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Evening, all,

Couple quick-ish questions.

1. Is there official instructions for readings/rulings when an archetype alters other abilities vs replaces?

With that question in mind, take the following instance:

Enigma Mesmerist is level three. EM takes Psychic Inception (as all good little mesmers should), then gets into a fight with an undead mob (doesn't matter which mob, so long as Psychic Inception is now in play).

EM uses their full turn to get into position, and begin Solipsism Stare. EM ends their turn.

2. Does the 50% ignore chance from Psychic Inception come into play with just the stare?

I can see this go both ways, as Solipsism isn't explicitly called a "mind-affecting ability".

HOWEVER, Solipsism alters Hypnotic Stare, which is a mind-affecting ability, which begs question 1.

Thank you!

NOTE: I know if EM decides to cast a Spell, there would be the saving throw bonus, and the 50% ignore chance, that isn't in question.