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Impact! Miniatures did a Kickstarter for "chibi fantasy miniatures" resembling oa the cast of the animated D&D series. The kids, Dungeon Master, Venger, Warduke... all there. They had to change their "Drizzt" and "Elminster" due to compyright issues, but the cartoon chars remain unchanged.
They should become available through their website in the future for those who missed it.
Highly recommended (yes, I'm a backer).

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Oh you just HAD to drag me back in, didn't you, Paizo??

This might very well be the BEST adventure path yet!

Also own the DVD box set. Really love the theme music and the fact some classic D&D monsters show up makes it a winner.
The characters aren't very likable though, a bunch of whiny 80s kids trashing about in a fantasy realm doing anything to get back home.
And Uni does suck big time.

Really impressed with the line-up so far (apart from maybe way too many giants). But those humanoids may have convinced me to torture my wallet and order a case...
One can never have too many humanoids and the ones in this set are probably the finest PPP minis that have come out in years.

Yay Paizo!

Darn it... you just sold me a CASE! :-/

Let me quote QUEEN on that:

"I want it all!!!"

(and I want it now!)

If I find the time to write something up before the deadline, I'll take my chances again. Anyway, good luck to all contestants!

How could I have missed this up until now??
Hell has frozen over!

I'm pre-ordering this!!!!!

Wait... WHAT???

ROTRL HC is actually HAPPENING???

After all the begging, sliming, posting, spamming the boards..


I'll order 1 plz :-)

And to think I ordered Skinsaw Murders with the Black Friday Sale because I thought I'd never see a HC of these!! Sheesh!! :-)


plz :-)

Can't wait!

And I agree with dartnet: do you have a cadre of telepaths at the ready to scour our brains? So much ideas that pop up in Pathfinder: eerie!

Received mine yesterday.

Absolutely amazing for PPPM! The amount of detail is stunning. The faces are a little bland, but at this scale it's understandable (way better than DDM or Heroclix) and hardly noticable while playing. Although Wizkids managed to do some better faces with heroclix, the quality there varies greatly.

My only complaint: the ugly black "blobs" under the feet, but this again is a Wizkids thing (Heroclix suffers the same problem, but those bases are bigger and more "crowded" so it doens't bother that much).
Positive point: the "blobs" make it easier to rebase them!

BUT: good job! WAY better than DDM. Looking forward to the big sets...

My wish list for the next Heroes set:


As much as I love the subscription system and the advantages it offers (especially on the black dragon and the future encounter packs) I'm afraid I will have to pass on this. Shipping is high but acceptable but the customs would KILL me (as would my wife I'm sure). :-(

I'll order some singles if I get the chance though. That lich looks amazing and those are but the first previews!

And looking forward to those encounter packs as well (details plz)...

*Character Name: Chamer, half-elf priest
Adventure: HoHR Finale
Location: Cathedral of the Mind
Cause of Death: Got his brain extracted by a hungry Zyrxog. Ouch!

My players were convinced it was Smenk who hired the dopplegangers (and ultimately Zyrxog) to take them out. Imagine their surprise when they found out the truth!

A final showdown with the ex-mine manager is about to take place in the near future...

The maze was fun (and creepy), but I ran it with "Search" checks. Maybe railroaded a little to win time. We had some fun encounters though with the Kenku and dire weasels.

If you map it out completely, it takes way too much time without adding anything significant to the story. If you're lacking time: SKIP it!

My party waltzed right trough them zombies. Filge got massacred by a well-placed critical hit, after which the zombies got chopped to pieces. Mind, they DID place some hard blows. Luckily my players had some healing potions left. But no casualties on their part.

The roll of the die...

Color me interested... If I can get my hands on a case here in faraway Belgium I probably will. Shipping overseas will cost way too much in taxes. Glad to see the gap DDM left filled with these.

I'll probably skip Heroclix to buy the PF Minis.

And please keep releasing hero packs as well (4ish PPP boxes) with new player chars (Lem etc ;-)

It's one of the prereqs of becoming a full-fledged necromancer... and a lot safer than reviving corpses.

Although one has to stand guard for flaming and trolls! ;-)

One of my players (elven ranger) adopted it as his companion-to-be and left it in the stable while they went to do TFoE underneath the town.
When they returned the baby owlbear had disappeared, stolen by... Balabar Smenk! When they sent the militia to his mansion they found the ripped-off paw of poor Plumey (as it was named).
Later on Plumey's corpse attacked its former "master" with a bunch of others undead (including Kullen & co) as retribution...

Balabar is still at large but I intend to give them closure in the near future and take revenge on him for all the hardship that befell on them.


So... it seems the softcovers are gradually selling out. Unless you are willing to spend an INSANE amount on Amazon or Evilbay.

How about it, Paizo?

I'm REALLY interested in a RotRL HC! Make it a Director's Cut anthology andI will pre-order instantly.

Prince of Dorkness wrote:
If you haven't reached him yet, here's a cool Dragotha figure from McFarland's Series 6 Fall of the Dragon Kingdom: Fossil Clan Dragon

He's been standing guard for years now, and my players haven't even finished HoHR yet... ;-)

O convince me anyone at Paizo is NOT eager to do a Bag o' Goblins - Pathfinder style?

Great news!

As a miniature geek since FOREVER I can only applaud the effort. I’ve been playing and collecting Heroclix (and Horrorclix) for some six years now and the sculpts and paint jobs have really improved under NECA. Just hope the images released aren’t the digital ones, since the real sculpts tend to look a lot less detailed (but still above average). Looking at the base I’m guessing the released image is a digital copy?
Wether or not I’m buying will depend on the content (selection of characters and quality) of the box. Probably already SOLD. 
I don’t think Reaper will experience a loss in sales because of this. I like prepainted plastic because it’s STURDY and can withstand a trip to other gamers homes. Try that with your carefully painted metals and you can start adding paint to cover the chipped off paint or glue back broken stuff (even in special boxes). I use my prepainted plastic D&D and Starwars (and even Heroclix) a LOT for roleplaying purposes. More than my metals. Those only get a chance to shine in my own home…
And I have tons of Warhammer, Confrontation, Pathfinder metals and other Reaper to pain so prepainted is more than welcome.
Hoping the quality is on par with the (now sadly cancelled) Confrontation prepaints. Those were AWESOME (but expensive).
And to Paizo: best of luck in the mini business!

*Character Name: "Lucky" Nimblefeet, halfling priest
Adventure: Right after TFoE
Location: streets of Diamond Lake
Cause of Death: Critical hit by zombie Kullen after getting hit in friendly fire (elven ranger rolled natural 1 and hit friend).

Reincarnated as a tiefling afterward.

*Character Name: Rafael, sorcerer
Adventure: HoHR
Location: back alleys of the "Free City"
Cause of Death: Beheaded (Death Attack - 3.5) by an Angel of Death sent by Zyrxog (flying assassin based on X-Men's Archangel) while being harrassed by an angry mob. Sometimes the dice are against you!

JaceDK wrote:

That's right, the Thank You go the other way.

Thanks to you and the other judges for devoting the time and energy to evaluate the mad creations of our demented brains.

+1 :-)

Game time is valuable indeed. I also drop useless encounters, unless they add to the experience. You cannot do a week long trek trough the wild without encountering some monsters. But one or two good, memorable encounters will do the trick. I don't want to run 6 encounters going from point X to Y just because I rolled a die and some table said so.

Cohorts are "played" by the players themselves, although I often react for them myself if the situation asks for it (not totally mindless drones). Sometimes the DM forgets (it happens, I'm only human).

I try to avoid metagaming. It's not always appropriate for monsters to react certain ways, as it is not always for the players. You may know how to defeat a certain type of demon OOC, but does your character? Have the players ever encountered such demon before?
The same goes for the DM. Why would a bunch of kobolds steal the wizard's spellbook when they never encountered a wizard before (to give one lame example).

Same goes for killing the players. Is the bad guy out for blood? Or does he just want to bring them down, then flee? If it's hungry wolves out for prey then the players are out of luck once they go down (feeding frenzy). Same goes for an assassination attempt (down = down). But the assassin won't risk his own life if the job isn't done.

Unavoidable instakill encounters plainly SUCK. They slow down the game (making new character) and change the way players experience the campaign. And they slow down the players (getting paranoid about every tile or brick).

I want my players to roleplay their characters, not play a computer RPG on the table where characters are expendable and just pawns on a game board. I thnik that's what has changed during the years.

Better GM's?

That does not change the fact that players CAN and WILL die, however.

Wrapping up Sodden Hold right about now. We started AoW way back in september 2007 and have not nearly finished part 4.
Time does fly when one reads the entries in this thread.

A salute to Tyralandi Scrimm and Abelarde's Band altogether.

And a merry X-Mas to everyone!

Hey thanks a lot, Paizo!

I actually was in dire need of a new wallpaper and you just cut a tiresome search short!

Great artwork!

Instant fav.

@ Dark_Mistress: +1

I promised myself to save some $$$ this month (Holidays and things) and now look at what you did, Paizo!!!

MONSTER order!



In the end, every player is actually chaotic neutral.


On the wish list! :-)

Auke Teeninga wrote:
Actually I've gotten emails from two other people from Antwerp, so if you're interested...

Excellent! Do you mean play @ Essen or actually set up play in the Antwerp region (probably at the Outpost game store I assume?). Hell, I might even know some of those others who sent you an e-mail.

I could probably bring some players along if there's need for more... :-)

So it's been pushed from november 2010 to februari 2011?

Too bad, though not for my wallet.

Anyone knows if there'll be a preview event @ Essen 2010? I'm not counting on it now but was hoping to play the game as a demo while visiting.

I'm going to Essen for 1 day on Sunday... so I'm afraid I won't find any spare time to join a PF game (lotsa shopping to do!)... Have fun though!

My French really isn't THAT great (OK for work but not for roleplay)

Good thing I have some excellent groups to play with (D&D and things) where I live but I would like to check out PF someday as well...


Leiden or Utrecht are a bit far to travel (I'm from Belgium myself)just for a game of Pathfinder BUT I'm interested in playing a Pathfinder game nonetheless.

Are there any events being held in Belgium by any chance (Antwerp, Hasselt)?

fantasyphil wrote:
I just played my first game of Ravenloft the boardgame It was fun and seemed a natural extension of where WotC have been taking D&D - it looks like a boardgame, it plays like a boardgame, so it might as well be a boardgame. Much closer to Heroquest and Descent than House on Haunted Hill. Nice sturdy components and lots of them. The minis are a bit of a dissapointment but I believe the reason for them being unpainted is so that each type can be recognised more easily by their colour. I don't know how much replayability there is once you've worked through the given scenarios but I can see this being a hit with youngsters and old hands alike. One of my main gripes about D&D 4E is that it feels too much like playing a baordgame, but now it is one I quite like it!

What he said!

Played it, loved it, want more (Ashardalon!!).

The Faceless One is way too interesting to be killed off in one encounter!

I've already posted about him in another forum post, but what the heck...

He escaped the black cathedral by a dimension door just before getting killed by the players, who got overwhelmed by zombies, cultists and worse during the ritual. In the end the ebon aspect awakened and made them run for their lives... The ebon aspect made its way up and terrorised the town until slayed by the players (in Dourstone's manor moments before killing the dwarf).
EDIT: the reason why HE wasn't killed during the ritual is because he got a subsitute to sacrifice: Amariss, high priestess of the Boneyard cult! Had the players rescued her (they got a small chance which they blew!) then the Faceless One would have been consumed instead. So actually it's all the players fault. :-)

The Faceless One is masquerading als the Mayor in his mansion... Players have ignored hints and evidence that strange things are afoot in there. So when part 6 (Gathering of Winds) takes place, they are in for a nasty surprise!

I'm thinking of evolving him into a Worm That Walks as a climatic encounter late in the AP... having been granted near divine (epic encounter) power by Kyuss himself for his devotion and bringing about the Age of Worms...

EDIT2: I REALLY like the Darl Quethos idea as well... might add that into the campaign, adding continuity.

EDIT3: As an added detail; the miniature I'm using is the Unique Dr Doom from the Fantastic Forces expansion of Heroclix.

That giant Beholder is total WIN!

Where can one hire a specimen of those??

I'll order it.

I agree it's not Ravenloft - the module, I don't expect it to be.

I expect it to be a challenging and fun mix between House on Haunted Hill and (Advanced) Hero Quest with fast gameplay and nice miniatures.

I see it more as a Castlevania-esque game though (Dracula but Strahd instead) than pure horror.

Cover = great stuff!

Sensitive ground you are all treading here. I'll add my 2 cents:

IMO those that tell others they shouldn't do the things they do because they are the "work of the devil" act on behalf of the devil themselves. The devil has always been THE cheap excuse of the ignorant to condemn the things they don't understand (being a LOT) or force those of good faith into certain situations.

Seems some people don't take ANY lessons from history (meaning your therapist, not you ;-)

For those that follow the daily news: in Belgium the CHURCH are finally being accounted for the devilish things they did and covered up for centuries... or how those that side with the "angels" turned out to be doing the "devil's work" themselves.

To get totally back on topic: your therapist should get FIRED for stepping out of line like that. People simply can't mix religion with professional situations like that. It's totally NOT DONE.

Jason as Damiel, cause I'd like one of those costumes for myself!

Tiffany as the Harrower takes a second.

Idea: Iconics (lvl 1) in the first AP (if not removed at all), NPCs from the next.

This way, stats for major NPCs can be printed at the back (with a reference in the AP), removing priceless word space for use in the AP itself; NPC stat block: BIG chunk of words that can now be devoted to setting or extra adventure = WIN!

My 2+ cents

windnight wrote:
The second one appears to be straight out of filge's laboratory in the Whispering Cairn...

My thoughts exactly! :-)

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