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I had a good time


I ran this one throughout all of GenCon for both tiers of parties. It was a lot of fun. I very much enjoyed the way the main three encounters were handled, and their ties to the harrow cards. I used the cards at the table and it was big help in adding that little extra flavor to game.

It was interesting to the see the crowd mechanic used in the final encounter. Several groups in both tiers had some issues starting out in the crowds, but usually once they understood you can influence the crowd per the core rulebook it quickly became a non-issue. Though it did make at least one urban barbarians day to finally get to use his class abilities with the crowd.

While there is a bit of a timer going in the start of the final fight, there is no auto failure for getting there a little slower. There are many safeguards built into the scenario that it is actually pretty hard to fail the primary condition. Not a single group I ran it for ever came close to failing even when they arrived a little 'late'.

I only had one issue at all with the scenario, and that is because of the nature of the first three encounters, and the optional encounter this scenario actually plays very quickly. In the convention time slot we were often done very early. It felt like the existing optional encounter should have been more of an extension of one of the others locations, and a more involved optional encounter put in to round it out.

I'm looking forward to running it in our local store again a few more times, and have had a lot of fun as a GM role-playing in encounter B especially.