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At our local store, we are about to start a core campaign. So I have been digging through the forums looking for a few clarifications on core. I was originally curious if the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide was legal to give players something to actually spend their PP on outside the basic list in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. As well as information on the Bestiary since we will have at least person with an animal companion.

Alanya wrote:
The problem is that the guide never then gives a list of books you can use after character creation. When it comes to Core, we can only use what's listed as legal the guide, which does not include the Bestiary anywhere in the text. There are posts by Mike Brock clarify options back when Core was first introduced, but he then said that these option would appear in the guide (and did indeed make it into season 7). The new guide replaces the old one, so by the Bestiary not appearing as a resource in season 8, I can see where people are saying it's no longer a legal source for Core.

While I was looking for my clarification, I did see the PFS FAQ say:


What books are Pathfinder Society players and GMs assumed to have?

Pathfinder Society Organized Play assumes that every player has access to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and a familiarity with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide, and that every Game Master has access to the above plus the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary. When designing and developing scenarios, we assume that references to rules or flavor in these books needn't be explained. Lack of access to these materials may prevent players or GMs from being able to participate in the campaign. All relevant content from both the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and Pathfinder RPG Bestiary may be found for free on the Pathfinder Reference Document at

So it seem the issue to both my question on the PFS Field Guide and the discussion here about the Bestiary would be solved if we could just get an official statement that the above applies to all PFS events including Core.

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Played our local PFS game as a water Kineticist with Healer. He ran Hall of the Flesh tier 1. I am glad I was a healer. At low level there was at least 1 encounter in there that was very rough on the damage. It was all myself and and a cleric with a wand of cure lights could do to keep up our barbarian.

At 1st level it does feel like Kinetic Healer does out heal pure damage points on a 1 to 1 basis, but at higher levels doing a little math once you account for a clerics ability to aoe channel the whole party and do status removals. That cleric will still be the top healer, which is perfectly fine I think. It was nice being able to supplement the party with that talent.

I can't say much about the water blast itself, as my dice were not with me for ranged attacks the whole session :( Max heals usually but not hits.

One thing that that slightly bothered me though, is it does feel like if you pick the touch attack simple blast instead of the basic one that you are being punished on your Kinetic Healer talent. Since healer only heals your blast damage. My 1st lvl human with an 18 con, could water blast and heal for 1d6+5, but if I pick cold blast my healer only does 1d6+2. Which will quite quickly fall away from water blast in healing.

My mentioned PFS character would do the following blast or heal points at theses levels:

Lvl Icy Dice (range) Water Dice (range)
1: 1D6+2 (3-8) / 1D6+5 (6-11)
3: 2D6+2 (4-14) / 2D6+6 (8-20)
5: 3D6+2 (5-20) / 3D6+7 (10-25)
7: 4D6+2 (6-26) / 4D6+8 (12-32)
9: 5D6+2 (7-32) / 5D6+9 (14-39)

It really seems Kinect Healer should have a set dice and progression of its own. Or just take Icy out of the picture by stating it heals an amount equal to a Telekinetic Blast or Water Blast no matter what simple blast you have taken (in the event Aether gets a secondary blast).

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I was making my Water Kineticist to play in our local PFS game this week, and then into a new Iron Gods path starting next month. Just had a question and a comment. I may have missed the answer in an earlier post, wow the thread just keeps getting bigger every time I come back :)

1) Kinectic cover. How long is it suppose to last/duration? 1 round or longer? Since its a standard action I assume it should be at least a full round, but how long should it stay there?

2) Blast as spell like ability. I see the various posts here where this is spelled out. Thanks btw for being so active in the thread and responding so much :) I went back through the pdf a few times and I couldn't find it listed anywhere in the class description or blast rules. The closest I could find is in Wild Talents it says, "Wild talents are typically spell-like abilities." This may need to be more clearly defined in the kinetic blast rules.

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Just a couple observations/thoughts.

To me the fact that at the end of the day there are only two kinds of simple blasts: 1d6+1+con normal ranged attack / or the 1d6+ 1/2con ranged touch. It seems overly complex that only water has access to both types of simple blasts, and everyone else has one or the other. It really feels that they should be just defined by 2 universal rule simple blasts that each element can choice one or the other.


Also it seems to me there is a distinct lack of AoE damage that feels like it should be intuitive of elemental damage. The explosion infusion is very high level for what it does, even if it adds to your simple blast.

I think a universal Expanded Wild Talent that scales up burn cost based on the area of effect used. Perhaps something like:

Kinetic Barrage
Element Universal; type sp; Burn Variable; see text
Prerereq kineticist level 4
Save Reflex half

For 1 burn you spread your kinetic blast into a 15 foot cone, or a 5 foot radius outburst of elemental energies at short range.
Every 2 levels above 4 you can add 5 feet to the cone or radius for 1 additional burn for each extra 5 feet added.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
JoelF847 wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
JoelF847 wrote:

I'm confused by the burn entry for wild talents. The burn ability says "Some of her wild talents offer her the option to accept burn in exchange for a greater effect", but all of the wild talents I've read so far list a burn amount, but don't describe a greater effect if you accept burn.

Is it intended that you have to accept burn to use the wild talent at all, and the description of the wild talent is the greater effect? Or is burn supposed to enhance the wild talent, similar to augmenting a mythic spell?

Consider the defense talents like flesh of stone.

I see where burn comes into play for blast and defense wild talents, but what about the rest?

For example, what does it mean that the explosion infusion wild talent has a burn of 4? Every time the kineticist uses it?

Yes, it's part of the cost of the blast. Of course by then, you could have enough form specializations to make it free.

I also agree that the wording in the burn section is confusing. I can find no reference in the talents or the infusions about the actual cost to infuse.

I am assuming that in order to use a infusion it is suppose to add the burn cost to your base power. For example I think to add a level 1 burning infusion to your blast costs 1 burn to your simple blast. Though it doesn't actually spell this out anywhere.

Perhaps change, "Infusions allow a kineticist to alter her kinetic blast to suit her whims. " to "Infusions allow a kineticist to alter her kinetic blast to suit her whims, by accepting the listed burn cost."

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One begs to question should a Paladin even be allowed to go shopping in most major cities as your average Blood-sucking merchant is most likely LE.