on in this room as if clairboy/clairaud.

Considering the spell says (see or hear), should I assume this is something extra magical that is using the general "gist" of Voy/Aud, or should I just say screw it and that there's two sensors for 4k/dolby surround sound?

Looking through this briefly before game...

When the poor, unfortunate sod pulls the Violet Vanity rod and gets shunted into a, "randomly determined other plane"...

Then what?

Does the AP assume that you need to have a significant-level arcanist/wiz/sorc to do anything, or is this just a, "Sucks to suck, here's your 4d6/15 PB. Try again, guess the visions and 'time warp-ery' were wrong."?

Evening, all,

Couple quick-ish questions.

1. Is there official instructions for readings/rulings when an archetype alters other abilities vs replaces?

With that question in mind, take the following instance:

Enigma Mesmerist is level three. EM takes Psychic Inception (as all good little mesmers should), then gets into a fight with an undead mob (doesn't matter which mob, so long as Psychic Inception is now in play).

EM uses their full turn to get into position, and begin Solipsism Stare. EM ends their turn.

2. Does the 50% ignore chance from Psychic Inception come into play with just the stare?

I can see this go both ways, as Solipsism isn't explicitly called a "mind-affecting ability".

HOWEVER, Solipsism alters Hypnotic Stare, which is a mind-affecting ability, which begs question 1.

Thank you!

NOTE: I know if EM decides to cast a Spell, there would be the saving throw bonus, and the 50% ignore chance, that isn't in question.

Kiniticyst wrote:
Mitch Mitchell wrote:
You'll have to forgive me if there's a weird standing rule for this, but how is Leptonia's +1 weapon able to have a +2 enchantment (anarchic)? Thanks!
I think you're misunderstanding magic weapon enhancements. Leptonia's "+1 Archaic Weapon", is a weapon with 3 bonus' worth of enhancements. One flat increase and one special ability. Weapons can have a total of 10 bonus' worth of enhancements, a maximum of +5 in flat numerical enhancements and the rest in special properties like flaming or anarchic.

That's probably it. I assumed that a +2 bonus had to have a +2 "chassis" to operate on.

You'll have to forgive me if there's a weird standing rule for this, but how is Leptonia's +1 weapon able to have a +2 enchantment (anarchic)? Thanks!

Soluzar wrote:

While I like the idea of an online PaizoCon, I'm wondering about a couple of things:

-What about non-gaming events like panels and Tim Schneider's aforementioned banquet stream?

-There are multiple platforms for online play. For someone like me who has no experience with it can be a bit of a learning curve. Why so many?


I’m a big PF1er here, and someone who volunteers at a discord for Fantasy Grounds instruction called Fantasy Grounds College

We have peeps for Pf2e, Pf1e and SF. Depending on how Paizo and Smiteworks, there is the chance the latter could open up things, so any GM that wants to run a session, and has the standard version of FG, can have people download a demo from Steam or Smitework’s website, and join.

That’s not guaranteed, and we aren’t formally or legally affiliated with Paizo or Smiteworks. Some Fantasy Grounds GM’s have an ultimate edition, so they can host games for anyone that has a demo version.

Regardless where you go for VTTs, there are wikis and resources out there to help you use and play these programs.

Glad to see Paizocon back!